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  1. I’ve just painted Clear Blue over Silver.
  2. Just want to share my F-5F, Hope you like her.
  3. It's a very best RTAF F-16 model kits in 72 since I have seen.
  4. Your Hornet is my inspiration.
  5. Nice bomb weathering and many silver shades.
  6. Thank You very much,Mr.Teeradej.
  7. May I have your color no.,please.I'd like to do mine one the same SQN.
  8. Your hornet inspired me to do mine,Thank You.
  9. Thank You,....And Do you have any recommendation for buying The White Dragon decal for JASDF in 1/48 from twobobs,cause it's all sold out and I try to search on net but not success.
  10. Just would like to know is it the same version that be different only being imported to Japan. Thanks in advance.
  11. Nice Phanthom,"Otisaq"...Hope to see more in this forums....
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