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  1. The Hobbytown in Virginia Beach carried some. Sprue Bros ships it pretty fast and has a good selection.
  2. I thought about that after I hit the save button, but oh well, nobody’s perfect. I should have said Bremerton or someplace like that, I know better, but it was late, lol
  3. So the strike on the Pearl Harbor attack force is recalled, just like in the movie, and a dash is made for the worm hole. But at the last moment, heart breakingly close it snaps shut, trapping the ship in 1941. Ironically, at the same time, a fire broke out in the ships library, incinerating the Encyclopedia Brittanica and all of its knowledge of dates and times of WWII. In the time it takes the ships leadership to figure out what to do now, the Japanese had already turned west and headed back towards Japan, totally clueless to the presence of the Nimitz. Not going to get into details, caus
  4. I’m working on a scenario, nothing special, or highly detailed, just a few paragraphs, but plausible. But, right now I’m a watching tv, so it might be a day or two before I do this. Don’t get your hopes up, I’m sure this will be full of holes, lol. So far by August 9th, 1942, nothing much has changed other than names and dates.
  5. If I was playing this game from the role of Admiral Yamamoto, and I lost carriers from aircraft from the Nimitz, whether modern aircraft or if I had intel that they came from some new, unknown ship, I would completely rethink my strategy, at least until I knew what I was up against. Or, what if the American counter strike had happened during the Indian Ocean raid when Shikoku, Zuikaku, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu weren’t in Japanese waters from the end of March to like mid April I believe, so the couldn’t have been sunk. So Coral Sea may never have happened. But at the same time Japanese streng
  6. Interesting point. But by the end of Midway, the Japanese had lost 5 carriers and one severely damaged if memory serves, so the numbers are about the same in roughly the same time frame, just the details are different and the Americans wouldn’t have lost Lexington and Yorktown. But that’s not to say the US couldn’t have lost a carrier(s) someplace else in this strange universe. The IJN was still immense following Midway at least in number of ships and aircraft. This makes me think of an interesting idea. If their carriers were in port like you propose, were their aircrew on board, if
  7. How long could the modern air wing could have remained effective after the initial strike had been recalled? Let’s say for arguments sake the Japanese managed to slip away, disperse, whatever, and it took some time to bring another large scale contact involving lots of capital ships that could be damaged, would the modern aircraft still be effective by that point? Would too many aircraft be NMC for parts, would the ship be too low on remaining JP5, there’s a million obscure reasons why the aircraft could be replaced with contemporary aircraft, making harpoons and such pretty much useless.
  8. I would feel like as the modern air wing was used up through attrition, probably because of supply, the air crew would be rotated to Pensacola for flight training, maybe not from scratch, but at least platform specific. I would just think as a contemporary air wing came on board, there would be zero need to put someone in a piece of machinery they’d never used, with life or death consequences, when they would already have their full compliment of qualified personnel assigned. Things were bad at that point, but I don’t think we’re at the ‘Heres the keys, good luck’ point, lol.
  9. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound condescending. When I think what if, I think like historically plausible, like could Bomber Command have flown B-29’s if the war drug on (hmmmmmm). Just a misunderstanding in definitions I guess, no malice intended buddy! I can’t help but think of totally obscure things on this, like what would 1941 bluejackets have thought when they first walked into a berthing and saw a coffin rack.....mind.....blown. How would modern aircrew do learning how to do learning how to land using real paddles.
  10. Lol, I don’t think it’s really a ‘what if’, this is a world where the USS Nimitz went through a big wiggly worm hole in a thunder storm. Sky’s the limit, lol.
  11. They touched on it in the movie in a way, would they have renamed the ship? And if so, what to? Think about the effect of the Manhattan Project, it probably would have been nothing more than a reverse engineering program. I wonder if Pearl had the depth at the time for a ship with that draft, I haven’t bothered to to look yet, (and its too nice of a day to sit inside and do it now). Could North American have retro fitted B-25s with tail hooks, thus allowing Doolittle to not need to make a one way trip, but could the landing gear have survived the landings. If so, think of the number of Chin
  12. So I was pondering, let’s say for some reason the Nimitz didn’t return to the future, but it didn’t bring a speedy end to the war, let’s say, the attack on the Japanese Fleet was recalled, they raced for the time warp, and it snapped shut heartbreakingly close. Sooner or later, probably sooner, our aircraft take a pounding, the ships supply system would runout, so the modern air wing would quickly turn into static displays (I get it, they could engineer more, but this more fun). Think about the Nimitz with an uber WWII air wing on board, maybe an up/back dated AA armament, maybe painted in m
  13. I use Vallejo washes frequently, and to removed then, I dampen a q-tip in regular windex and it comes right off, no damage to the paint.
  14. That’s the info I needed and kind of what I figured. I’ll most definitely shoot an old junker first just to make sure so I don’t have another mild heart attack at far too young an age. Thanks fellas.
  15. What about thinning with mr color self leveling thinner? It works for x-22, so I’m assuming it would be fine.
  16. Has anyone used title flat over Mr Color? Any issues? I’m assuming it will work as gloriously as X-22 gloss mixed with Mr Color self leveling, but wanting to see if anyone has had any experience before I proceed. I just discovered X-22 flat isn’t meant to be a clear coat...if only I’d read first. I managed to save the interior of a Betty with gloss to counteract the frosting, but I was tenser than a moose’s butt during fly season for a few minutes.
  17. If you’ve never seen a wet koala.....google it 😬. It’s the stuff of nightmares.
  18. Preferably right on top of an AFFF station or just not tied down, that’s how we roll. (Mic drop)
  19. Everything wrapped in one bag is essentially having everything wrapped in no bag, so what would really be the difference. I’m for the most part, completely happy with the condition of the kits I buy as they are. I can see having a separate wrapping for the clear parts, but as long as the box is sealed good, and no loose part can sneak out, what would really be the difference? I’m a tree hugger, but also a realist. There is no way we can ever live without plastic in the modern age, but there are countless ways to cut down its usage and abusage. I take reusable shopping bags with me every
  20. I donated some money the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie. My dogs have been notified, they are on the short list to get laid off if I can adopt a Koala in need, lol.
  21. I saw a video of two guys piling koalas into a hatch back, sad and funny at the same time. I donated to a koala hospital, I’m an animal person.
  22. I think it says something that, for the most part, everyone here agrees the movie was worth seeing. We all know this can be a tough crowd for movie reviews, so that should be worth something. TAKE THAT ROGER EBERT!
  23. Concur with everyone so far, the flying was pretty Star Warsy, but nothing that made me feel like I wasted my money, they stuck with the chain of events pretty well, I was even happy with small things, like the B-26’s getting some screen time, the Pearl Harbor layout looked pretty good as far as ships, even Joe Rocheforts dungeon looked pretty good, hell, even John Ford was In it. And nobody took their girl for a joy ride in a P-40, lol. I feel it was a Good Friday night.
  24. A lot of Joe Rocheforts efforts in the build up to Midway really started to take form in the aftermath of the intelligence failures leading up to Pearl Harbor, so I'm glad to hear they started the movie to allow for a sort of build up of events. I'm curious to see how well its done, your starting to give me hope. At a minimum, it'll be something fun for the wife and I do on a Friday since I actually have one off from work.
  25. The Kracken attacks and scatters boats everywhere!
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