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  1. Just received my AMRAAMs. They are fantastic quality and can't wait to use them. Thanks to Zactoman for making great quality parts!
  2. Fantastic build, well done. I love the blending of the colours, there is just the right amount of contrast. This and the weathering set the whole piece off nicely. Congrats!
  3. If there was ever a need to show how much we need this 2nd edition, check out how much this 1s edition went for. Unfortunately much more than I was willing to pay.... Ebay linky
  4. Have a few WW2 and modern jets in 1/32 to trade or cash/paypal. PM me, cheers
  5. Absolutely incredible build. Approaching the painting stage on my build and this is some strong motivation. I can't seem to find the WIP thread above posts are talking about. I would love to see more if anyone can throw a link up. Interested to see which paints you used, gunze mix, Akan etc. Well done again on a fantastic build.
  6. Stunning build, you deserve all the praise.
  7. This is going very well. I can only imagine having such a large well built model in the display cabinet. Keep up the fine craftsmanship
  8. I see a few more F-16 builds in my future thanks to this set. Thanks again Zactoman!
  9. Superb air brush work. Luftwaffe camouflage is what got me back into the hobby. I too love the mottled greys and the infinite variations within. Excellent result and love the step by step photos, thanks.
  10. Starting back with this kit is like learning to drive in a super car. Everything else will seem sub par in comparison. Good news is there are more and more kits getting better and better. Great build and I don't think the weathering is over the top. Welcome back!
  11. Awesome work. I would love to know more about any aftermarket parts. used, paints, techniques, etc. Making a Flanker at the moment and this is great motivation.
  12. Great products, but as you said seems a dead website. I have had luck on eBay, there are a few sets that a French modelling company sells regularly. Pricey, but it is better than not having the item. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REPUBLIC-P-47-THUNDERBOLT-Transfert-HOBBYDECAL-1-32-n-32001V1-/180914228690?pt=FR_YO_JeuxJouets_MaquettesModelisme&hash=item2a1f540dd2&_uhb=1
  13. Looking good. I should get this kit, and ditch the Hasegawa's in the stash. Every cabinet needs a 109.
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