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  1. CF4155 I just saw it from hannants's web page,what about the 4136 Gannet AEW?Any news?
  2. I am just curious that which millionaire made that 1 bid?
  3. I have already got one Airfix's. With my first look of Airfix's B-57G,and compare with CA's dry fitting problem,I will choose CA kit,maybe another CA B-57B's fuselage with Airfix's big nose. I do not like Airfix's pannel lines,also the Cockpit and undercarriage details. :D/>/>
  4. Thanks Vogle! :cheers:/>/> I'll choose CA Kit to go through this subject.
  5. Classic Airframes 4127 and Airfix 10101 are both Canberra B.20 in 1/48 scale,Which one is better? :unsure:/>
  6. 1/48 phantom family,F-4B/C/D/E/F/G/J/S/EJ,RF-4B/C/E,phantom FG1/2。hasegawa's kits are toooooooooo old.
  7. i just want to know, what is this bomb? walleye or something else?
  8. omg,this kit is a mixture of Mig-21F-13 and J-7
  9. My linkIsraeli Air Force official web page said that it's a F-16I Sufa. Hope to se the tail number and kill marking picture soon, I can't wait any longer to biuld a model of this jet.
  10. Why not provide some UK special ground attack ammunition like CPU-123 1000lb LGB and BL755 Cluster bomb. Most RAF GR1s were carrying these during the Operation Desert Storm.
  11. It might be just an other copy of Classic Airframes products.
  12. beautiful work, nice weathering
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