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  1. I've bought DMold resin sets at shows here in Texas. I've also bought Rhino products off ebay a couple of times. The last time I bought from Rhino took a long time to receive and the shipping was excessive (his return address is Mansfield Tx, basically Ft. Worth)so I wrote him off. I compared the Rhino products to the DMold stes and they did look incredibly similar so I was suspisious. After reading this thread I now wonder if the guy I bought from at the shows was Miller selling counterfeit DMold products. If Miller did in fact copy and sell counterfeited DMold products as DMold products, ev
  2. Looking good Deacon. As for interior color, I'd suggest white with a drop of RAF interior pale green. My M.O.S is 19K, armor crewman, so I have some personal experience on the subject. I've seen models built with an interior color that is too green. In 1/72 it would probably look almost off-white.
  3. Looking great so far Pete. I dig the marking for the 66th bird...it's the stars.
  4. Thanks for the kudos. I'll take some photos in my ultra-high tech photobooth and post them in the finished thread asap. As for the ECM pod, it's out of the kit. So as soon as AMT corrects the kit, I'll be sure to buy another and...wait, what am I saying? LIke I want to build this pile again! Somewhere, maybe Iowa, there is a plastic cow, eating plastic grass, crapping AMT kits.
  5. More progress. When I peeled off the canopy masking, the mid-section canopy came with it. I've also painted and hung the drop tanks and Shrikes. The decals are from an old MicroScale sheet and some of the smaller stencils silvered. I tried to fix it, without success. I've also knocked the tip off the pitot tube something like 27 1/2 times. The carpet moster finally decided to eat it and I decided to stop "fixing" it.
  6. OBEY! Good dog... :) On the T-38 front, what about NASA's T-38s? I know they're not military but, they reside at Ellington Field. And for the Whirlybird clan, don't forget the Coast Guard...Semper Paratus!
  7. Nothing says "what the hell was I thinking" like a 1/24th Airfix kit. I tried to build the 1/24 Fw-190...wing to fuselage gap a problem you ask, only about 1/8" I says. Fix it you ask, fixed it straight into the garbage I says. You sir, are either very very very very brave or completely and absulutely bonkers.
  8. I just won a Monogram F-101 kit off evil-bay with 147th markings. So that's what I'll do. On base we (I'm a member of the 147th RW) now have on static display an F-101, F-102, F-16 and T-33. We used to have an F-4D, but it's been moved to be restored, I think. Check out this web site (below) for additional ideas for Texas based aircraft to model. http://www.147rw.ang.af.mil/resources/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=13003
  9. So...I predicted I'd quickly get imapatient. I did, and forged ahead placing walkway decals on the Phantom before getting a really good look at some reference photos. So they're the wrong color. I swear they looked a lot darker on the sheet. The others on the sheet looked almost black. Once they dried it was obvious how wrong they are. Oh well.
  10. There's a support aircraft GB starting in March(?)over at AeroScale. I bet your tanker would fit right in. I'm going to be doing an ESCI US-3A for it.
  11. I may have changed my mind...instead of an F-4B or J, I might be doing a P-51D. Because I got some really cool decals the other weekend.
  12. Is that an F-4 Phantom I see lurking in the background..? Moo ah ha ha haaaa! Our evil plan is working, soon, all of you will be Phantom Phanatics!
  13. Those look amazing Sebastijan. I can only imagine the fun you had with the decals. I tried building the Dragon 1/144 F-15C...horrible fit problems and a "catastrophic loss of both engines" landed it onto "runway 13", aka. the garbage.
  14. Thanks guys. After some deliberation and decided to draw the line at any more updates/corrections to this kit. The Hasegawa kit is so much better and the only reason I'm building this one is I couldn't unload it on Evil-bay. As it is, I've done way too much, which will translate to major or minor mistakes on my part as I get bored and just try to "finish the damn thing", as is my mantra... I've got two Fw-190s, an Me-262, a AH-1W, a Jagdpanzer IV, a M60A1, and an XB-70 on my workbench, all of which are begging to be finished. Speaking of finishing, paint was applied...
  15. More pics of my progress. I didn't want to go overboard, so all I've done is add some detail to the cockpit, add antennas where needed and remove the control surfaces. It's primered and will be ready for paint soon.
  16. I need another Hase F-4G like I need another hole in my head... Here's some progress pics. The easiest part about turning it into a soft wing phantom is re-scribing the panel lines (image #2). The ESCI kit has no sidewall detail so I glued some appropriate looking shapes to it.
  17. I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished model. It looks like a winner so far. I was in Stuttgart a while back and visited the Porsche museum. Of course the GT1 street and race cars are there and every bit as sexy as you'd expect them to be.
  18. She's B-E-A-U-tiful...in a OMG she's so freakin' ugly no one will steal her from you, kind of way. Now these beauties on the other hand...
  19. I've built the 1/72 ESCI Phantoms as well, I think they're nice kits. But unfortunetly, this is the 1/48 ESCI kit. It's decent if you're doing a hard wing F-4E, and don't want to spend the money on the Hasegawa kit. I started cutting the wings apart and spent some time deciding just how far I'll take this build. Something tells me in the end, I'll wish I'd just built the Hasegawa F-4G.
  20. I've started building the AMT/ESCI F-4G kit. I'll be using some aftermarket decals, resin seats and wheels. The first thing I noticed about the kit is it's a hard wing Phantom, so I'll change that. And the G specifc sprue looks like completely different plastic (I smell trouble). So why build the AMT kit when the Hasegawa kit is so much better you ask? Because no matter how many times it went on evil-bay no one was foolishe enough to buy it, so I'm stuck with it. Photo to follow shortly.
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