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  1. Oh there some good ones on that list!
  2. Johnny B Goode Dark Side of the Moon... the whole thing. Respect Walk this way Superstition Wild Thing I'd add something by Led Zep but all they did was rip off other people's music. Wait! Wait! Sweet Home Alabama too!
  3. Glad I found this thread. You have amazing skills and your in progress photos are fantastic. Keep up the good work!
  4. Here's a few shots of my Hawk. Surely not a contest queen but will look nice on my shelf. Nice, fun kit and especially after my total disaster with Revell's 1/32 Spitfire. I did the belts with lead from a wine bottle and made the buckles from an old guitar string that I later painted in Tamiya transparent blue. I screwed up with the under wing decals though. I didn't think to place them before gluing in the winglets, so it's pretty much a no go now.
  5. Guitars. I have a small but very nice collection of electrics and one acoustic. Love the blues but mostly just make a lot of noise that irritates my wife to no end. I'm not very good at it.
  6. In another life, when I only built cars, I won many contests, in other placed second or third and some, I came home empty handed. While competing was challenging and brings on the pressure, it definitely helped me hone my skills but did take away a lot of the hobby's fun for me. So much fun was taken away that one day I just said "forget it"... well I didn't say exactly that but I think this is a family friendly forum... I packed everything up and sold it all. Everything; kits, paints, tools, finished models and left it all behind. That combined with relocating to another country, I didn't even think about modeling again for over five years. I knew who my competitors would be and almost always knew what they would be competing with. I knew the judges and who their favorite modelers were. No blatant cheating going on mind you, just modelers who always seemed to get the benefit of the doubt. Always the same judges, always the same modelers... it all just started to get old. No judging comments, no explanations for hobby newbies unless the modelers ourselves helped them out. The judges were a small tight knit clique that could not be questioned... unless you ever wanted to win anything again. It was 1000x worse in the more "serious" military categories. Those guys are still going at it today, with some very bad attitudes and animosity building through the years. Sadly, there are some very fine and talented modelers that put up with all this just for the love of the hobby. I eventually came back to the hobby. This time around, I build anything that grabs my attention, although I lean heavily into aircraft and armor now. I love it. I'm learning all the new techniques and enjoying the hobby more than ever before. I occasionally go to contests to appreciate other modelers work and do some serious kit shopping. Next year, I will compete for one last time. I'd like to win or place in three categories that I've never entered in before... armor, aircraft and military diorama. No pressure this time. Why? Well, those other modelersrs never took us "car guys" very seriously, so I guess I just want to show off a bit ;) but definitely won't let competing ever get in the way of my hobby again.
  7. Too many in The Fifth Element to only choose one!
  8. You're driving moderately in a right hand lane. Guy passes you fast on the left, swerves into your lane and hits the brakes hard so he can make a right hand turn. You look in the rear view, only to find the road empty. Guess he just couldn't wait the extra 0.08 seconds to make that turn. Here's another... Pull up to a stop sign. Look to my left and see a car coming a little way off so I wait... and wait... and wait. Car reaches corner and abruptly turns right. Driver is absolutely clueless to what the little stalk on the left of his steering wheel does. Hope they learn how to use their turn signals some day. I shouldn't really complain though. Driving gets a lot weirder than that around here.
  9. Agree with Novus#2. All polishes contain a solvent, Novus happens to use water as its solvent. It works best if you sand the finish first. First with a 2000 grit, followed up by 4000 and finished with Novus #2. That should be more than enough for Alclad.
  10. Agree. Lacquer thinner cleaning works well for me too. Since I always wanted my mats in pristine shape, I went through a lot of them and though they make a great cutting surface, I didn't like to build on them. Cleaning paint off always erased the printed grid and super glue always ruined them. Now, I've sanded off most of the glue residue on the couple of pads I use and cleaning with thinner has mostly kept them smooth. I only use small ones now that I keep on my desk and only use them for cutting. I use a big sheet of thick glass to build on and it's very easy to scrape any paint or glue residue right off. I slip the box art from any model I'm building under the glass so that's a cool inspiration as well.
  11. In because inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Thanks for the links guys. Those Ikea units are inexpensive and look nice but they don't have stores here in Mexico. Once I find a design I like, I'll have it made locally. There's a small town about 15 from where I live that specializes in wood furniture... the whole town! I've had a lot of beautiful furniture made there. I'm also looking for a design that is dust proof. Thanks!
  13. Guys, I model anything that gets to my desk. 1/24 cars, 1/48 and 1/32 planes, plus some armor as well. I have finished models all over the place but don't have enough space for a huge display case. There's this one wall that's five foot wide I could use and could probably go as far as a 14 inch depth. Any advice, ideas or photos you could share? Thxs!
  14. Wish I could help you more but this is all I could find. It's a diecast in 1/43 but it looks pretty sharp. Maybe you could paint and detail it like yours? http://www.shiremodels.com.au/products/Mazda-MPV-%252d-Metal-Green-1%7B47%7D43.html
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