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  1. It also depends on which squadron and timeframe you're looking at specifically. Other than the AA missiles and 500lb bombs you mentioned, the other size bombs were also used (250, 750, 1000). Other common F-4B ordnance were napalm, 2.75" and 5" rocket pods (including the twin Zunis on the Sidewinder rails), cluster bombs (not early war), and HIPEG gun pod. I started to create actual loadout charts for many USMC squadrons of what was actually seen (rather than generic loads that the F-4 could handle). Had the intention of updating them over time but haven't got to it since creating
  2. With the release of the super Tamiya F-4B kit, there will now be a "Spooks from the Beach" part 2 sheet from AOA decals covering even more USMC Phantoms in Vietnam. The earlier sheet (also included F-4Js) will also be reissued with some minor updates/tweaks for the Tamiya F-4 kit (primarily the data sheet). 48-014R - Spooks from the Beach (1) - USMC F-4B/F-4J Phantoms in the Vietnam War (updated) Part 1 covers F-4Bs and F-4Js of VMFA-115, -314, -323; and VMFA-212, -232, -334 respectively. 48-018 - Spooks from the Beach (2) - USMC F-4B Phantoms in the Vietnam War
  3. see updated 2022 posts below in thread This will be the second 1/35 sheet from AOA decals after the Loach set years ago. For now just a preview image that is simply a data dump to show most of the schemes' decals (ignore the pink stuff). The actual layout of the sheet(s) hasn't begun yet and also not shown yet is a separate data/stencil sheet. Estimating a fall/winter release after the USMC F-4B sheets are released. Looking like 2022 now. Due to space restrictions not sure if all will make the final cut, as of now could include up to sixteen(!) options: HS-5
  4. So he is still around. Two years on I'm still waiting for him to fullfill his part of a "trade" when he eventually dropped off and stopped replying about delays. I sang praises before, not anymore.
  5. Excellent news, hoped this was still in the works - count me in for a sale too. Also hoping/assuming this will be a standard release and available to purchase direct after the nats for those not there (like me)? Can you reveal what air stations you ended up including for the decals?
  6. It varied. Other than replacements/repaints, overall the A-6s at Chu Lai 1967-69 were still new and would've had the Grumman factory airframe data. 1967-68 -533 had mostly sequential 15263x-15264x series, 68-69 mostly 15415x-15416x. A-6 data was a lot more subdued compared to the F-4, plus A-6s didn't have all the panel numbering data. F-4s there could've had full data/panels, depending on date/specific a/c, they'd either still have factory, or depot type, or none/little. Rich showed some examples of the full rework type, here's another, specifically -323 at Chu Lai in late 66/earl
  7. Looks like only the panel decals are separate. The rest of the data in the kit. Guessing though not everyone cares to use them all so they went separate? Maybe also keep costs down (or make more money)? I also guess they were going for the original McD factory data/panels. Although that would only really be applicable anyway up to the Bs airframe first rework/overall (even by mid 60s). Then it depends on where it was they were reapplied, if at all. If they did, they'd more likely be painted stencil type. So getting that panel decal sheet wouldn't even be needed de
  8. Yes they were "only" there for a relatively short time (this is why only one option on the sheet, they were pretty uniform). 531 was the first USMC squadron there. Thanks goes to Rich for leading me to closeup of their small tail insignia for that one, without that I was stalled. Would've liked to include 513 as well but couldn't find clear enough pic of the owl on the tail used while in Vietnam.
  9. Instructions posted: https://icm.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/32060_instr_web-1.pdf Thankfully both tails and the three turret options are in the box.
