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  1. Petr recomends the yellow and black handle tools for 1/32. I have the pdf guides if you want I can E-mail them to you.HTH Mark
  2. Bill, I love the VF-2 high-viz markings.Do you recall what year that pic was taken. Thanks Mark
  3. I started on my A-7E today.I have all the resin bits in hand or on order except the most important one of course.I have always loved this bird in the Hi-viz markings.Mark
  4. Great job. :D I have always loved this aircraft.More photos would be great. Mark
  5. This is the Tamiya 1/32 scale kit with Isracast conversion and Python 4s and a Blackbox cockpit.This was hands down the best kit Ive ever built :D The exhaust is Alcald and Testors metalizer sealed with Future.Thanks for all the comments. Mark
  6. The set is #4279 I got mine from Spruebrothers.No it does not have the ACS but the instuctions show options for early and late versions of the instrument panels.Heres another look from the side. The height of the seats and the rear IP is perfect.Remember all I have done is removed the casting blocks.Buy this one with confidence.HTH Mark
  7. Almost finished with this one. :wacko: Any input or suggestions welcomed.Thanks for looking..Mark
  8. This is a fantastic set.It is the new style Aires with the sidewalls molded on the tub.The fit was perfect.I hope this sets a new trend with Aires. HTH Mark :o
  9. I am looking for the F-4DableModels R32001 F/A-18C/D Chaff and Flare dispenser set.As seen in this post http://s102164210.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...showtopic=92690. I could use at least 3 of these sets.I will be happy to pay for your time and effort.Have fun guys and remember all of us poor slobs who are at work wishing we were there.TIA Mark
  10. Heres the F-18E.Click on downloads.Download list and scroll down to #47 and 46. http://www.hobbydecal.com/index.htm Fantistic drawings.HTH Mark
  11. hemi

    A-6E TRAM

    This was the most touched up and dirty jet I have ever seen.
  12. Jason, I will be first in line for this set.Thanks Mark :lol:
  13. I noticed the same things.The LEX shape is easy to fix.The intakes are another story. Mark
  14. hemi

    Why Tomcats?

    Wow! Check the Tomcat tribute here http://www.alert5.com/
  15. WOW :blink: :blink: :blink: Mark http://hsfeatures.com/features04/f16dbarakpds_1.htm
  16. Paul,I also have a Flanker box stuffed with resin goodies and I look forward to watching your build.If you dont have the Flanker DVD I highly recomend getting it. Mark
  17. Sorry about the pic.Thanks for the reply.Mark
  18. Anyone know what the blisters are on the top and bottom of the nose just behind the radome?TIA Mark Click here - warning, LARGE photo
  19. Can someone tell me where I can order these spures? Thanks in advance. Mark
  20. I have done more work on my F-16.I build at a slow pace but this is the best kit I have ever built.
  21. My Hornet looked just like yours before I filled the seams.I would recomend the sheet plastic shim and superglue method on the LEX and intake seams.I feel your pain my big bug fought me every step of the way.I will finish it after my IAF F-16 is done.Good luck...Mark
  22. hemi


    I used Testors Model Master thinner and it worked great.I was amazed at the nice tight lines I could spray with Xtracolor and the tin I used was at least 10 years old.Great paint.HTH Mark
  23. I had the same problem.I glued mine from the inside with superglue and lots of finger pressure.Still needed some sanding and rescribing.HTH Mark
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