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  1. Thanks for checking in sir! Yeah, just picked up a 2014 Toyota Tacoma so I have no choice but to keep working Wow thank you for checking out my build You are much too kind I sure hope you can get back to yer Mudhen build and please post some pics when you do!!! It can be very difficult to start modeling after a long hiatus... and maybe it's just not humanly possible for many... All I can say is that hopefully this build can inspire you and other builders, just like I've been inspired by everyone on ARC & Z-5. Thanks Holmes! I'm blessed to have Clif as a friend the same as you Thanks dkobayashi Long time no see!!!! /Jesse
  2. You're on a roll Chuck, keep it up! You're hard work & fine attention to detail REALLY paid off on the AIM-9's and AGM-65's. Gotta love those Sierra Hotel wheels, they look like a vast improvement over the Cutting Edge OOP offering... I recently placed an order on their website and I'm hoping that they are still in business It's almost done my friend, soon you'll be able to reap the rewards and close another chapter in master model building /Jesse
  3. Happy Birthday Janne You have made to the top of the hill... Hats off to you for pulling off two great looking camo schemes... especially since your work is freehand /Jesse
  4. Great start on the camo Marcel! I'm really looking forward to see how you go about shooting the camo colors :thumbsup:/> Something I have yet to attempt Those are some great shots, at a glance it looks as though the buildings could tip over at any moment :unsure:/> And like others have said, congrats on a happy, healthy family. Cheers. /Jesse
  5. My goodness Zoli, your craftsmanship is top notch :worship:/> Congrats. /Jesse
  6. Thanks Marcel, If we could only make a living building models... sigh. Thanks for the kind words as always Clif :)/> Hope you're whipping those 48th Tomcats into submission!!! There's a slight chance that i'll be back sooner than later :thumbsup:/> /Jesse
  7. Hey Check Six, thanks for checking in... Yep, and the oil refineries are like ATM's that never run out of cash :evil-laughter:/> LOL, gotta keep money flowing to the modeling slush fund! /Jesse
  8. Thanks for the kind words Si :cheers:/> /Jesse
  9. Thank you Janne! I can't wait to get back, until then I'll be entertained by everyone else' works of art :thumbsup:/> /Jesse
  10. Thanks for asking Guy, great to hear from you and I hope it's all good on the other side of the pond... The answer to yer question is "no"... I'm really struggling to find any time for the Big Bird, the good news is that I 've not lost the will to build the model!!! I more or less work as an independent specialty piping welder through a union hiring hall. I began work at the oil refinery back in February and I had hoped to have the summer off... they asked me to work the summer through the fall as they are spending lots of money this year... so I'm spending 2 weeks at home with my family, then I will head back out and finish work around mid October or so. I've tried to bring my modeling gear to the apartment near the job site, but after putting in 10-12 hour shifts, I'm afraid that i just don't have the energy to model How bout yer Big C? Still a work in progress? /Jesse
  11. Gorgeous work Mark :worship:/> /Jesse
  12. Hi Chuck. Those Mav's are just amazing :thumbsup:/> I know that the payload can be a daunting task, especially as much firepower as the Hog can carry... but when you put forth 100% into each missile and bomb, the work speaks for itself my friend! I don't have any advice or suggestions at the moment, but I'm here for moral support :worship:/> /Jesse
  13. That is just spot on Marcel Hard to believe it's just plastic!!! /Jesse
  14. Hi Chuck. Very slick job on the paint... After the repair work, it looks like you've come out on top! Those raised rivets really "pop" as well, which really makes it look like a "flying tank". As far as the decals go, this Hog is gonna be a show stopper no matter what the scheme is :thumbsup:/> Nice work. I don't know how you made it this long without a punch set, but I know you'll get plenty of use out of it... However, I agree that it's WAY overpriced /Jesse
  15. He He... Marcel, the seatbelts look so natural... Every seat the same but the belts folded differently as they should be :thumbsup:/> /Jesse
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