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  1. Derived from Anchorman, talking about a cologne “…panther: 60% of the time it works every time.”
  2. The Ranger Body Armor plates were an interesting shape.
  3. Ground Panoramic NVG were derived from the aviation goggles. Having used a fair number of NODs (-5, -7, -14, -15, -21, -31, F5050, F5032, GPNVG, ANVIS-6, NYX, TYTO, Mini-N/SEAS etc.), I’m not a fan of GPNVG, especially when driving a vehicle with doors/windows fitted. You bump the goggle into the window when trying to scan.
  4. That looks really good. Molding things like the boom in one piece enables them to include raised rivet detail that won’t be damaged by joining & sanding halves. Very clever.
  5. Pet peeve: model companies have ignored the PIP polymer stock, the Savit stock, & the new M248/M240L buttstock.
  6. I think you’re being a little harsh on yourself - this is looking really good!
  7. Impressive looking kit! Huge improvement over the Academy kit and hopefully the basis for a family of H-60s. Eta: I know they’ve been announced, but I have trust issues.
  8. I’m just happy that there’s proof of life.
  9. Was I hallucinating, or did KH announce a SH-60 variant in 1/35? ETA: found it!
  10. Here’s the actual DOT&E report. http://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/FY2017/pdf/army/2017aidonlaircm.pdf I check it every year. Great detail on the CH-53K, VH-91 and lots of other programs.
  11. I agree with Ikon - excellent perseverance to achieve a superior result! Well done.
  12. Ten to start with, option for another ten! http://www.asiapacificdefencereporter.com/articles/1216/World-first-refurbishment-of-Black-Hawk-helicopters-for-firefighting-and-disaster-relief-in-Australia-under-new-agreement
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