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    More 1/72 kits with Canadian Markings than I'll ever finish
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    Anything Canadian, Helicopters and British and Commonwealth WWII, all in 1/72
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    Spitfire IX cowlings

    It was done in 1/72 by AZ Models: http://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/spitfire-mk-ix-early-converted/ and a conversion by Freightdog: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-aircraft-conversions/1-72-scale/freightdog-models/freightdog-1-72-spitfire-ix-conversion-early-rr-converted.html but not aware of 1/48. These were actually Mk VCs converted to IXs by Rolls Royce by installing Mk IX engines and reworking the engine panels (side panels were extended too).....

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Next time I'm in Philadelphia I'll make sure NOT to think of you................

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Is he saying that the Moai go both ways 😲

    1/72 Agusta A-109BA conversion set

    I was actually asking if the kit included any decals like some of his kits do.....By the way, your link doesn't work but i found them on the Daco site....

    1/72 Agusta A-109BA conversion set

    Any decals?

    Local Hobby Shop business for sale!

    I get it.....you don't want to give up your present Manuel role...🤣

    Local Hobby Shop business for sale!

    Great shop...Always stop in whenever I visit Victoria so hope that someone keeps it going.......maybe a future part of the ARC corporate group with Alvis as manager😉

    Revell 1/32 P-51D Late Version delayed/cancelled?

    I'm well aware if the Hobbico fiasco but have seen no indication that Revell Germany has been effected in any way other than ensuring a German investment of funds to continue their work (and some work on US distribution). They announced their schedule for 2018 and seem to be sticking to it and the late version was not on the 2018 list. Based on prior production of other aircraft variants (Spitfires, FW190s etc.) the next variant would not appear until their 2019 releases at the earliest. Therefore your question struck me as premature at the least and sorta like "i want it now, where is it?" but if that is not the case then sorry. However I wouldn't expect any news in this regard until at least next year's new releases..........

    Revell 1/32 P-51D Late Version delayed/cancelled?

    Since the original kit is still selling about as fast as they can get them to the stores, why would Revell rush to put out the next version? At the very least they will produce a late variant when they planned to do same but they aren't going to rush it out just cause you want one.......

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Review/Preview

    Having been on this site since three Steves were involved, having personally met Mr. Bamford several times and had a number of PM conversations with him I of course KNOW nothing about him and so will bow to your vast knowledge...........

    Modern Italian helo decals?

    While everyone loves Hueys I would hardly call them "Modern".....Esci included Italian markings in their mid 70's releases.......

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Review/Preview

    The simple fact that you even use such a trite and ignorant phrase indicates to me that your opinion is one that I simply needn't pay attention to.... There are certain sites online where people try to make a living while providing information and discussion forms for people to learn and discuss their modelling in a serious manner and ARC is just one of those sites but I'm sure that Steve just loves the idea that you call his site amateur. On the other hand there are sites such as YouTube where any buffoon with a video recorder can post something with no control or editing other than general rules as to sex and violence. As I understand it many post stuff there as only click bait to get people to look at their stuff only for the purpose of making money, not to be helpful or useful in any way. Yes there are very useful items on YouTube but there is also a great deal of trash and I view the above mentioned review as not much better than totally useless. There are great in box reviews of new kits online but posting something on such an old kit in such a poorly done manner helps nobody. The initial post was done just to get people to click on his video and reminded me of a fellow that used to post here just to get people to click on his website which was full of pictures he'd copied from elsewhere on the web. He would use such lines as "never before seen pictures of" and try to get you onto his site.The moderators here banned him many times as he kept creating new identities just to try to suck people onto his site. I admit the video here at least was his own work and took some effort but really wasn't much better than that banned guy. I don't hate this guy in any way but have no use for what he has done.......

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Review/Preview

    I would think it would be a lot more effective to just post somewhere like here: "Who makes the best 1/48 Flying Dingbat kit?" and then maybe do further research on the answers than wander the internet viewing amatuer video kit reviews.....

    Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Looks amazing but I would try to do some work on the driver's instrument panel but don't ask me for references........
  15. This company tends to use already existing molds with added parts to detail or convert so I suspect that the 1/72 kits have roots in the Airfix Scout and the 1/48 Wasp in the Fujimi but the 1/35 Scout I can't place......