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  1. Great model. More interesting Kinetics. It is very good that the gondolas are given in one piece ..http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=79430&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=280
  2. Greetings. In the meantime, the Chinese have practically finished work on a new model of the Su-33 and I have already managed to get acquainted with it and compare it with Kinetic ...
  3. Nice model. Congratulations. And here is a photo of two neighboring aircraft. 93rd unfortunately not.
  4. Did this plane once http://www.arcair.com/Gal10/9501-9600/gal9569-F-104-Vladimir/00.shtm
  5. Greetings from Russia, friends. I hope everyone is alive and well, at this difficult time for everyone. This model was built as a gift to the Air Force commander of Laos, who flew on this wonderful Soviet aircraft
  6. I drew attention to this, but I do not know the reason. Most likely they delivered from another aircraft ..
  7. You are doing very well. You performed the camouflage pattern reliably ... Regarding the engines ... You will succeed, if additional information is needed, please contact ..
  8. You make a great model ... But if you paid attention to this detail, I decided to say how it will be right ... I know this plane very well, according to my materials, the fourth model is already being made (Hasegawa, Kinetic, Zvezda and a new Chinese company .. and I just wanted to give you advice ...
  9. This pad on the brake flap has a square shape and the ornament is smaller in size ..
  10. In short .. a new model, it will be better than the previous ones,
  11. vashe mneniye tak-zhe vazhno dlya menya. 34/5000 your opinion is just as important to me.
  12. Thanks. Your opinion is very important to me. But unfortunately, you also did not understand what interests me.☺️
  13. And I'm not talking about your mistakes. I’m talking about the fact that in Russia it’s customary to respect other people's work and refer to sources of information ... Sorry, we are not China and we don’t have any theft practices .. Good luck.
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