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  1. I was eight when Neil and Buzz walked on the moon with Michael orbiting above. The nation, the WORLD was all a twitter about it. As the years went by, Apollo 13 happened and America went about its business. By Apollo 17, nobody was interested; Barely a blip on the media's radar and that made me angry. I was a seasoned young man of eleven then and devoured the National Geographic issues that still covered the Apollo program. The Lunar Rover was fascinating and the Moon geology was as well. Those were some heady days for a kid fascinated with everything aeronautical and space m
  2. Well, don't that just suck the fun out of my ice cream. Much as I admire the stringent engineering of this kit, my affinity for the machine harkens back to reading the book "MiG Pilot" and becoming fascinated with it. In 1976 it was a brand new airplane and The West was ignorant of its wild and woolly ways. I always thought a diorama of the plane, complete with tarp over the cockpit and the muddy ruts off the end of the runway would be pretty cool. Guess I'll never get the main subject plastic unless KH does one.
  3. I'm hip to that groove madmanrick. Thanks.
  4. So....being as I'm getting quite the education on all things MiG-25 here.... And perhaps this has been asked before.... And I'm sorry to seem like such an idjit......but...... What's the hope of getting an early MiG-25, specifically Belenko's bird that he landed in Japan? Can this kit be modded (I have my doubts) to a "P"? Orrrrrrr.....is there something I'm not aware of whereby ICM will be kitting that jet someday? (Echo effect, reverb on the "someday")
  5. Hi Bill, Sounds interesting. I can agree with no removable sections for simplicity's sake. Was just down to the walmart and they have in the TV section some (relatively) inexpensive and small DVD players. Not sure if they will play USB-stored stuff or not...didn't look that closely. However, the small screen is close to ideal and....and....do a search on eBay with the size screen you need and maybe there's one out there that's close. Even still, you could play shots on it that are "cropped" through a computer program to be the right size if the actual screen is too
  6. Hey Bill, Just spit-balling here. Hope I'm not intruding on the creative process. I'm thinking lots of sheet styrene (obviously) but....given the construction of the actual set back in the time of shooting, maybe a miter setup to make sure the angles of all the panels are correct. Fiber-optics are your friend and cheaply available on eBay. Just like the actual set, you can make each section "wild", which means you can slide it in/out as needed. Wondering if there's going to be a working viewscreen in the front. DVD's of alien ships passing
  7. Actually there, "Troje", these pics are from 2013. They have been in my laptop at least that long and I was going through all my files for something else and found them. The model remains in my stash and I thank you muchly for the link. Yeah, seems the nose/cockpit is "Anigrand-esque" and not quite right. Darn it. The VC-10 is a sharp bird though and I remember flying on one to Libya in 1968. Airfix had a kit of that very plane and I must've built it five times as a kid. I found one for FlightSim also and flew it around some, seeing how accurate the performance a
  8. Was able to get a scale shot of it outdoors against a star background. Came out awesome! (Looks just like it did in "Balance Of Terror")
  9. It was a rather large kit so I had to do it in the garage. Came out pretty nice, I think.
  10. I had this kit in my stash and finally re-sized and cropped the photos I have of the parts. I had been disappointed with Anigrand's products in the past but this one is better than what I was used to. I did some comparisons of the model with photos and line drawing overlays and it seemed to be pretty accurate in that regard. My plan is to make it an early BOAC jet...not the Super VC-10 to be sure but that dk blue with gold and gray was one of the nicest looking liveries I ever saw and it seemed perfect for this airplane. I will fill in the pax windows and then use a
  11. And to think that in 1980, if I had so much as a hand drawing in my possession of a B-61, I would've been spending time in jail.
  12. I think it was 1/53.0843 exact scale from AMT. (Almost Makes a Toy)
  13. The forced perspective effect came out really nice! Excellent work!
  14. Can't help with corrections to that old BOP....But how's about this? http://www.swannysmodels.com/AWBoP.html 1/350 Vac BOP. The article is a nice build description and adds special effects.
  15. Yeah, well, even though I'm single I found myself saying that if I bought it, I'd have to kick myself out of the house. Even I have limitations. Same thing when I look at the 1/48 Trumpeter Type VIIC unterseeboot. $400+ on eBay plus shipping. Still waiting on the 1/32 TOS Shuttlecraft. Stillborn....no new posts about it for some years now.
  16. Anyone considering this: http://www.nicenmodeldesigns.com/1-350-star-trek-original-series-klingon-d7-battle-cruiser.html 1/350 Resin Klingon D-7 to go with TOS Enterprise. Almost bought it a half-dozen times but just couldn't spend the money.
  17. "If at first you don't succeed, you suck at it so just quit." (j/k) But then again, perseverance has the word "severe" in it...or "sever", depending on your point of view. Sometimes, when one method doesn't work, it might take awhile for that old light bulb to flash back on when you get a brilliant idea. Edison's failures were in the hundreds but he kept at it until the workable, practical light bulb was created. It didn't just happen....it took time, sweat and effort. True, some people have a natural knack for this stuff but don't sell yourself short; You just haven't hit on th
  18. Howdy Lisa, You seem to have a handle on it. The Meatbox (Meteor) is/was a very popular kit and should fit together well. I used to be stationed at DM and spent many an hour at Tucson Hobby Shop on Speedway, I think it was and when I moved over to the East side, I spent the time at Craig's Hobbies. There are many tips, techniques and things to help you out. Much of it comes from experience...and much from reading. Us plastic addicts have many unfinished or half-addled/regretful builds but....just the same we take it as a learning experience and often, when someone comes along wit
  19. If you were anything like me (And I think I am), you would, instead, build a 1/24 scale P-51 and park next to it a 1/24 or 1/25 model of a Ford Mustang. This way, any errors in scale would be negelsish neligigli.......small and insignificant. Barring that, building a 1/32 P-51 would require that you carve, mould or otherwise create from scratch a matching scale car. Or, you could simply put a placard that says, "These two models are representing a forthcoming science fiction episode of "Voyager" whereby the shrinking ray did not completely allow for the return-to-full-size of the car.
  20. Just got Chris Wilson's (Zactoman) replacement intake for the 1/32 Academy F-16 kit. This piece of resin, like all of Chris's work is simply extraordinary. Absolutely professionally done, packaged and with a set of instructions that rival anything put out by anyone else. I can't praise Chris enough. His work is the kind that modelers really want to make their models something to really be proud of. The amount of careful, analytical thought that goes into his stuff is remarkable. Now...if we could just get him to make a 1/48 closed P&W F100 nozzle. :-)
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