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    Anything Canadian, Helicopters and British and Commonwealth WWII, all in 1/72
    , prefer Canadian for any overlaps :0)
  1. I believe the Belcher kit was designed for the Fujimi as that was the best Sea King in 1/72 for years but you should be able to use it on a Cyber kit. There was a two issue IPMS Canada RT article on Canadian Sea Kings that showed all the minor changes to make on the Fujimi kit (windows to open or close off various intakes and vents and which fuel tank accesses to fill and leave open and such that would be good to get a copy of if you can.There are also good interior shots in the article but might be somewhat dated now.They seem to be posting old RTs on the IPMS Canada site now but it is volunteer work and I don't know if these issues are there yet. I don't have that particular Cyber kit but have the two British machines they made and all of their kits are missing the fairing you mention (bad on their part) , but they aren't that bad but some people find the nose shape wrong. Also the port fuselage strake you mention is a more recent addition on British Sea Kings and now Canadian machines but it wasn't always there so check your references as I don't believe it was there on Canadian machines circa 1991. The new Airfix kit released in Rescue markings (with paints unfortunately) appears to be the best starting point now but may require parts from others kits ( I believe it has both five and six blade tail rotors but can't recall for sure right now) and good research but seems to be the nicest Sea King in 1/72 and has the potential to be released in other versions but you can certainly use the Cyber kit. Cheers Bruce
  2. I don't buy anything from US if I can avoid due to expensive international postage (probably better if you live there) but I have bought Begemot from Hannants who are totally reliable. They don't have this sheet yet but get them fairly soon after release so you could watch there if no one in States carries these...
  3. Just linked in using the Odds and Ends links here with no problem....
  4. I'm presently using the same kit to build this one: http://www.fau.mil.uy/old/bell212.html It was the best pic of the tank I could find and just scratch built a box to fit and left out the seat and took off the small ledge that the seat sits on and filled the floor hole....HTH Cheers Bruce P.S.Another shot here: http://picssr.com/tags/fuerzaaƩreauruguaya
  5. Whatever this is about it is pretty clear that no one has actually talked to a lawyer as they are taught the difference between Slander (oral defamation ie talking aloud to someone) and Libel (written or published in some method defamation) in law school........
  6. Now now Steve, just because your wife is in the Philippines we should still have none of that......
  7. At that price he better hand deliver in person......
  8. For those that want to do a Canadian F in 1/48 I would push for a 1/48 MH-47G kit instead as it would be more likely to be made (as more popular I believe) and would be pretty easy to convert to a Canadian F. Of course us 1/72 guys can already do that with the MH-47G from Italeri/Revell......
  9. Steve...Looks good so far...Noticed that you used to have all the links that the top of the home page has at the top of each page like the "Odds and ends " page and so on but only on home page now. Would like to see those back too but have a good trip to the Philippines first and then worry about the site.... Cheers Bruce
  10. The decal as posted has a second small sheet with another set of numbers..If your's is missing this sheet you should complain to the manufacturer..
  11. Can't tell you anything about the kit but it is out: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ZVE7019
  12. While the 1/72 Airfix kit, this article should help: http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/features/tigermoth72md_1.htm You may also want to Order these: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KORD48114 HTH Cheers Bruce
  13. Not working at all now Steve....Was initially giving a Google "Memory" of Tuesday's update without pictures and would not link to articles and now just loads up to Friday April 7th from "memory" so something needs work/adjusting...... Cheers Bruce
  14. I'll give this a go. My problem would be to actually choose a kit from the 150+ that I have that would fit this. Should I do my Burgess-Dunne vacuform, the first military aircraft that Canada bought or something more current? Maybe I'll have to do a poll closer to the date....... P.S. Americans also flew Norsemans and CCF built Texans plus good old Beavers and Caribous plus some Canadian built Sabres flew with USAF markings in Korea and we've certainly had a number of U.S. exchange pilots flying with Canadian squadrons so lots of choice here....
  15. I would be happy with what is on the 1/48 sheet but I understand that moving to 1/72 would leave wasted space on the usual sized decal sheet so all I can say is I hope you get this done soon as I want to do this kit and don't really care for the markings in the Olimp conversion so please run these as soon as you can thanks.....