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  1. It sure is a nice kit but the flaws are just on so obvious places and simply hard to correct. There also so many subtle flaws mostly visible only to those fanatic about the F-14 but they still are bothersome. If you carefully check the placement of the tailfins you'll notice that they are set too far back by about 5mm. The casual modeller won't even remotely bother but I find it just irritating. Still not sure how to correct that any other than cutting up the tailfins and reasamble them.
  2. This one's even better.
  3. I seriously am drawn ever closer to the sad conclusion that it indeed is less the broadness of the hips but rather a messed up, i.e. too steep slope of the area between tailroot and stabs. Everyone who has seen a Tomcat in real life up and close can see that this is just not right: I really do get the impression that this might indeed be the cause for the hips apparently seeming too broad. Crap! This'll be a tough nutt to correct. At the moment I can't see any decent way to put that into the right shape. Just a little sanding won't help here. One has to somehow build the entire structure up but that will definitely screw the entire side. Shoot. ....
  4. Hmmmmm .... it might be the angle (which I rather doubt ...) but if it is not the curve / size of the hips (still think it is that too) that cause the impression of a misshaped rear; in this photo it looks a lot like the angle the rear is falling off from the tail root towards the kink is by way far too steep. Might be the angle of the photo, as said, but at least on this shot it looks far far too steep. If that should really be the case and it should indeed be this "phenomenon" that causes the hips to look too wide then it will be rather hard to do a correction with sole scratchwork - at least for me and my meager abilities. Sanding off too broad hips and flatten them is one thing, correcting a too steep angle ..... oooouuuuch .. I sure hope it is just the optics and the image. I just have to see once the damn bird is on the table.
  5. Of course not. I only rather briefly examined the Tamiyas by now but I already discovered at least two panel lines on the belly, i.e in the tunnel between the nacelles that are misplaced and the edge of the spacers between the upper intake lips and the forward fuselage are a tad too much tilted towards the fuselage, however both issueas are just a matter of sanding and in case of the panel lines rescribing. I bet there's more to be found if one just stares long enough at it. However, whatever flaw there is, it certainly is not very prominent. It's just the general shape of the Tamiya kit that is at least in my eyes closer to the original than what I have seen so far of AMK. But as I wrote, who am I to make a judgement being valid for someone else but me and myself hihihi. AMK will certainly be a very nice kit I think given the rather low price tag nowadays (who would have ever thought 10 years ago that 40-50 bugs for a 1/48 kit is low?!!! pheeeeewww oh the times) but I for one am preparing for some proper reshape work ahead of me. I for one have made my mind up already. I'll get the two I can get for rather "cheap" money and that will be it for me.
  6. Try to sort that phrase to the right object: "He's dead Jim." 😬 So what do I get as today's prize? is it an AMK F-14D huh? huh?? huuuuhhh???😁 (If so, just keep it hihihihi)
  7. Where's the darned like button when you need it. Exactly THAT! Every word!
  8. Nope, you definitely don't have to look close. The difference is more than obvious. Awesome job as always and much needed. Will order right away. Cheers for that!
  9. That in fact would actually be rather clever now (considering the circumstance of attracting the casual "Joe common" modeller) .... me thinks?!🤔
  10. Those bulges are there on the original however. They are just a tad overpronounced on the kit; is all. In fact you can even make them out on the ref pic above your post. If you look closely at the port side (lower side) where the light hit's the jet you can make the stronger pivot section out. Some sanding and rescribing should solve that issue quite easily. The spine obviously does have a dent, that the original doesn't have but to each his own whether that is something to be bugged about or not. I for one would work that out with some proper amount of putty and sanding. In my eyes much more """pressing""" was the end where the spine merges with the rear fuselage. It seemed from the pics available before that it was way too round and long. However, on Manuel's pic of the uppper fuselage halve it looks much less pronounced that on the pics posted before. There are older and less detailed kits out there that caught the shape better in my eyes but all in all the flaws in shape appear to be easily manageable contrary to other kits which is a good thing. Still not a kit I'd shell 40+ bugs out for but half the price it would definitely be a go for me. Thanks for posting the pics Manuel!
  11. You just couldn't let it rest could you?! And you had to drop in those neat little personal attacks that are going to turn this thread into yet another popcorn-personal aggression issues-thread that will go on about anything but the kit in question, right?! Great attitude! I thought, that modellers give their impressions according to what's available before anyone shells out hard earned dough were one of the actual meanings of such threads, especially since kits become ever more expensive. Or is that one of these "oh gee there's something new, shut up and take my money!"-threads? Yes, sometimes those conclusions based on what's available are not just happy happy joy joy. If you can't stand that, just skip the thread after the first announcement and go buy whatever you want for whatever amount you feel and just be happy with it. And heck, I wasn't even the first / only one that recognized the apparent flaws. YOU are the one in this thread who already shelled out his bugs for the kit. If you wanted to do something remotely constructive against all the terrible negativity you would have already taken some shots of the sprues in question, looked up some refs of the original and would have given some of your desired substance to the opposite to all the oh so bad comments instead of riding on a person's relativized posts (oposite to the behaviour of others!) just because it got in your face and become unprofessional where it just doesn't belong. There's just no reason to get that personal. I don't know you, you don't know me and for all that's worth you couldn't care less about my so called negativity as much as I couldn't give a bigger *** about your self-proclaimed ignorance. You do whatever you want but don't drag it down to a personal level. There's just no need. It's a feckin' kit in girl's scale and nothing more. Just be happy with what you bought and leave it be.
  12. My goodnes relax, will you. You don't need to get cocky and patronising because people have a different view than yours. My assessment stands as it is and at least I am still relativising enough to use a word such as "seem" contrary to others. You just be happy with your purchase.
  13. Hrrrrrpppffffmmmmm ..... 😟 it is what it is. Maybe some time in the future the kit will be obsolete (for the then "Tomcat to end all Tomcats"😬 ) and will be available for 20 bugs. Then I'll definitely go for it.
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