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  1. herbarnold99

    1/32 Lockheed S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Breathtaking! Read the entire build log, what a saga!
  2. herbarnold99

    1/144 F-4S by SK Loh

    Another extremely nice F-4 build by the talented Mr. Loh! Really a superb combination of model and base, really effective for the in-flight presentation. Thanks for sharing!
  3. herbarnold99

    VF-21 F-14A Operation Earnest Will

    I definitely remember the event, as I was onboard the Connie with VAQ-139 at the time. The Tomcats recovered without some AIM-7s, and there was general excitement on the flight deck they'd been fired with effect. The article you link tells the story pretty much as I remember it. Viz was awful in the NAS/GOO (as usual), no visuals on any bogies, and a C-130 apparently nearby at the same time. I heard a rumor that maybe the props on the 130 produced erroneous doppler returns and set up a bad shot, but have no idea if that's a plausible explanation. I don't think secondary confirmation was received that any F-4s had been hit. The fighter pukes would have been a lot more excited if that had happened. They weren't, and the whole event was eventually forgotten. But back to your original question... sorry, no idea on which BuNo's were involved.
  4. herbarnold99

    F-16A IAF Op. Opera (Revell 1:144)

    Coming together very nicely! Good to see a "small stab" F-16 subject for a change...
  5. herbarnold99

    French to deploy on US Carrier

    They're not going to like the food...
  6. herbarnold99

    Another beauty by SK Loh

    Beautiful little Phantom, and presented so effectively on a well thought out base. Awesome job, again! You rule in the jewel scale! Cheers, Herb
  7. herbarnold99

    test - do you see the pic?

    Having some difficulty posting photos, do folks see this shot (1/72 Lublin R.XIII)? thx Herb
  8. Interested in one of the Pit Road 1/144 PAK FA T-50 kits if still available.




  9. herbarnold99

    Revell E-3 mold

    Thanks Jennings, I know 707 variations and variants are a deep topic, so I was hoping someone here might know. Here's another question, did the 707-120/120B have any military variants at all? I lean that way, and if the answer is no I'll let this kit go. Cheers, Herb
  10. herbarnold99

    Revell E-3 mold

    So with all the recent releases from Minicraft, is the old Revell mold of the KC-135A (and E-3, I think) still worth building? Have the others passed it by in terms of accuracy? thx Herb
  11. herbarnold99

    Help ID this aircraft

    Wow, that's an unusual one. Looking at 7BG info on the web suggests it would maybe have been a liaison type to the unit at that time? Not part of the regular complement of bombers of that year, for sure.
  12. herbarnold99

    MiG-15bis, GDR Air Force (1/72, Eduard)

    Excellent build, superb finish, outstanding photography!
  13. herbarnold99

    Converting a 1/144 two-seater F-15 into a single-seater

    If you're using the 1/144th Revell F-15E kit, you'll also need to eliminate the bulged landing gear doors. I think the ECM fairings on the tips of the tails are different, too. Probably some other smaller stuff, but in 1/144 it's all small! Cheers
  14. herbarnold99

    Burkina-Faso MiG-17F

    and the heart of a Lion and the bowels of the mighty Hippo?
  15. herbarnold99

    Trade An-26 for An-24B?

    I have an Amodel 1/144 An-24B and would prefer the more-military variant, the An-26. Anyone want to trade? thx Herb herbarnold99(at)cableone.net