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  1. To expand a bit on the already mentioned enjoyable parts of prebuilding. Having run out of display space I began building kits for coworkers a few years ago. Being an airline worker and surrounded by fellow airplane nerds, there was always someone who had a really cool story about a particular aircraft they had flown or worked on somewhere along their aviation journey. Sometimes the subject was simple with tons of available kits, detail sets and available decals for the exact aircraft. Sometimes it was obscure and challenging finding kits and accessories requiring custom designed decal
  2. YES!!!! This is huge! Thank you so much for doing this sheet! I know we were a pain in your butt sometimes Kursad, same with Dark Vark sheet probably, but you came through AGAIN! I probably sound a bit over the top but man, this makes me happy!
  3. @pminerI’m also becoming concerned since I’m down to my last few ounces of “Pledge with Future Shine”. I’ve used it as a gloss coat for decals, as a setting solution and of course dipping canopies since being introduced to it in the early 2000’s here on ARC. While researching possible replacements I came across this post which demonstrates clearly that the formula has changed with each iteration, and not for the better. So maybe it’s time to finally put Future out to pasture once and for all……..
  4. I was poking around the inter webs last night and I came across a thread about the old “Eric Fuchs Hobbies” shops that were scattered across New England in the 60’s through 80’s. It really got the nostalgia juices flowing. I remember driving with my parents to the Fox Run mall in Newington NH and spending hours looking through the rows of models and paints. I was hooked on the hobby, I swear I spent every penny of my paper route money at that place every week thereafter! As a bonus, we’d drive past Pease AFB heading up route 16 just so I could see the B-52D and KC-97 gate guards. R
  5. Here’s a post from a while ago. The artist who painted the actual nose art presented this print to him on his retirement. Hopefully this helps
  6. Will “pterodactyl currier” make the sheet like planned?
  7. VMA-322, Love it Kursad!! This sheet coupled with 72097 Buff sheet and this spring will be sweet!
  8. Looks like it’s available on eBay already. It’s listed under “Snowman 1/35 AH-64D” I wasn’t aware of Tacom’s partnership originally so it was hard to find.
  9. 1/48 MH-47E or G Same in 1/35 scale. The Trumpy parts engineering seems primed for expansion, not sure why they haven’t pulled the trigger yet in either scale.
  10. Glad it worked out for you @skarpins25. Give us a rundown of the parts included when you get a chance. I know it’s been hit or miss when ordering from these guys so maybe a little bit about how you ordered and your opinions on the process.
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