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  1. Hello thought I would introduce myself, retired CF member but still working for DND. I see you do alot of CF models. I might pick your brain on a project I have been inspired to start. I work at the Ammunition Depot that supports the Pacific fleet when the Seaking was mothballed they dropped one off in the training area. I spent hours climing on it taking photos. I have the decals and an upgrade set for the radar hub on the tail. Reproducing the interior is going to be a challenge especially the sonar operators station looks like a scratch build. I woukd be interested in your thoughts on the kit itself. I am thinking of the Hasagawa 1/48 SH-3H might be the best choice?










  2. Bruce Mackie has passed away.  His Obituary is here:




    RIP Bruce

  3. The original Fujimi is still a decent kit especially for its flexibility but nothing touches the new Airfix, the only downside being that the Airfix is clearly a Westland built machine and not a Sikorsky one.
  4. Is this the one that was at IPMS Calgary Western Regionals on June 6th? If so even better in person. Great job. There was also a great 1/72 version of the same plane with the only fault being that builder relied on a set of decals printed in the US and the decal maker used the wrong Maple Leafs in the roundels. Two CL52s at one contest was interesting for sure.
  5. Since someone raised the topic from the dead, I thought I could point out that Air-Graphics in England make a 1/72 set now if anyone needs some: https://air-graphics.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products%2Fac-153-beechcraft-refuelling-pods-for-cc-137&page=7 Don't have them so can't comment but his stuff that I do have is nice... Cheers Bruce
  6. They should contact the older fellow in Calgary that is trying to sell his beautiful scale Banff Springs Hotel to clear out his garage(recent TV spot on news). It looks to be about the same scale and looks amazing......
  7. Just checked the Leading Edge site and the new Norad 60th Anniversary (72 and 48) sheets are now available for preorder with shipping on the 26th of June: http://lemdecal.com/
  8. Mine came in the Proteus kit but don't recall if they sold separately but it wouldn't hurt to ask them if they have any. Most markings could come off generic Canadian sheets (numbers, lightning cheat lines, roundels) but they are getting hard to find too......
  9. Why would you ever scribe lines on a Aurora? Look at the real aircraft and you will see that all the panel lines are filled (corrosion protection) so scribing would just be wrong even though I've seen guys "brag" about doing so. Leave the kit the way it is........They also wash down the aircraft after each flight through a shower at the end of the runway so don't do it too dirty either....
  10. Not from the basic kit being designed here. You will need to wait for someone to do a modernized conversion as they did in 1/72 or be prepared to do a lot of work yourself.
  11. Also see my reply in the Caracal post as to the coming Air-Graphics sheet as to a Desert Storm scheme.....
  12. Don't know if you have seen this but this new sheet in development looks like it has a Canadian Desert Storm machine coming: https://www.72news.eu/2019/03/air-graphics-desert-storm-decals-sheet.html and he is well along so no need for Kursad to look at that scheme, but others would surely be appreciated......
  13. Check out here: https://www.ebay.ca/str/aviaeology They have done others over the years that aren't in production right now but may be found at decal retailers such as Hannants, Flight Dec etc......
  14. Why would you want that sheet when the idiot used the wrong (modern) Maple Leafs in the roundels. Clearly poor research........,
  15. Okay...Heller won't help with that but why not ask for the decals too P.S. the Heller kit would give you the clear roof base to put that on and the missiles but that's all
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