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  1. The voodoo that I do

    Canadian Voodoos had the Falcons from the start but there was some controversy about having the Genie (nuclear) weapon in Canada and they were not available under the Conservative government that bought the planes. It was only in 1965 after an agreement through Norad with the new Liberal government that the Genie was available but they were technically kept under ownership of the USAF and only released to us in a time of conflict so Canada could claim they didn't "own" nuclear weapons. I'm sure they were used in training and exercises and I've seen practice rounds around but it wasn't talked about and certainly not shown at an airshow for example. Generally I think you would load the Falcons and leave the Genie side blank in most cases. The Genies were withdrawn at the same time they left US service, before the Voodoos themselves left... Another interesting option is that the Canadian Voodoos often only flew with one drop tank (usually the starboard) as this was found to be a more efficient set up aerodynamically than two tanks. P.S.Tony is right as to the shape of the starboard vent and you can do some carving to make the oval a rectangle which is better but slightly small. Remember the port side is oval still like the kit one. The vent Tony is talking about is about dead center in this photo: https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=647&q=cf-101&oq=cf-101&gs_l=img.3..0l4j0i30k1j0i5i30k1j0i24k1l3j0i10i24k1.1102.2153.0.2617. This is a kit problem not just a Canadian thing, and the same mistake was made on the Revell 1/72 kit, assuming both sides were the same.
  2. The voodoo that I do

    When I was working on the Monogram 1/48 (Hawk One Canada) I took two strips of plastic and glued them into the depression in the shape of the NACA inlet and filled behind them then sanded it all smooth to the fuselage leaving a pretty good impression of the NACA inlet. It was fairly easy to do so RKic might give that a try....
  3. Looks good! Thanks for the warning as to the tail decal. I guess I was really lucky as my box included two copies of the decal sheet so I guess I have some insurance.....I've got to get into my packed kits and find the kit I said I would build.....
  4. The voodoo that I do

    I think you mean the intake on the port (left) underside and it is still there but is a NACA type intake and not the scoop provided in the kit. https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=647&q=cf-101&oq=cf-101&gs_l=img.3..0l4j0i30k1j0i5i30k1j0i24k1l3j0i10i24k1.1102.2153.0.2617. I don't have my references handy but I believe this is only in regard to our second batch of voodoos (which were from older US stock) and our first batch had the intake scoop but the lynx markings he has would be a second batch jet so your talk as to change would apply. Also if he chooses to do the black ECM aircraft (67) it does have the slime lights but it is true that you have to take them off for all other Canadian Voodoos (both batches)
  5. F-106 questions

    The Meng 1/72 kit has both instrument panels and the option for either spine so if you have access to one to look at this may help you too.... also has both types of bang seat too....
  6. Recommendations on first kit

    Aaron....I believe he is talking about the 1/72 Academy F15E as that is the scale he prefers, not 1/48th........
  7. Recommendations on first kit

    The Meng F106A is probably one of the best 1/72 kits I have ever seen but I would not necessarily start with that one and it isn't really in the areas you have mentioned....
  8. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    To make it fit for a Moai.......
  9. A Warning to Moai Vincent

  10. Didn't you forget to paint the coaming over the instrument panel black?.....Looks good otherwise.
  11. 1/72 Spitfire Vb: Danish pilot

    Looks great Andrew...Glad I could help..
  12. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Steve: .....Free legal advice.....Don't ever admit anything,,,Protect your rights and just keep your mouth shut........What you really meant to say was "How did you come to that crazy conclusion?"....Yeah that's the answer...........
  13. Beautiful work, frankly more than the old Hasegawa kit deserves but you clearly are a talented modeler.......
  14. Paging Flankerman....

    In his Su34 post below he says he will be "off air" for a few days at an airshow.......
  15. Airfix Typhoon - 5V X

    Just remember that Canadian Squadrons only trained to drop bombs, not rockets. P.S. If I recall correctly the red kill marking on the Airfix scheme is for a 262 while the other two black ones are for prop kills.....