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    Anything Canadian, Helicopters and British and Commonwealth WWII, all in 1/72
    , prefer Canadian for any overlaps :0)

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  1. The same guy does them in 1/72 too. I just picked up a set for a Canadian D in Afghanistan and they look pretty good though pretty small, especially for the 6 inch square box they came in........
  2. 1/48 Revell HH-53C Jolly Green Giant

    Try to polish up some of those sanding marks with finer grades of sandpaper and sanding sticks as you can easily bring it back to the same smooth finish as the plastic. Probably not quite as important on the heli finish but those marks will look horrible under a natural metal finish if you ever have to do one...looks good otherwise
  3. Canadian Air Force CC-142 (dash 8) questions

    If you can find someone with access to the Leading Edge Decals (mine are packed away right now) try to get them to copy the instructions for you as it has some info on improving the kit. I recall taking off the ridge each side of the fin fillet (look at kit and you will see it) and reshaping the nacelles a bit as being some suggestions.....I was planning on doing one of mine in the three colour cammo and the "gonzo" in the dark blue scheme with the Leading Edge conversion....Sean is right on as to the overall grey colour (26173)...
  4. Things to know about college

    At least read it over once before you hit send. Most people don't even seem to do that........
  5. Contact to Mach2?

    If you go to their website and go to the French version, there is a contact button to e-mail them but no mention of that kit anywhere on the site that I can see....
  6. 1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen, Swedish Air Force, 1993

    That is a very impressive build! An eye-catching display.............
  7. Things to know about college

    A "new member" has pulled up old posts that mention "college" to plug some site. I have reported his posts.... P.S. Looks like they are gone now.....
  8. 1/35 or 1/32 Helicopters

    I would ask this again in the actual Helicopter Forum below as there are a number of 1/35/32 builders there and it kinda depends as to what you want to build as to who makes the best kit.
  9. Wafu....The 1/35 Intake Barriers (Cobra Company) are in production by Mike West at Lone Star Models right now and he has all the Cobra Masters so you could inquire there as to when he could run the upturned exhausts for you as he is working on casting the whole line and your request might influence when they are done .... P.S. Treat this as an aside to Wafu and not a distraction from ScaleWorx's nice work so far (that 1/72 109 interests me).....
  10. Start the speculation....

    AMK (aka Avant Garde Model Kits) is a relatively new China based model company that have done a few kits in 1/72 and more in 1/48 and the kits have been well received when they get out but the 1/48 F-14D has been coming for almost 3 years and they are just posting test shots of the plastic now with no announced release date. All that was said was the above quoted line at the end of a post as to the F-14 kit on the jet forum here. That thread has been running for almost three years so I don't suggest reading it all (over 80 pages) but it has quite a history and some controversy. No mention was made as to scale or anything but what they finally produce are viewed as quite good plastic model kits so that is why it is just speculation at this point.......
  11. In the AMK F-14 thread in Jets, Sio from AMK just posted the following in a recent post: "Mi-17 will be coming out right after Tomcat from our factory." Have fun.........
  12. Are Aztec airbrushes no longer popular?

    Spencer Pollard used an Iwata when he did demos at your Edmonton contest about 6 years ago......
  13. Our moderator missing?

    Any significance to his content count being "666" at the time of his last visit in February? I'm joking of course as I certainly hope all is well and it is just computer problems or something mundane.....
  14. Need 1/32 F-14A Decals/Stencils

    I want to be adopted by Bill Gates..... or win big in the lottery.... We all have our dreams Check back next year..............
  15. https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/dhp-twin-over-full-metal-bunk-bed-black/1255175536645?cmpid=sem_pla_google_en_none_1255175536645_100222109633256_530&cmpid=sem_pla_google_en_none_868544314_44651437635_None&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzIzWBRDnARIsAAkc8hEu66HbX1xv8Sq_pjIJF5ooZXP3xWYFeKQf24nzEL-4zH-TKV7Sil8aAkFjEALw_wcB Bottom for you/top for Zeppelin ?