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  1. Is it a day? Per week, or per month? Well done, that depriving your users of photos that they are unlikely to get anywhere else.
  2. A good model, but unfortunately, you didn’t quite get the color .. The administration can say thanks for reducing the size of the posted photos. Dumb savings.
  3. In Pushkin, at the 20th plant.
  4. And if we talk about really cool photos, then you need to see what my father was shooting ..True, it was shot 25 years ago, then there were no good photo cameras with us ...
  5. Yes, the plane has lost its appearance ... Discussed here .. http://forums.airforce.ru/matchast/4131-reestr-su-33-a-78/
  6. We need to make such a model ... in 48m scale ..
  7. Remembering your story is good ..
  8. The Zip kit is not bad, but far from ideal. A normal set will come soon, with such nozzles ..
  9. No, I was born a little out of place. From Novosibirsk to Severomorsk, approximately 3000 kilometers. I worked on the Su-24M / MR in the 90s. Yes, hydraulic lifts .
  10. I was born there. My father is a sea pilot, though he flew in reconnaissance on the Tu-16, but he also flew with deck pilots. Now I go to the garrisons, take photographs of aircraft. A month ago, I was in Severomorsk again ... my father is on the left in the photo, 1997 Severomorsk-3
  11. Thank you for using my materials when building your Su-33 models.
  12. These photos I made. The dark blue color of AKAN should be highlighted, very dark. In general, not the best colors. http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_31266.html
  13. the colors are slightly bright, but in general everything is very cool.
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