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  1. Check your references elsewhere too as I have certainly found errors in their stuff on subjects I happen to know without checking anything else.......
  2. Not on runway but good example of low and slow ejection after engine failure:
  3. Attn: Matt Foley Noticed Hannants now has the sheet: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BT4837
  4. The 4th grey tag at the top of the page does say "What If" in case no one noticed, but it does look good.........
  5. Looks like a 1/72 Fujimi to me as the Airfix/MPC had better detail especially on the rotor....
  6. I expected that you knew the difference. My point was that there aren't any quality C kits and not much demand for C markings but a good D/H sheet has a new market. However if it is just a few things that will use the common markings of a mostly D/H sheet then that is different, sorta like the bonus markings they put on some old Esci sheets. My point was to suggest concentrating on the new kit to catch on the excitement of that. The kit itself has a pretty large sheet compared to the usual kit sheet of one or two schemes so you need something pretty different I think.
  7. Good start but before you get too far, while the instrument console between the seats is black, the instrument panel itself is the same grey as interior with black instruments and some white and red switches but the coaming over the panel is flat black not grey like you have (although you may not have painted same yet of course). There are shots of the instrument panel in the Helicopter section here in a thread on Huey interior colours. All the kits get this wrong, even printing all black instrument panel decals so I'm sure you are following the kit but I thought I'd let you know. HTH Bruce P.S. Not sure which scheme you have picked (Navy?) but the day-glo orange/red (FS38903) is not well depicted on the MAX instructions (I have the 1/72 ones). It is available in Humbrol (209) or Vallejo (70.733 (207)) and is a shocking colour that will require a good white primer undercoat to be of any use....
  8. The KH kit is a D or an H depending on parts but in no way is a C. While there are sorta C kits made, none are really correct and everyone is waiting for the new D/H kit so I wouldn't bother with any C markings right now as they certainly would not apply to the new kit. Look at D and H markings.....
  9. Attack Squadron made a 1/72 K-max (a really nice resin kit that I have) but it is presently listed as sold out on Arma Hobbies site. There is no mention of any plans to do a 1/48 one on Arma (the home retailer) nor Attack Squadron's sites, though someone did request one in a comment section on the Attack site.
  10. Have you tried here?http://www.canuckmodels.com/ Site says he was selling at Torcan today so still selling even if no new stuff.....
  11. Thanks for looking into it further Patrick...look forward to news
  12. They will basically have to do a new fuselage or at least replacement upper fuselage as the Canadian were two seat cockpits but I was wondering if they have plans. Of course I have a Williams Gamma kit and the Esoteric vac conversion if they don't.....
  13. We can only hope..........
  14. Funniest part was some guy at a contest arguing that he had used the wrong shade of grey for the overall grey paint scheme with low viz CDN markings.......
  15. Looks interesting....For future consideration a guy in our club in 1/72 grafted a F-15 cockpit and canopy onto an Arrow and added canards. Called it a CF 105EH...