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  1. There is another "correction"....fuselage, between engine nacelles just behind front wheel bay I have two kits - the first one 9-12 late - with wrong fuselage shape between engine nacelles and - 9-12 early (which contains "late" parts too)....this issue has reworked fuselage bottom. I do not know how it is done in 9-13 Do you have any experience with GWH parts replacement? thx Petr
  2. Not everybody hate them :-) As far as I know, Eduard bought their L-29 for reboxing :-)
  3. But masters are not too small....my personal experience. In that case (or if you claim the small one and they send you the correct size - they do), the fit is more about your modeling experience and craftsmanship. Of course it is just for experienced modellers, not "shake & bake" stuffs.
  4. If you have any problems with size (too small), write to Aires...they send spare parts (bigger) for free :-))))))
  5. Moreover even with the one lens, still depends on Focal Length used for the shot. E.g. for portraits, it is recommended to use 50mm...it brings most realistic reproduction of the subject. Theoretically, if you go close to subject and make a picture with e.g. 20mm and after that you move ahead and make picture with 100mm, the overall shape on the picture will be different.
  6. Jennings, I believe that the nose is correct. Even on Czech forums there are no claim related to the nose shape yet...test shots were shown in Moson modelshow in April (Hungary) and available for some of them (and believe, Czech modelers are crazy about claiming everything :-))) If you are afraid to buy one, I'd wait for serious review. Personally I believe that the nose is correct, but I'm waiting for royal Class edition in July. It'll consists of two kits, i guess 15 camouflages, possibility to build G-4, 4, 14 (but I'm not sure if I remember it well) plus PE and some brassin jewelery (e.g.
  7. There are some photos from Eduard research about the bumps http://hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/eduardbf109campaign_bump.htm btw: About the nose shape - It is amazing geniality to judge the correctness of the shape, based on one picture of sprue, made from strange angle without ANY indication of lenses and parameters. Sad is that such genius has enough presumption to blame the others. About the Eduard research - I visit Eduard during "Novemberfest" company excursion. In design & engineering department, the main topic was "109" design story. Believe or not, they invest a lot of time a
  8. But the Academy surface looks....strange. To fix it it could be difficult if you wont keep other details. Italeri surface is smooth.
  9. PetrB

    He 219/LB-79

    Hi, see this thread http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=249 it is in czech...google could help you.
  10. Add F-18E/F/G - Revell has late ECS exhaust, you cannot build early version OOB - Revell has minor shape issues - hump shape behind the canopy (single seater) - position of LERX leading edge under canopy - partly missing vent. mesh, the existing has wrong possititon (between main wheel bays) + has (almost) full intakes Add F-18A/B/C/D + Fujimi has very nice kits...the only one has full intakes Add F-16 - Hasegawa is the older one....check references to scribe missing panel lines (bottom fuselage), missing bottom chaff dispenser (F-16I, D, F), wrong gun cover for l
  11. I guess this is quite better than Verlinden :-) http://www.htmodel.sk/produkty/plastove-modely/doplnky-k-plastovym-modelom-kovaky-uretany/znacka-86/kanon-m61-vulcan-pre-f-16-1-72-3.html http://www.htmodel.sk/htmodel/userfiles/images/plastove/doplnky/vulca_F-16.jpg and moreover barrels http://www.modelimex.cz/1-72-m61-a1-vulcan-six-barrelled-rotary-20mm-canno and you have complete gun :-) note: Czech&slovak rep. is haven for modelers ...and hell for your wallet
  12. You must be joking :-D Have you already tried mr.google? https://www.google.cz/search?q=f-16+cockpit&hl=cs&client=firefox-a&hs=EaF&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=g9ozUImoOqqm4gSw9oCQBA&ved=0CEcQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=706
  13. PetrB

    Back from Prague

    MPM has nice (and big) shop in Myslikova street...almost in the Prague center near of Karlovo namesti metro station http://www.mapy.cz/#x=14.418473&y=50.078314&z=16&t=s&q=myslikova%2520praha&qp=14.308411_50.058319_14.581445_50.148557_11&d=stre_120607_0_1 Just next street - Opatovicka str. - there is another shop - Bilek (e.g. An-2 or Jak-23 both 1/48...do you remember? ) and one "seconhand shop on the corner of Pstrosova str. and Opatovicka str. (aprox. 20 far from Bilek shop) If you will not spend all the many there, you can continue to www.arthurmodel.cz (Address
  14. Hi Gabor, as far as I know, originally RV bought KM-1M from Pavla for their Mig-23 cockpit set...and honestly...it is piece of ****. I wish you to have better KM-1M than Pavla's :-) Very good KM-1 is produced by RES-IM...see http://res-im.webnode.cz/products/a7206/ ... recently, in Modelar magazine (Czech), there were some photos of RES-IM masters for Mig-23 sets (as part of RV flogger build article)
  15. Off topic: what is wrong with Su-33 cockpit?....i thing, it fits well....see http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50478&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=180
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