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  1. I used Harold's AGM-88s, they are a very big improvement on both the Tamiya and Revell Harms.Decals are from Two Bobs. I used about a 50/50 mix of Promodeller's "Gray" and "Light" washes. That amounts to a very light wash but it looks appropriate, I think. Also finished are the AIM-120Cs. A while ago I purchased a bunch of Cutting Edge AIM-120s off of Ebay, which was well worth it. The thin wings of the Cutting Edge missiles look so much better than what you get with any of the kit AIM-120s. :cheers:/> Marcel
  2. The guys. Berkut, I figured I could count on you to figure that out. I actually realized shortly after posting the message that that 29 looks just like a 9.12. Cheers, Marcel
  3. I would still like to add a 1/32 Mig-29 to my collection at some point. Can somebody tell me how this particular aircraft is different from the 1/32 Trumpeter Mig-29M kit? The spine looks different and it features a refueling probe, but is it basically one of the newer-shaped Mig-29 with different intakes and LEX? Thx for any help, I really have trouble telling all the 29 variants from one another. :cheers:/> Marcel
  4. Too bad on the fit, but it cannot possibly be worse than the fit on the Growler I am presently building, I still keep thinking the fuselarge halves will pop apart at any minute considering the force required to hold those together. Bummer on the JL-100... now let's hope the Kinetic IIIE kit will have good JL-100's. I saw the airbrake bay issue but then those are almost always closed when the aircraft is parked. All in all I am really excited to build a IIIC sometime. Marcel
  5. Thx guys! Anthony, the gray stencils come with the kit, nicely done by Trumpeter. The black lettering on the grill sections were done as described above. Marcel
  6. Just received the kit. Initial inspection has revealed a really nice little 1/32 kit. The panel lines are not the finest but definitely not bad either. The parts breakdown seems to make sense and the external stores are suitable. My kit also didn't have that fuselarge mold mark that has been pointed out in some reviews. I am really keen to throw this one together as an out of the box build with maybe a resin seat... I think it could be a very quick and easy project. :cheers:/> Marcel
  7. The ALQ-99s are finally finished! I had custom decals made for that prominent black lettering on "grilled" side sections, the lettering was true to the lettering I have seen on reference pics. I had finished the pods yesterday morning but could see some slight silvering on those decals... not even using Future as decals setting solution could meet that decaling challenge. Here is what that looked like. Not that bad but considering all the effort Harold and I have invested in these, I wasn't satisfied. I then went ahead and dislodged all 12 of those panels. I had a spare of the Eduard phot
  8. Thx for the fast response, guys :thumbsup:/>/> My next build will be a 1/32 F-4S using the GT resin set. Right now I am thinking of doing a VMFA-112 jet in the Heater-Ferris scheme, as seen here. The insignia measures 0.75" across in 1/32 scale. I will need to have some custom decals done but would prefer to just airbrush the stars and bars as well as the tail stripe with stars (I can probably do the tail stars using the stars & bars mask). I think I will get a better result, considering the effort I have spent on the Zuni's in the LAU-10's I am aiming pretty high. By the way
  9. I am wondering if there are any stars and bars masking sets (maybe photo etch) out there? I could use them for a future 1/32 low viz markings project. Marcel
  10. Jake, let me know if you need pics of those interesting Spang load-outs, they seem to have disappeared off the net. Marcel
  11. Thx... I will likely go for a Ukrainian 29... will look good next to my Ukrainian Su-27 Karl, lucky you that you have finished yours Cheers, Marcel
  12. Wow, beautiful finish. And that cockpit must be the best I have ever seen done in 1/32. Marcel
  13. Thx Anthony! I added the sway brace feet on the bottom of the pylons. You can see what I am referring to on this pic: Also note how the blue positioning light turned out. With HARM launcher attached: I completely rebuilt the tailhook, the Trumpeter rendition is pretty bad (it has an almost 90 deg bend at the front end). And a quick pic of the cockpit... yes, that still needs a lot of work. :cheers:/>/> Marcel
  14. Very interesting build, the kit itself looks remarkable. When is AMK releasing the 1/32 version Marcel
  15. Thx Steve! Anthony and I had an offline chat about this question, thought I'd post my response here in case anybody else is interested: "I just knew I should have noted this down, I believe I used Gunze H310 which is FS 30219 i.e. the tan in the standard Vietnam camo, as well as a darker brown like XF-10 from Tamiya, plus red. If I was you I would just go out and buy some dark brown, some tan and some red from your favorite brand and mix... the brown on that tail are actually very red. I can email you the template I mixed to, I generated the template from a photo I thought had very good co
  16. Thx! Here is some progress. The exhausts are in, they are from Olimp, which based on Loftycomfort's comparison with the Aires exhausts are more realistic in that they are not closed as much. The stabs are just dry fitted, hence the big gaps to the fuselarge. The Olimp exhausts take a bit of work to clean up and assemble but the end-result is quite good. I painted the outside with a base of Modelmaster gun metal, I wanted to get a flat basecoat down since the real things are pretty flat in appearance. After that, I layed down a coat of Alclad (mix of steel and pale burnet metal). You
  17. Appaling, my condolensces go out to France and the victim's families. Incrdibly, my wife was in Paris for work and just went by the stadium before it all went down there. Marcel
  18. Great start on an interesting F16C. I really like the Greek Viper camo, also seems to me to be really effective, those colots just blend in with background on just about every greek F-16 pic I see. Cheers, Marcel
  19. Karl, yes, would probably be my next build but am now waiting for the next little gem from Cold War Stdios. Cheers, Marcel
  20. Steve, the thermal coating looks really convincing, nothing ventured nothing gained Marcel
  21. Thx Sieste, thx Thadeus! If you're talking about what I think you're talking about then no, the Supers and Growlers don't have those inside flap cut-outs that the legacy Hornets have (if it's something else that I missed, I'd rather not know about it at this stage of the build). Marcel
  22. Very keen to see an update on this. Cheers, Marcel
  23. That looks just fantastic! Only critique is the canopy gaps... always about impossible to get right if the model has the canopy closed. Marcel
  24. Ok, I believe that is from the late 90's. Any chance you could do some Spang Odyssey Dawn Vipers? They had some really interesting configurations, there are pics of this one flying with a mixed GBU-38/AGM-88 load, which imo would be really cool to model. There are also pics with mixed GBU-31/AGM-88 configs flown for that campaign. Marcel
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