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  1. Looks like I am wayyyy too late but FS36251 is the closest FS color to "Grey Rafale" with slightly bluish tint.
  2. I am wondering which ex-Indonesian Fishbed is this bort "60"?
  3. Thanks Lothar. I sent the other pictures to a publication so I don't think I will post them here. Sorry.
  4. Hi all, Just finished this as my #13 in 2016. Hasegawa kit in 1/48 with FCM decal, built OOB with some scratchbuild parts. Hope you all like it.
  5. Brian,

    I am building F-14A NF-107 of VF-154 using your sheet but not sure about the strengthener plate around the RIO's step.

    I saw a photo of the NF-100 and she has it.

    Can you help me on this, please ?

    Thank you


    PS: I also left a message regarding this same matter on your web-store.

  6. If only KASL includes the RWRs on the parabrake housing.... :-(
  7. No, I left the intakes as is... Thank you Thadeus & Parabat for the kind words.
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