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  1. Ditto, I’m super pumped for the second 1/72 sheet also!
  2. MC has already said the D will be a completely retooled kit.
  3. All H kits have the corrected nose and flaps. Unfortunately all G kits produced require the correction set ordered separately. The set is free but you’ll have to foot the tab for shipping direct from Modelcollect.
  4. Thanks Ish, that would certainly explain it. Hopefully they can work that that into the plot well enough that it all coalesces but on the surface I have to admit it kinda feels lame.
  5. I’m looking forward to it! Just wondering what the F-14 tease is for at the end of the trailer? Oh, and watch his shoulder straps slip off at the end when they go inverted.....
  6. Ya, it was a bit much so I vowed to throttle back a tad......... then Kursad released several more awesome batches and blew that right out of the water. But I can stop whenever I want.......😬
  7. Looks like MC added a new flap sprue complete with flap tracks! A welcomed addition to the G update set!
  8. I see your 410th BW and I raise you a 42nd BW!!
  9. Order places for 2 copies, Also can’t wait for the second sheet! Nice work Kursad!
  10. I see a resemblance also but that squatting stance just feels awkward as all get out. I think the Black hawk remains one of the sexiest looking aircraft, in my opinion, while this thing is obviously the ugly step sister who never married🤢
  11. That might possibly be the UGLIEST rotary winged aircraft I've ever seen!! No offense,,,,,,, And how exactly did they taxi with the stinger dragging?
  12. Got a reply from MC today regarding the G correction set. Apparently they had a setback during ‘mass production’. He said he hopes to begin shipping next week. FYI
  13. I’ve reached out to MC several times over the last few weeks with zero replies. So it seems my source has dried up.
  14. @DutchGotcha Dutch! I must’ve missed those posts. I’ll try to dig my MC ‘G’ out next week and see how they match up.
  15. Hey Dutch, check these pics out. I think this might be what MC saw when they drew the CAD for the tanks. Check out that dip in the upper tank surface just about fwd-mid pylon.
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