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  1. Especially with that fat SB ring weighing you down!! Signed, A jealous Pats fan😢
  2. Done. Request sent via messenger.
  3. I think it’s great stuff. I’ve recently used the .010 on a 1/72 KC-135R and a 1/48 C-2A Grayhound for the HF antennas. The .010 looks really good on 1/72 kits but appears a tad thin on 1/48 kits. I’m ordering .020 to remedy that. Its similar to a fine thread, very smooth and extremely elastic.
  4. I suppose it would be entirely subjective and what ‘looks right’. Real-time rivet spacing is usually around 1 inch depending on diameter of the rivet used so in actuality replicating that would be impossible. I’d prolly roll with the .50,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, see what I did there?
  5. Sweet!! Thanks Kursad! You’re sure making us New England boys happy the last few sheets!!
  6. An admirable tribute indeed. Can’t wait to see it!
  7. Thanks boys!! Your turn, let’s see some AMT KC’s with Caracal decals!!
  8. Thanks Dutch! It’s not perfect by any stretch but I’ve GOT to start building AND finishing these things or my stash will out live me!!
  9. Yes sir, but it only came with one set of General markings. I used them for the 157th ARW jet but need several more general markings sets for the other awesome subjects on the sheet.
  10. Yes, all the options on this sheet are AMC gray.
  11. Any word on this sheet Kursad? I need the basic stencils to do my MAINEiacs build, no pressure 😜
  12. Finished my NHANG KC-135R using this sheet. Literally the best decals on the market I might add. The decals went down smooth using future as a setting solution. I was worried about the nose decal wrapping around the radome and up under the sliding window because of all the angles but they were literally perfect! I botched the decal above the wind screen but it was my fault. I had it basically perfect but tried to move it one last time,,,,,,, and promptly tore it and was never able to get it back to where it needed to be. Awesome job Kursad! Now we need the 1/72 KC-135 General markings sheet so I can build my ‘MAINEiacs’ jet on this sheet.
  13. I don’t know the exact size but Caracal’s B-52 sheet 72077 has a SIOP scheme. His research is top notch so they should be the correct size.
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