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    Anything Canadian, Helicopters and British and Commonwealth WWII, all in 1/72
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    As I work in 1/72, i have the Academy kit and it is certainly very good but it is a late Block II and not an "E" like the Hasegawa. As such it would serve your purpose (a late Block II D that you sat in) but be aware that an E has different rotor blades. This is not a problem if you get a Hasegawa as I believe it includes both the original kit blades (that you would use for your D) and the new E blades but you need to be aware of this and use the right blades. Hope you can find the Hasegawa in your scale but the Academy is a great kit if you cannot.
  2. Why isn't anyone considering the real issue here. This treaty (postal union) involves 192 parties of which the US and China are only two...If the US withdraws do you get any mail from any of the other 191 members, not just China? Why would any of these other places send mail to the US if there is no deal to do so? Technically you wouldn't be able to get mail from anywhere in the world but I guess this doesn't matter to someone that apparently can't read in the first place......
  3. Hey Chuck While those great pictures you took of the museum Mk I are interesting and should serve your purpose as to regards to a Mk IX, just remember that it is certainly not original production paint as a Mk I would have been green/brown uppers when produced and during the BOB and it was obviously repainted after the topside cammo changed later in the war. However, your IX would have been produced in the Green/grey topsides so It will still work for you. As to the new Tamiya lacquer paints, Modelland in Calgary have had the full line in stock for quite a while, just so you know..... Cheers Bruce
  4. At least Fujimi tried to provide one, haven't seen it anywhere else except here: http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/172conv/bl1.htm
  5. B32 represents a chafe/flare dispenser. I know Canada used them in Gulf War but not really researched it....

    Anyone seen that evil mon-key?

    I was just trying to get Steve free beer but you Alvis, mentioned his name for the third time....☠️ May God have mercy upon your soul.......

    Airliner conversions - Canadair & Douglas

    Great ideas but too bad you have to start with a Mach 2 kit....I'll stick with my 1/72 vacuform Argus right now but will look into the Yukon.....

    1/72 Lancaster roundels

    Xtradecal do generic sheets too so you could look at sheets like X72043 and X72069 for the roundels but their red serial numbers (X72126) doesn't seem to be in stock right now. Of course you could take Riffraff up on his offer and strip the stuff you need off the one sheet rather than buy several. Google his sheet for the schemes on it and you may find you can even piece together the serial from the plane serials on the sheet. You are lucky to have the codes as "BQ" for the squadron would not be the easiest as there are not a lot of "Qs" available as I know since several Canadian squadrons use Q in their codes...Good luck...

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    It is in there somewhere but I am not going to go through 100+ pages looking for it... Look here instead: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989250-148-mil-mi-17-mi-8mt-hip-by-annetra/ Bruce P.S. As you can see from the dates, they are years behind on this one too...

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    As to the "What's next?"questions, AMK has already stated that they are working on a 1/48 Mil 8/17 kit, doing the molds for a European company that will market it......

    Origin of Entex 1/100 AD-5Q Skyraider kit?

    Can't help but that box art looks more like an "eggplane" Skyraider! (flying backwards based on the wing marking).....

    1/72 AH-1W sheet

    Same in 1/72 with Ital. kit and conversion from same company but I have them and the decals in the conversion aren't great....

    1/72 AH-1W sheet

    I too wonder?
  14. Looking good Chuck......By the way for you and Gary the contest has been confirmed for Nanton on June 8th, 2019 so spread the word.......... Bruce

    1/72 Lancaster roundels

    As Snowbird said, here is a search I did at Hannants (Xtradecal is their house brand): https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=8274&code=&product_type_id=&scale_id=956&keyword_search=lancaster&setPerPage=25&currency_id= Obviously the BII sheet won't work on the old Airfix kit but still good selection there There are some others available like Techmod and some others that are OOP but still around on second hand market.