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    Anything Canadian, Helicopters and British and Commonwealth WWII, all in 1/72
    , prefer Canadian for any overlaps :0)
  1. By saying "I bet" I was hoping to push for a reaction by putting "something" on the line (although we will never know what) so by getting a response I actually won! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.......
  2. While we often hear that " Moai Vincent has spoken" I bet he remains unspoken as to the above...........
  3. I managed to avoid some of the site down time by staying in the hospital for about a week and a half fighting an infection. It's actually worse when you can't even visit the site and see Steve's daily attempts at keeping us informed. Got home about a week before Steve got us all back together.....
  4. Steve...if you have a lawyer friend, have them send a threatening letter to Google as to what this has cost you so far and that they are still screwing you to the amount of "x" dollars per day and they might give you the attention you deserve... Bruce P.S Great to be back but looks like we lost our Membership number as I was proud to be "85"
  5. If the answer is 42 then 42 - 42 = Moai Vincent......Prove this! Show your work.....
  6. Got my Olimp 1/72 conversion the other day so now just waiting for you to release the 1/72 sheet. Any idea on the timing as I notice it wasn't in your newest announcement. Cheers Bruce
  7. I guess nobody really likes cyclists..... Our dog had an ongoing feud with a Magpie family at our old house but I can't really blame them as she took out the 3 nestlings when they were foolish enough to leave the nest for our backyard......
  8. The first two issues were done in Korea and the third in China, with the third being the best but I believe it is sold out now. Hobbycraft do not do their own molds and often have a falling out with the mold maker such that stuff disappears from their line. I don't know who holds the latest mold but it was an improvement over the others and the best available in injection molding so it would make sense to run it again if it is sold out but Hobbycraft doesn't always do things that make sense and are frankly a poorly run company that last I heard was only selling this new kit and old stock till they sold out the new kit and then no one could really get anything from them. I'm not even sure if they are still in business and know we can't get the new Arrow kit in Canada any more so good luck finding one. Hope you have luck but I hope that whoever has the mold (In China somewhere no doubt) could somehow see to re-releasing this kit..... Cheers Bruce
  9. I know how to read but apparently you can't even after two attempts. The 2016 date was not from Mofo but in a quote from another who was apparently quoting AMK's Facebook page. Now Martin has posted to say he is standing by the 2016 date (but leaves himself "wiggle room") so we will see. I'm not building anything in 1/48 so I really don't care but I do read what is actually written.... P.S. I realize I should have left this alone but we don't need people shouting nonsense here....
  10. Mofo didn't give any release date, the release date was supposedly given on your Facebook page. He just said that based on your past performance you would probably be late by 1/4 to 1/2 a year and I notice you didn't deny that or confirm the original date so it is quite odd that you are making fun of him.....
  11. Don......Sorry to be late here but didn't have access to a computer yesterday. The 1/72 pods are physically 3 and 2/16 ths of an inch long (from front tip to end of basket) and if I use my 1/72 scale ruler that works out to about 18.5 feet long in real life. The diameter (at widest) is about 3/8 ths of an inch or 2 ft 3 inches in real life using the 72nd ruler again. The mounting pylon is about 1 and 5/8 ths inches long at the tank (about 9 feet in real size and about 8 feet 3 inches where it fits on the wing due to the greater angle of slope at the front of the pylon than the rear. I guess in 1/144 the overall length would be about 1 and 9/16 ths of an inch long. HTH Cheers Bruce P.S. I notice the Leading Edge Decals are copyright 1993, so it was quite a while ago......
  12. Don Take Tom up on his offer as all the photos I took for the project (while in my basement somewhere) certainly aren't digital. I will pull out the 707 kit tomorrow afternoon... Cheers Bruce
  13. Don...When I did the master for the pods in the Leading Edge 1/72 decal set there was very little info available (almost pre-internet days) and I worked from lots of pictures from airshows and such comparing same to the 1/72 Heller 707 kit wing and trying to get the proportions right. I cut up an extra fuel tank from somewhere, scratch built the arm in the retracted position and the nose "rotor" and borrowed a retracted basket from a Fujimi A6 buddy pod. Dave Koss reworked it a bit to strengthen for making the mold and we were quite happy with what he got. I recall that only after it was done did we actually find some real info on measurements but recall that what we got was almost dead on in 1/72 scale. I've moved recently and much is still packed away but the Heller 707 kit is fairly easy to get to due to its size and I believe my copies of the tanks are in the kit box. I will pull them out and give you the measurements when I get a chance but can't help further as I can't recall were we got the actual measurements other than it was in a book or magazine, not on line. They may be on line somewhere now but I've never searched as I was happy with what was produced in 1/72. Yes they were made by Beech and I believe they were also used by the Israelis at one time too so there may be info with a search in that regard. Basically you just need to make it half as big :whistle:/>/> ...Will get back to you on this.... Cheers Bruce
  14. Can someone buy 9 at $1.00 each and then a single for another buck? Signed "A modeler looking for a deal"
  15. I was gonna suggest that people buy raffle tickets in the name of "Moai Vincent" but decided that Newark hadn't really done anything to deserve such a fate.......