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  1. Rob, thanks for the link to your website. Lots of good info!
  2. Excellent! Accurate ordnance is just as important as tiny decals to get it all right!
  3. Yeah, the info linking the BuNo/modex to the scheduled call sign would be on that day's flight schedule and maintenance docs held at the squadron level. Some of that eventually gets archived, but not sure where or when. Like you say, the crew would have it entered in their log books, too. No easy way to get it, you could ask the squadron PAO but I bet he's been discouraged to pass along further info. Too bad, it was an historic event well worth commemoration...!
  4. I think you're right, and am bringing those points up with my 'expert'...!
  5. Found an expert who identified said pod as the "McDonnell Simulator Rocket", which apparently simulated proper circuitry for the MB-1 Genie firing sequence. Also found a couple drawings on line..
  6. Seems like radome-type material on both nose and tail fairings, which would suggest "something" would be transmitting through them...
  7. Bless you! It may be the only thing to get them moving...
  8. Hi Dutch,


    Watching your E-767 project with interest! If it turns out you don't use them, would you consider selling me that second set of decals? I'm following in your footsteps!




    1. Dutch


      Herb, thanks for tuning in on my project.  Yes, I will be more than delighted to sell you the spare set of decals. How does $5.50 postfree in the US sound? If you are international,  i will have to ask a little more for postage.  Kindest regards,  Dutch 

    2. herbarnold99


      That's great! Here's my address:


      Herb Arnold

      2680 E Greentree Ct

      Eagle, ID    83616


      How do you prefer payment?






    3. herbarnold99


      Dutch, got the decals in great shape. Thanks!



  9. I hope they bring out a KC-10! I know it's not anticipated, but tanker kits seem relatively popular. The Roden VC-10 is a nice example, and Minicraft's KC-135 series seems to have done well. And like Dutch notes, the Revell KC-10 is expensive and hard to get a hold of despite its issues. Also, I want a pony and world peace...
  10. Breathtaking! Read the entire build log, what a saga!
  11. Another extremely nice F-4 build by the talented Mr. Loh! Really a superb combination of model and base, really effective for the in-flight presentation. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I definitely remember the event, as I was onboard the Connie with VAQ-139 at the time. The Tomcats recovered without some AIM-7s, and there was general excitement on the flight deck they'd been fired with effect. The article you link tells the story pretty much as I remember it. Viz was awful in the NAS/GOO (as usual), no visuals on any bogies, and a C-130 apparently nearby at the same time. I heard a rumor that maybe the props on the 130 produced erroneous doppler returns and set up a bad shot, but have no idea if that's a plausible explanation. I don't think secondary confirmation was received that any F-4s had been hit. The fighter pukes would have been a lot more excited if that had happened. They weren't, and the whole event was eventually forgotten. But back to your original question... sorry, no idea on which BuNo's were involved.
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