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  1. 13 years this thread's been going. I have to post in it just once.
  2. Looks awesome Blake! I actually just finished mine last night also. I have a Cosmo Zero en route, but I need to pick up the 2199 Falcon also.
  3. Blake, What color did you use for the yellow? I can never find any yellow that isn't water thin and super skimpy on pigment. I started in on my Tiger last night.
  4. Paint looks fantastic!
  5. Awesome work Blake! I also have a vintage Bandai Black Tiger kit that I'm about to start working on. Just need to order some high-vis 1/72nd decals for stencils, warning stripes, etc. NWarty (also named Blake)
  6. Captain Picard FacePalm times eleventy....You've got to be kidding me. When is this dogshit platform going to be killed?
  7. I've mentioned this before to my wife and friends when this topic pops up: Exactly what sort of value is added to the Infantry/Armor/Artillery/CBT EN if combat arms is open to women when there is plenty of fit males to do the job? In an era of a drawdown, how does this HELP the military? I'm an Artilleyman by trade and have spent many of my years in combat arms both as a Gun Bunny and a Mech. FSO, a BSB and BDE Staff.
  8. B-17, I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find the post, but couldn't find it here or at simhq.com It was from a couple of years ago, but the original poster mentioned that the screening (don't remember if he was part of a test audience) he saw was MUCH more graphic than depicted in the original theatrical release of Belle. He said the audience was incredibly squeamish with "Windy City" exploding in front of Belle and the crewman hitting the plexi nose.
  9. I had forgotten that "Memphis Belle" had various versions. I know there's the Hollywood Release version, seen it many times. Then there's the graphic version, ala the whole crewmember from "Windy City" actually hitting the nose of Belle, not just the streaking blood. Other stuff here and there. I would love to see the uncut version.
  10. People who put HID's into stock reflector headlight housings. It's illegal and stupid (blinding to other drivers) Worst offenders are POS Ricers and Brodozers.
  11. Beautiful work! Now if you could only tell me what size of missing allen screw I need for the lever on my Graham Chronofighter replica !
  12. Yep..."Chunk, click, click" is right. The amount of lube needed for firing is ridiculous. I put two cans through our Mk-19's back in April. Fun weapon to shoot and incredibly quiet.
  13. Yes, they do have some Caravans that were based up north a bit. Used to routinely conduct touch and go's at Q-West. Hell, while stuck seven days while we were trying to leave theater, the little booger actually directed a C-17 onto the approach as visibility was down to less than 1/2 mile.
  14. If you want definitive answers go here and one of my forum hangouts: http://www.warbird-photos.com/gpxd/index.p...b445c37f83eff2f Yep, 21C is dead, All-Go Toys is the start-up from whatever 21C ashes were left over. But they can't seem to get anything off the ground as of yet. - Blake
  15. I need to dredge up one .ppt package that I received regarding afghanistan from a couple years back. I stopped counting the number of objects on the slide after 124.
  16. Hasegawa 1/72 OV-10D Bronco (ebay) Tiny little booger, but a quick build. First Post btw!
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