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  1. You thought I was serious ? That's a nice looking rooster eh!
  2. You clearly didn't read the Top Gun 2 scenario posted above where he is flying for a Chinese toy company carrying loads of gag fake dog sh*t out of Hong Kong......
  3. I suppose I meant more as a synonym for another word for "stick with a needle"......begins with "pr" and ends with "ick"
  4. Since it is a Chinese company wouldn't it be some sort of old soviet transport, say an AN-22 since the Nato name for it is more in the nature of Tom Cruise......
  5. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    Calgary used to be blessed with quite a few shops but with the passing of "Uncle" Rick and several closings, the Edmonton boys have given you the best two. I haven't been to Chinook in several years but was certainly not impressed that last time, with very few kits still around but not bad for supplies. Chinook is still good for railway and figures/star wars stuff but not much kit wise. The Red Deer store is worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood. PM closed their second store so they are only at the 32 Ave. NE location but have good stock. Modelland on 26th Ave. SW are also well stocked and often have some older kits that have sold out elsewhere. Not sure when you are planning the trip but the next IPMS meeting will be on Saturday March 17th from 1-3 PM at the SAIT Airport location so drop around if here. The contest is in Edmonton this year and will return to Calgary/Nanton next year. Cheers Bruce P.S. Would have answered sooner but have been sick for a couple of days and just back on line today....
  6. Spitfire FR IX Wings

    Information I have found (Spitfire Revisited) states that all factory FR IXs made used only C wings but don't say which C wing but they were all issued to PR Squadrons just after D day to use on the continent and they mention the new cannon feeds so I would guess they are narrow bulged C wings and suspect the Late C kit would be the one. They also state they were all PRU Pink and originally had full D-day markings, later going to just undersides. However this is probably just for the ones issued to the British PRU squadron as I note some served elsewhere in standard day fighter cammo such as with 414 Squadron RCAF as shown in the Aviaeology documentation but note that those machines are all IXCs as well which bears out that they were all IXCs and are illustrated with narrow bulges so I would use the Late C kit. The planes Aviaeology illustrate with E wings are MkXIVs. Of course someone could have field modified a IXE but it looks like official production used a late C model. What scheme were you looking at and is there a photo with a serial visible? There were also 18 PRIXs (3 converted from Mk Vs) made from early MkIX production but of course these had PR wings with no armament.
  7. Coast Gard Huey?

    Since Gino's seems to not work: and: http://www.janes.com/article/70975/new-helos-for-the-coast-guard-cansec17d1
  8. 1/35 Italian Forest bird, part 3.

    I did an Italian Customs machine once in 1/72 using the Ital. kit and it has similar green pinstriping (on a yellow body). Fortunately I had several kits as there just wasn't enough striping on a single decal sheet. You also had to find a green paint for much of the body (similar to Wafu's scheme above) that matched the decals so Wafu's masking is probably easier, but maybe not in 1/72..... great model Wafu by the way.....
  9. Hind 1:48 revell

    Yes that is what I was talking about but clearly you understand the situation. Good luck with your work.....
  10. Hind 1:48 revell

    Yes it is known that the tail is short, I mean't directionally as to the fuselage.
  11. Hind 1:48 revell

    You might want to purchase the Zvesda/Revell 1/72 kit as reference material. Personally I would just build it than mess with the Monogram/Revell but if you have to do it in 1/48 I guess it is the only starting point.... By the way, is the tail really off or is it the fact that the body is wrong (not twisted) such that lining the body up with drawings puts the tail off? Picture showing "twist":
  12. 1/48 ICM MiG-25PD and RBF coming in 2018!

    Actually on page 14...Meanwhile I've dreamed of a 1/16 scale Husky (page 38) (Although all the RCMP dogs I've seen are German Shepherds but I confess I haven't checked up north)
  13. Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter help needed

    Or you could wait for the new Airfix release due in October of this year
  14. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    Just wanted to be sure you got the right rotor blades but now I realize you were the one that gave me blade info in another thread here so I'm pretty sure you've got it handled now. I'm working on the 1/72 Academy British issue right now (It has a separate sprue of unique British stuff) and was surprised as to the sensor fitting differences for the British machines. Since there is very little change in markings between British machines, they actually fill up the decal sheet with serial numbers for every single machine the British have. Post a pic when you finish....
  15. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    Don't work in 1/48 (have the late D kit by Academy in 1/72) but from what I understand the E also has new rotor blades (different tips) which the Hasegawa includes in their E boxing but do they still include the old blades in the kit? If the old blades are there you're okay but if not you would still need old style D blades. By the way I believe you could do what you want right out of the box with the new Academy late D Block II kit in 1/72 and it would be smaller for a neat presentation for someone. It is a fantastic kit: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AC12551 (Not an endorsement for this retailer necessarily, just knew they had a good photo of the box you want. They also do an early D with the regular exhausts and a British boxing so get the right kit)