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  1. Xtracolor

    The problem is that the British Post Office will not allow enamel paint to be shipped by air. Hannants note on their site that they can ship by road to almost anywhere in Europe except like the Greek islands (air shipment) but not by air so not to North America unless someone arranges a large order by sea or something. It is a post office/air shipment thing. I note that if I log in on the site I can't even order enamels but I can order the acrylics so maybe that would be an alternative....
  2. Model Collect B-2

    Stuff from China often disappears into Canada Customs for a week or more and then eventually get released to the post office and then can be tracked again. This happened on my last order from China where tracked until sent to Canada then dropped from view while in customs and then delivered to my house two days after it was finally released to Canada Post in Vancouver. Customs will be the delay factor..... Cheers Bruce P.S. Unless there is something else in the package
  3. Hasegawa CL-13B Sabre - RAF Sabre 4

    I thought Tony might chime in here. I went through this when Airfix announced an RAF Mk 4 in 1/72 as I was hoping for a new 1/72 Mk4 or early wing kit but what they released was a Mk 4 with the upgraded hard edged fenced Mk 5 wing. Don't get me wrong as it is a very nice kit but I was hoping for the early wing. Oh well you can't always get what you want......Enjoy your build as only you know what makes you happy..... Cheers Bruce
  4. Hasegawa CL-13B Sabre - RAF Sabre 4

    The original wings were Mk 4 wings (slatted but not 6-3 wings) and then they were retrofitted with hard edge 6-3 wings (Mk 5 wings with the fence) I don't believe any had slatted 6-3 wings (ie Mk 6 wings) . You can tell them apart in photos by looking at the gun access door, if the wing extends onto the door then Mk 5 6-3 wing (the fence also gives this away) but if not extending onto door, then original Mk 4 wing and not a 6-3 wing......just saying.....
  5. DH Sea Hornet TT193 in RCAF service

    I've not found any evidence that it was actually ever on the RCAF register and it was sold by the British (who indeed did not want to pay to ship it back) to Spartan who also bought other British aircraft for photo recon work. The Mosquito being restored here (at Nanton) is owned by the City of Calgary but was a PR35 (along with 7 B35s) sold to Spartan by the British. While the Mosquitos were quite successful for photo recon, the Sea Hornet was not and was abandoned in Terrace B.C, after an engine failure. The remains were actually stored on a farm north of Calgary until sold and shipped to New Zealand for restoration. All that was really left were engine nacelles, a center fuselage section and some wing panels. It certainly never had a Canadian serial being always "ROYAL NAVY TT193" until sold. I'm glad you found a photo showing the red panels as I wasn't about to try to explain where exactly they were. The pictures in Milberry are quite clear if you can get a look at them. Out of curiosity where is "Downtown Haley Station" as I can't say I've heard of it though I was born and lived in Toronto (Scarborough) and still have relatives there but haven't been back since 1988. Cheers Bruce
  6. DH Sea Hornet TT193 in RCAF service

    The Aircraft flew at the WEE (Winter Experimental Establishment) in 1948 for testing and would have been used by RCAF personal as well as British but I believe it only ever flew in Royal Navy markings and was never actually on RCAF listings. It was then sold to Spartan (by the British) as CF-GUO and used for high altitude photo recon. There are pictures of the aircraft on page 228 of Larry Milberry's "Sixty Years" and a colour side profile on page 73 of the same book. The profile shows standard post war RN markings with a red /white(thin strip)/blue tail band. The profile shows overall aluminum/natural metal with red high viz panels on wing and fixed tail surfaces and red spinners. Knowing the composite construction I would believe overall aluminum paint, like the Vampires, most likely. The photos, while black and white, would appear to confirm this. The serial (TT193) was also under the wings in large black lettering with top of the lettering forward on starboard wing and to the rear on the port. You can clearly read "ROYAL NAVY" above the serial on the side of the fuselage. The profile shows a camera port on lower port fuselage forward of the roundel but that part of fuselage is not visible (behind rear of engine nacelle) in the photo showing the port side from the front. The Milberry book should be available in a library or new from CANAV Books , Milberry's publisher. HTH Cheers Bruce P.S. Photos show A-frame tail hook fitted and the high viz red is a lighter/different shade than the red in the roundel center.
  7. 401 Squadron Hurricane YO-H code font

    Colin....I am assuming you are working in 1/48 and if so this sheet should work: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48022 Cheers Bruce P.S. They were still technically Number 1 Squadron RCAF at time "H" was credited with first kill. They didn't become 401 until March 1,1941 while the kill was on August 26, 1940. The plane serial was P3873 but I haven't found a generic serial sheet of decals. I haven't found a pic that early (BoB) but there is a Mark I photo (YO-D) in spring of 1941 in Kostenuk and Griffin's RCAF Squadrons and Aircraft under the 401 WWII entry that appears to be before the 1941 change to Sky codes and so representative of the BoB scheme but that is just a guess. P.P.S. You could do the serial from this sheet: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AOD48C04
  8. CT-142 Dash 8 Gonzo

    For info purposes, you can't just graft an F-104 nose radome on the C47, there is an adaptor section piece between the two....(I know because I provided an old 1/72 Hasegawa 104 nose radome to Dave Koss but he had to scratch build the section between before he cast the noses for his Pinocchio set. The front of the piece is the radome diameter while the rear is the diameter of the nose of the C47 when the front nose hatch is removed and the angle is different than that of the radome)
  9. Cobra Company 1/35th Mi-24 Hind Cockpit?

    If nothing else comes up, talk to Mike at Lone Star Models as he bought all the Cobra Co. masters and intends to eventually re-release them so maybe you can talk him into doing this one.....
  10. Airfix Mustang

    It's still a scale representation thing. I note present kit trends (not just Airfix) of differences like little or no rivets in 1/72, indented rivets in many 1/48 kits and then raised rivets in 1/32 kits. I remember when many people used to strip off the raised rivets on old Airfix kits before they built them too. Nothing to stop you putting some on if you want them personally but I'm happy with their new 1/72 kits. As to the Mustang I suppose many might fill most of the rivets on the wings for WWII vintage machines but the kit is set up for several variants and for example the wings wouldn't be filled on Korean war machines (holes for rocket stubs) as I understand. I personally would prefer to fill rather than rivet but to each their own and most probably don't care.
  11. Airfix Mustang

    It's a scale thing...you might see some large rivets (or more likely fasteners) in 1/48 but not in 1/72 that you are referring to. By the way the new B-25 hasn't been released yet so you can't have seen it to make such a comment. The B-17 is a beautiful kit and I am working on the RAF Fortress III release right now. The fit is amazing...
  12. Hannants

    Got the wrong kit from them once (same number but different letter prefix) and also found them rather slow to answer e-mail but once they did we worked it out, me returning wrong kit and they sending right one. Took a bit of time but most of that was no doubt postage time between there and Canada.If I recall correctly they gave me a $10.00 credit towards next purchase to repay my cost of mailing back.... Cheers Bruce
  13. CC-108 Caribou.

    Are you actually using that tube of glue or is it just for sniffin purposes......
  14. Forums are working again.

    Thanks for looking into this Steve!!! Cheers Bruce
  15. Airfix Fairey Firefly

    Personally I hope that your IPMS sheet is just fine but that could be because I have two of them also. For what it is worth, they were fine when I last used them on a Hobbycraft Banshee (kit decals sucked) but that was a number of years ago. Hope Mike comes through for you. He's certainly delivered for me in the past....