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  1. Daaang! That's pretty awesome! 'baut damn time Luftwaffe Tiffies got some propper A/G capability.
  2. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well, I just sent them a PM via facebook (no fan of the book though) and waiting for their reply. I in fact DO want to keep my preorder status up or rather reinstate it for the matter. Just would like to be given a proper processing, is all.
  3. bushande

    VF-1 tomcats USS Enterprise Vietnam 1974

    First off @aigore: Excellent build! My highest respect to your talent! @john53. I think you are pushing yourself too much about details here that are not worth to be taken too seriously. Esspecially in regards to those first VF-1 cruise jets you actually have all the freedom you want as changes and alterations had been made very frequently before, during and even after the cruise. Those Phoenix pallets are supposed to be removable equipment on the jet, i.e. those pieces are actually required to be taken off and on frequently depending on the mission profile to be flown. So one day you would see "your" particular jet with pallets strapped on and the next day you'd see the same jet without pallets standing on deck in order to acomodate AIM-7s in the wells that otherwise would have been covered by the pallets, just to see the pallets yet again being put on the day after that because the next mission profile would require AIM-54s to be loaded. Same goes for the IRST /ALQ combo: IRST was supposed to be a real treat but proved to be too unreliable and icky in use in those early days. It turned out to be useless drag and was rather quickly removed and stowed away during the 74/75 cruise. You would see most of the jets embarking with the IRST, and the longer in the cruise you would see the thing disappear from one jet after the other just leaving the ALQ100. Just after the cruise back at Miramar you would see the thing reappear occassionaly again. Most of the jets seem to have embarked with dialectic panels on theboat tail while many jets seem to have gone off the boat again with the dialectic panels removed. While there are shots of many VF-1 and -2 birds with the panels still on the tail on deck, most shots seem to show the jets without the dialectic panels already rather early into the cruise, i.e. they seem to have gone pretty quickly. I do have some nice shots showing VF-1 and -2 bird with the old finned tanks strapped on, sitting on the catapult and if you check the cruise book you can also find some B/W shots of birds of both squadrons with tanks on but I concurr; due to the issues upon a potential drop and the scarcity plus potential aerodynamic restrictions they seem to have been a rather rare occurence. Another factor in those early service days was, that there just wasn't enough available to equip all jets equally, i.e. crews were forced to switch back and forth between the jets. Grumman had already their fair share of problems with the bird itself and costs running into a proclaimed limbo, the first thing that suffered was provision of additional parts around the airframe, at least that is what congessional reports indicate. Hence you would see tanks, IRST etc. put on one modex today and the same stuff strapped to another ship the next day. You just depict your jet in whatever fashion you like and it will be most likely something you would have seen on the real deal at some point.
  4. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well that's "fantastic"! So guess I'm not eligble for the discount anymore. So how do you plan to deal with gruntled potential customers like me AMK? Would have been nice to come across with an option of how you intend to treat these preorders instead of just telling people that their preorders are supposedly binned due to circumstances they can't do anything about. Any alternatives for folks like me? I'm really p...sed about that!
  5. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Hmmmm .... I just got my pre-order payment refunded in full by steel models where I placed my preorder. So what does that make me? Any news?
  6. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    All that makes me feel way better now about myself hihi.
  7. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    so was it 200+ or 300+?
  8. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    O.K. let's see how that works out. I took my chances and ordered 2 from Steelmodels in Italy. They look quite reliable and serious. There's sadly no shop listed for Germany or Northern Europe but they don't charge anything for S/H for orders above 100 bugs which is great. So hopefully not that many to go for AMK anymore. Thumbs pressed and prayers sent I guess.
  9. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Thihihihi .... good one!
  10. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Don't let yourself get dragged down Sio. I'm sure everything's going to be good. What's not good, is not finished yet, right?!
  11. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    That's exactly what's currently keeping me from committing to a preorder (and I'd gladly order more than one). But what exactly happens to my meager bugs if the LHS goes down in the time ahead or if the kit for some reason won't be produced or will be produced at a later time for a higher price because not enough preorders have been placed? Do I get a refund? Will I have to pay up to meet the regular retail price in case of a later issue? What if the owner's business is going so well (and I really do wish you well AMK!!!) that they won't receive enough slot time even with enough preorders; won't that push the release date even further??? I'm not in a hurry, take all the time you want and need AMK but pay money up front for such a long time, I confess, I'd feel better with a little more security here. I really want to preorder but I admit it's just a little too less information for me to commit just yet.
  12. bushande

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Thanks a lot Sio for the reply and the explanations. Just one little thing in order to better understand the pricing model: If I pre order (and hence pay) now for the advertised incentive price, i.e. the lower retail price and AMK should not be able to score the desired 5000 pre-orders to start early production, i.e. switch to the traditional process and a later delivery in 2018; do I still get my pre ordered Tomcats for the lower price or do I have to expect an additional invoice and extra payment to meet the regular price? Short: I preorder, pay the lower price, 5000 threshold is not met, slower production, later delivery for regular price - do I still get my pre ordered Tomcats for the incentive price (don't care if it is later - I'm not in a hurry but I admit, the incentive price sounds pretty good and tempts me to order more than just one or two) Thanks in advance for the reply.
  13. bushande

    F-14D's and AIM-54C's...

    The last Phoenix was launched by a VF-213 Delta Tomcat in August 2004 (no, I don't mean that failed attempt to down that pair of Iraqi Mig-25s! That was in Jan. '99 and was live). Don't get fooled by that - surely nice - nose art VF-11 carried up to their end.
  14. bushande

    Calling all F-14 experts

    Air One is correct. However: A mix of A/G (Rockeyes) and A/A, i.e. AIM-54 on the center rail had been aproved and in use at least during the late nineties as documented on VF-11 and -31 Deltas as well as VF-211 and -213 Alphas. Hence, though I haven't seen an AIM-54 / LGBU combo on a center rail yet, if you like that one, just hit it. This is just an example to illustrate the claim in general: http://www.topedge.com/alley/images/f14d/f14d31gb.htm http://www.topedge.com/alley/images/f14d/f14d31de.htm