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  1. I’m interested in some feedback also, Dutch. I’ve got an AMT “G” In the stash waiting to be built for a co-worker. It’s a Loring jet so it needs the non-ALCM wings. That’s a pretty big chunk of resin, would shrinkage be an issue?
  2. These are fantastic Kursad! I’m just sorry I couldn’t contribute references, all my pics are boring pre-9/11 airframes with vanilla markings. I’ll be ordering several sets!
  3. Awesome news Kursad! We knew these sheets would be a hit!
  4. This B-47E belonged to the 100th BW at Pease AFB. It was lost along with 3 of 4 crew members In November 1961.
  5. I don’t recall anything in 1/48 but Wolfpack made a Super D conversion for the Italeri 1/72 kit. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?
  6. Yes, they’re supposed to be.
  7. Ditto, I’m super pumped for the second 1/72 sheet also!
  8. MC has already said the D will be a completely retooled kit.
  9. All H kits have the corrected nose and flaps. Unfortunately all G kits produced require the correction set ordered separately. The set is free but you’ll have to foot the tab for shipping direct from Modelcollect.
  10. Thanks Ish, that would certainly explain it. Hopefully they can work that that into the plot well enough that it all coalesces but on the surface I have to admit it kinda feels lame.
  11. I’m looking forward to it! Just wondering what the F-14 tease is for at the end of the trailer? Oh, and watch his shoulder straps slip off at the end when they go inverted.....
  12. Ya, it was a bit much so I vowed to throttle back a tad......... then Kursad released several more awesome batches and blew that right out of the water. But I can stop whenever I want.......😬
  13. Looks like MC added a new flap sprue complete with flap tracks! A welcomed addition to the G update set!
  14. I see your 410th BW and I raise you a 42nd BW!!
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