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  1. I’m in need of replacement vf-154 markings for my ESCI FJ-3 which spontaneously combusted when placed in water. I tried coating them with decal film with no success. The kit is from 1979 so really wasn’t surprised they were unusable. If anyone has the tail flashes, red lightning bolts and vf-154 stencils I can cobble together the rest from the Caracal FJ-3 sheet. I’ll gladly pay for the markings and postage. Thanks in advance! Mike
  2. I completely understand where you're coming from and it stopped me from posting my builds for many years. I began equating building models to my love of golf. I'm not Tiger Woods, I'll never be Tiger Woods and I'll never hit a shot like Tiger Woods. There's no chance, ever. BUT, I can get a little better at hitting certain shots. I can get a little better at working the ball right to left. I can work on finishing higher. Like golf, modeling ultimately became a game against myself. Trying different methods and techniques a achieve the effect I wanted, or at least a little close
  3. Thank you and Yes, everything is essentially there for a D. The kit fuselage in all actuality represents a C more than anything but Italeri did include enough bits to represent an early block I F. Its missing the IR louvers covering the clamb shell doors, engine and forward pylon vents if your trying to build a later block I.
  4. Great idea! Space has always been why I hadn’t built more -135’s. Great solution!
  5. Check out this scratch built 1/35 MH-47 conversion using the Trumpeter kit! Its pretty well done, especially the ramp area 1/35 MH-47G (mmzone.co.kr)
  6. Well, you got something at the very least, so that’s good. When you get around to building it be sure to post pictures 👍
  7. I’ll tell you what, Dave. You commit to producing a set and I’ll get you references! All the references you can stand!
  8. I’m glad it worked out for you, guy! You’re one of the lucky few apparently. It’s unfortunate too since it looked like a promising set. Without giving this guy too much undeserved credit, I’m curious as to how it looks in hand? P.S. I saw your location and couldn’t help myself to extend a “guy” greeting, lol! I worked at Logan for two years and probably heard it a million times!
  9. Those are pretty solid attempts, they look sweet in the camo too. It’s frustrating the void hasn’t been filled yet, we’re not getting any younger. The closest we’ve seen was a guy down in Mexico posted a bunch of pictures here a couple years ago of a resin G conversion kit he was working on with radar nose and enlarged fuel tanks. It seemed shady but I gambled and sent him $105 for a set. Haven't heard from him since.
  10. That’s correct, Mikes never went to the light sage green. I was pointing out that the F Chinooks and M Blackhawks were fielded around the same time but big Army decided against changing Mikes for reasons only known to them. Honestly, seeing one in light sage would be pretty fire though
  11. I’ve been watching for years and still nobody is willing to do it. I approached Reskit earlier this year about doing an MH conversion, which would include the larger fuel tanks, and they basically said there’s not a big enough market for one. Now I’m obviously biased but I have a hard time believing there’s no market. I know we’d all buy several of them to build and stash away but……..
  12. I’m gonna experiment with that. Maybe layered oils like you suggested. I’ve got the Hobby Boss -47 on the bench right now. I’d like to paint it up similar to this, another “dirty D”. Thanks Tank!
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