  10. I think this was brought up earlier in the thread, with this boxing only air-to-air, presumably another boxing would be coming later (and hopefully have the "early" parts). At least they included the outer pylons w/o the tanks in this boxing unlike what they did with the similar all air-to-air initial 1/32 F-4J kit. They'll be more to play with. Part 2 sheet will be coming covering three more USMC F-4B squadrons in Vietnam:
  11. Also glad that both turret options are included in the same kit afterall. Looking forward to this one
  12. The one shown in the video that statal posted of Andy's Hobby appears to be the released kit in hand (final boxtop, instructions, decals, etc)
  13. Since you mentioned you're interested in Marine A-4s used in Vietnam, here are my observations based on looking at many pics of all their C/E squadrons in the war (VMA-121, 211, 214, 223, 224, 225, & 311). I'm talking about combat loads, when they had tanks with ordnance hung at the same time. Yes, I know there are exceptions to these, again specific to USMC A-4C/Es in Vietnam: As Rich and others mentioned, 300gal either on centerline or wings, with centerline tank most common (on both their C and Es). When on the centerline, either bobbed or no tail cone. No tail cone seemed t
  14. No shock on the AA armament and decal options but am glad to see this boxing does include option for the outer pylons without the tanks.
  15. On the B nose right side, circulater panel 124 was on early aircraft before introduction of the "KY-28 Speech Security Unit" (AFC-311). After installation there was the more rectangular panel 629 in its place. (1966/67ish?) http://aoadecals.com/images/F-4panel124.jpg
  16. No idea but I'd highly doubt it launched like that. Presumably it wasn't secured properly and it dropped down inflight or during cat launch.
  17. The real/original photo has the ladder visible, that second one posted without it is the one that's photoshopped.
  18. Thanks, I missed that. (But fast as I need them, you kidding - no hurry here at my glacial kit pace.)
  19. I can't speak obviously to what you saw in early 1968. The first AC-119G was only delivered from the OEM to the USAF in May 68. It then went through much test and eval (in the US) during the summer of 68. The AC-119 program went through many delays for various reasons in 1968 such that the first two AC-119Gs didn't arrive in Vietnam until late Dec 1968. The first (single) prototype AC-130 went to Vietnam for combat eval between Sept-Dec 67 and was back in Vietnam from Feb 68 through Nov, by then more AC-130s started to arrive as well. Check out the Ballard USAF book previously m
  20. Thanks, I missed that. Figures that's the tamiya one I don't have.
  21. I've been out of the loop for awhile on 1/48 F-16s, but now I'm looking for the aerodynamic TER-9 but don't know where to find any. I saw Attack Squadron offered them but don't see any other aftermarket ones available since those are OOP. Any other options? thanks
  22. The Mutza book and what I posted earlier are about the best there is on the subject for books. I've tried to gather as much AC-130 books as possible to help with gunships part 2 decal sheet, majority of other books I've collected on C-130's in general in hopes of getting new AC-130 have been pretty much a waste of time/money. Considering how long the C-130 has been in service and number of variants, general C-130 books only have a relative brief section about the gunship variants, all of which is basic and redundant of what is already included in the full gunship specific Mutza/Davis books. I'
  23. Excellent news, count me in on a purchase. Also I'd second the earlier comment about including Kodiak decal option, and/or Sitka station. At least with the USCG schemes being all pretty similar it can be relatively easy to provide wide range of alternative station options with swapping out the insignias, numbers, and station titles. Sitka insignia:
  24. What type of reference are you looking for? Story, development/service, photos, old or new gunships? Your title mentions specifically books on the AC-130H, I'm not aware of any books that are specific to the H gunship. Most books having AC-130 info is a broader coverage - either book covers the C-130 in general, or like the Mutza book you mentioned, covers all gunship a/c types. Similar to the Mutza book, there is an older Larry Davis Gunships book from Squadron Signal (cover and title looks like it's AC-47 only but book covers all the gunships), he also authored simila
  25. Three USMC F-4Bs squadrons in Vietnam covered so far: http://www.aoadecals.com/48014/ Maybe more coming.... Tamiya apparently decided to go with the later upgraded F-4B version to model that had the later ECM fit, Mk.7 seats, later trunnion covers, later stabilators, etc. Bert Kinzey posted on FB that he was involved with Tamiya for a year on the kit and "the decal selection will be more limited than those for F-4Bs in general, because Tamiya has opted to do a specific ECM fit on the model. So decals will need to be for F-4Bs that had that fit, otherwise, the mo
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