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  1. Speaking for the Super Hornet Cockpit Set: You could try the Wolfpack Design one. Not sure about fit, but it has the ACS panel. If you're building an older model, go Aries. Exhaust: Olimp Models make a pretty good one by all accounts. Wheels: Royale Resin without a doubt. Decals: As the others have mentioned, you can't go wrong with Afterburner or Fighter Town.
  2. Really nice work! Any idea when they'll be available for purchase?
  3. Olimpmodels to the rescue! http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=248734
  4. Disregard. Thought you meant the refuelling probe. The only pods that I know of you can find the pods in old AMT S-3 kits.
  5. wow, that's stunning! the masking must have been killer!
  6. I updated to it, it crashed PLENTY, so I just rolled back.
  7. Good see the exhausts don't suffer too much shrinking!
  8. You're welcome mate. Like anything Afterburner, they're top notch! You may need to request updated roundels from AB - the ones on the sheet are a little too light. Not sure if this lot will come with the seperate roundels or not
  9. Zed Hobbies have them.. in stock according to their site: http://zedhobbies.com/a_zed_02%20aa%2001%2...als%20%2001.htm
  10. amazing work! And in such a short space of time. Well done!
  11. Chuck, this is one superb model! Outstanding in every way, shape and form.
  12. So very right, Tom. It is surreal. I'm at Nundah, a mere stones throw from the river and Albion which have been affected. I feel so blessed that we're safe and away from the water. And you're right - while we've been hit, there are other communities which have lost it all. 75% of the state has been affected by this which is just amazing. That's about twice the size of Texas - a huge area.
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