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  1. Hey all, Trying to get find some vinyl tracks for a 72nd Bradley. Revell isn't doing parts right now, and Stevens International doesn't answer, AFAIK, the Trumpy 72nd Bradley has the flexible track, If anyone has a set, will buy or trade, Thanks, Cheers, Ian
  2. Hey all, Just picked up a reissue the oldie, but goodie Halftrack. Any idea what model it's supposed to represent? M2, M3? I built one when I was a kid, then blew it up. Lol It's more basic than I remember, but I didn't care 40 years ago.. Cheers, Ian
  3. Hey all, Anyone ever build the Velinden 155m cannon? Looking for info one what to watch out for, etc Not much out there on the web, Cheers, Ian
  4. imatt88

    Centurion help,

    I have the Centurion Mk V with the dozer blade and I would like to do an Israeli version, but not sure what needs to be changed. I just learned about the gas/diesel conversions here, which helped a lot. Interesting Cheers, Ian
  5. Hey Randy, I have the British Mk V, and I want to do the IDF version, Wanna trade kits? Cheers, Ian😆
  6. Good question, I have the AFV Club Mk V, and I would like to do an Israeli version as well. It would be interesting to know, as the Israelis took everything they were givien and made it better, Cheers, Ian
  7. Baghram AB had a big one too that I was involved in briefly, but that was 12 years ago, so I have no idea if its still going Cheers, Ian
  8. Love it! Great scratch work I'm rebuilding one right now, I think its Italeri's, but I'm not sure. The tires look wrong to me. Cheers, Ian
  9. Any more info on the Fortress? It sounds interesting Cheers, Ian
  10. Ya gotta love that. I got 109ace's update set in the mail, and it looks pretty good. I like it, and will probably buy more of his stuff Cheers, Ian
  11. Yup, I saw that guy. He has quite a few sets available. I picked up his Skyraider update set. Looks good in the pics, so we'll see. He also has a control surface set and weapons pylons set as well
  12. Chris, You got that right!
  13. Great stuff, thanks everyone for the input☺️ Cheers, Ian
  14. Thanks for the info guys. It is 1/48th and I have the toilet seat conversion on its way. Cheers, Ian
  15. Hey all, I have the 'Nam Tour of Duty Skyraider and I want to model the famous Navy Toilet Bomber Skyraider, What mods, if any, do I have to make to make it the Navy version? I've looked online, and the aircraft look visually the same.. Any help would be appreciated Cheers, Ian
  16. Hey all, Looking for a Monogram 1/48th A-37 Dragonfly. Will buy or trade, issue makes no difference. PM if you got one to spare.. Cheers, Ian
  17. Hey all, Looking for a copy of Monogram's A-37 Dragonfly instructions, the Revellogram website doesn't have them for some reason.. Cheers, Ian
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