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  1. I baught a set of both, the C and the A version and I must say, they are quite nice. The front conus is about 1mm short in comparison to Tamiyas iteration but that is compensated by an about 1mm longer backend with the short fins, i.e. length is just about the same as Tamiya or really unnoticably shorter than that, however it is abot 1mm smaller in diameter compared to Tamiya. I for one consider these differences in size practically unnoticable considering the large 1/32 scale.
  2. Many thanks for the nice feedback and please excuse my belated reply. I am sadly only able to surf the forum every few weeks. I'm happy it is so well received.
  3. I REALLY REALLY do like "Karel". She's going to be a beauty!
  4. Darren, I'll send you a PM
  5. Thehehehehehehe. hilarious. if it only wasn't so true.🤣
  6. This is typical German self degrading and an absolutely unsubstantiated statement. We are far from having the least capable airforce. What the force itself is rendering is capable enough under the given circumstances and the proficiency of the soldiers themselves is properly credited within NATO. What is getting constantly in the way of turning the force into a really competitive force are the well documented political quarrels and the animosity about German defence politics but that doesn't say anything about the condition of the airforce. You should know yourself that some of those articles that claimed the poor readiness state are just lurid and poorly researched spin articles that don't reflect the situation accurately. The Luftwaffe could do way better, that is true but it is good enough compared to others.
  7. Thanks all so much for the kind feedback. Goes down the throat like oil. Yes, I confess, when it comes to paintings, I'm still old school but stand to it! There is something about the good ol' pencil and color teknique that simply still sets it apart from the digital 3D renderings (not in the least that you can actually hold the original in your hands hehehe). I still like the impression of an orignal painting somewhat more to a digital rendering despite the amazing effects you can do on a PC.
  8. Hey cool, that AMRAAM Testbird is 158625. I still have a data plate of her and the original PMTC folder with the cockpit images somewhere. Lots of red panels in the cockpit that were not in the regular Alphas and her wingtips featured the camera bumps.
  9. I've seen it live built and painted at the Nuremburg toy fair and it just sucks. Before that I never thought I'd actually have to say that but as much as it pains me to press these words out: Go with the Trumpeter.
  10. Many thanks once again for the nice getback. It is much appreciated. Sorry for my late response. Due to life being what it is at the moment I am only able to lock on to the forum every few weeks. Steve: The scale is 1/48 hehehe. Currently in the planning process for the 1/32 version of "my" bird.
  11. Good Lord, what do you think of us??! As a German I tell you, even if we wanted to (and I just don't see that) we'd never be able to. We are hardly able to maintain what little is left that remotely resembles a working military force let alone a European Army. That whole undertaking of a European Army is a political brain fart as old as the EU itself. It never worked out and I seriously doubt we'll ever make it work properly, even less so if the Germans had any major say in it. Our "we need to do/have this! What, that costs money? Naaww then forget about it."-mentality will eventually get in the way. And quite frankly, you can keep your fresh new F-35s. Our Luftwaffe wanted it dearly. We could have had it and our Ladies on top said nope and even let a very good and able inspector general go over it. There is zero political interest in the F-35 (to the dismay of the troops concerned). I still hope our politicians are smart enough to at least grab some Super Hornets (hey it's the new Top Gun movie jet whoohoo 🙄) and don't fall for that paper ECR-Tiffy. As much as I like the Tiffy, I can hardly see a ECR-version being ready in time after we pretty much slept over all the time necessesary to maintain / further develop those precious own ECR/ECM/SEAD proficiency we had with the Tornado. You are doing good in Poland getting the F-35. Gives our leftists in parlament another excuse to keep their asses on the bench doing nothing for our troops. (Sarcasm is intentional here)
  12. I'm not yet sure if it can be put above the Hase ones?! and that "looks like a Tomcat" -thing .... weeeeeell ...... depends on how nitpickery you are.
  13. Many thanks for the kind feedback. I'm happy it was somewhat entertaining. The whole project was much more a matter of learning about the Typhoon and getting accustomed to the model. Would have loved to do the Glow in the Dark thing on the real one bute sadly there wasn't enough time when we did it roughly two years ago. I basically did it on the model because was currious how it would have looked like on the real thing.
  14. Many many thanks for the kind words. Happy you like it. I can only recommend the Revell Eurofighter. It is a rudimentary kit but all that is necessary to make it presentable can easily be done and it is a very forgiving model.
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