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  1. I scratch-built a 1/32 scale cersion of my Grumman AA1A and had Dynamic Scale Models build a full sound/lighting system for it. Look in the Archives for it..Civilian aircraft. It might be there. Unfortunately I'm no longer able to see well enough to build any more! Barney
  2. This thread has exceeded it's Best Before Life. How do I cancel it from my daily garbage????? Barney
  3. Built this one years ago when I could still see what I was doing Barney
  4. Photobucket has changed their terms of usage and we can no longer use PB for 3rd party hosting. So the big question...how do you hold an on-line GB if you can't post photos? Barney
  5. One of my favorite Canadian aircraft..a delight to fly. This is the 1:48 scale kit with lots of modifications.
  6. Hi Brad! How is the old Anchor-Clanker doing? Barney
  7. IfI recall; Oct 1956, the first DeH built Cs2F rolled out the doors at Downsview and I was there! Barney
  8. More Canadian planes: Built for Imperial Esso (on floats), this beauty has been finished by a friend at Langley, BC and is currently airworthy. The kit is by Roden in 1:48 scale and carries my grandfather's initials in the registration. Barney
  9. Let me give you all some incentive: CDN designed and built and flown by an old Canadian. My first lesson was 02 July 1952 and soloed 6 days later.My last 2 student s on the same type in 2003. If I could see what I was doing and hold onto the wee bits, I'd scratch-build another truly Canadian aircraft . Go to it guys. The Canuck is scratch-built in 1:32 scale right down to the Sensenich carved prop Barney
  10. I've built two models from scratch using a number of techniques,none of which were too complicated.. it just takes a bit of planning. Check out my website http://www.barneysairforce.com and go to models Fleet Canuck and Grumman Alleycat construction articles. Barney
  11. Hawk10: Wrong! I have operated out of a large metro area for 30 years , instructing part time and full time at a couple of schools as well as my really full time job as a tower controller at what was 2 of the busiest GAonly airports in Canada. Over the period in 1992 , at our busiest time numbers of schools flourished, aircraft movements were 250,000 to 300,000 per year and within 50 mile radius there are still 4 GA airports with hundreds of aircraft...that just sit either outside growing moss or inside a whole lot of hangars. There are plenty of shops for maintenance and more
  12. Digital stuff is fine but just look what happened at SFO with the 777 and Air france 447 over the south Atlantic....no piloting skills what so ever and look at the results! If you don't know how to fly when the digimites go to sleep, just kiss your butt goodbye Barney
  13. I'm now forced to retire from just about everything Aviation due to health, but I spent 65 years flying over 100 different types from basic gliders, SGU-19 to CF-104D...dual of course., and all the while getting kicks out of my primary job of ATC. I;ve been a flight instructor for nearly 40 years and my last two students are both very successful commercial pilots but I do not see very many young Canadians wanting to step up to the plate and spend the time learning the basics of good "stick-and-rudder" skills. Most of the flying schools in the Fraser Valley are now owned by off s
  14. Try Big Jon at : modeldecaldepot.ca . He does excellent work. (Located Richmond, BC) Barney
  15. I'll give it a try: Old eyes ain't workin' to good. Barney
  16. I found a site that has free downloads of any font that you might need; simmerspaintshop.com. All of the RCAF fints are there Barney
  17. The bulbs were Grimes P/N A1512-12. The -12 referring.to the voltage application I've changed many over the past 65 years in this business and have run a few commercial operation and NEVER stocked coloured nav lights. They were all CLEAR. And those Red and Green lens covers were very expensive.. Barney with 89 different a/c in the old logbook
  18. Nav lights, whether military or civilian are clear bulbs with coloured lenses. I can give you the part numbers if you like!. After 65 years in aviation and flown more than 80 types as well as worked on a good many, I have never come across anything different. Barney
  19. Hi Tony: I received this print from 414 Sqn historian in 2010 and we may have talked about it previously. The original painting was done for the squadron when it was based at Comox. Somewhere I have a copy of the draft version of the book that was never printed. And as for your PS above, I don't blame you Barney
  20. One of the PR Sqdns was 400; code SP*B is on page 169 of Milberry's book "60 Tears. RCAF" Barney
  21. The RCAF had 3 Squadrons using the Mustang I in the photo recon role, and 414 was one of them. In one of my Larry Milberry's books is a photo of one of these a/c with dull red wing bands. I too have seen the photos mentioned above. While researching the 1:48 scale RU*M, I was talking to a friend who was friends with Holly and he confirmed that the wing bands were red. Barney http://www.barneysairforce.com
  22. Beautifully built and finished "Truck". Got my first and only flight in one at Portage La Prairie in Jan 1954 Barney
  23. Many thanks to all for your input. I'm not very knowledgeable about computers and had heard quite a few comments against Windows 10. Hopefully this 80+ old Curmudgeon can figure it all out. Barney
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