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  1. Would there be any interest in markings for this F-16?
  2. Any chance of putting this one in the pipeline?
  3. If they do re-release it I could finally do a Blackhawk comics F-90.
  4. I look forward to this sheet. I've been a fan of the B-66 for a long time and have the Italeri kit. I was hoping to get some of the old Micro Scale decals for it but this is welcome news. Don M.
  5. If you are going to do another T-38 sheet I hope you would consider this one also.
  6. Wondering if anything with checking out in and around Panama City/ Panama City Beach area? I haven’t been there in a lot of years, don’t remember much in the area.
  7. Nice to see this thread back from the dead. I had forgotten I posted some photos on here. I got to visit the Midway in San Diego a while back. I'll see if I can find some of the pics. Don M.
  8. I have these parts left over. If you still need them. PM me your address and I will get them to you. Don M.
  9. I hope you include the markings for the red trimmed prototype. It was the plane used for the spin test during trials, number six. I have the old IPMS article on the prototype markings if you would like to see it. if you haven't already. Looking forward to this one. I still have my copy of the Monogram kit in the stash.
  10. Just saw this on their Facebook page. First I've heard of it. Should prove interesting to a lot of folks. https://www.facebook.com/pg/AFVCLUB.TW/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1888884937823683&__xts__[0]=68.ARCklTlT7T0C3-w06Ni1TzVT8aQsdKZO3FROpjixBtGkjtnioyXEZBZCw4FWM4JCmvWCDUWeGH1buwmP0aKRBDaHjNfTvjn5vWnXLnYsFuP1l6eGNqaGHxj7ZbWo56UxRCvSf38JlWhShIGomB4yTrlKyjro834
  11. Really looking forward to the Tigercat and Starfighters sheets . Don M.
  12. I too remember building this one way back in the mid sixties. Tube glue, Pactra gloss enamels brush painted, silvered decals. Good times. Looking forward to seeing all the AM parts go on your build. Still have one in the stash. Don M.
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