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  1. Looking for 1/32 accessories for my tamiya tomcat. Specifically the G-factor landing gear set and a tarps pod.
  2. That set is sold under the "true details "name now. You can get them from squadron online
  3. Hello everyone I'm looking for a 1/32 Wolfpack resin tarps pod for my tamiya f-14b build. Also the G-factor gear set.
  4. Spent a lot of time around these birds in my youth. Love seeing these kits built.
  5. I have a suggestion . A canopy correction set for revell 1/32 phantoms. The shape of those canopies is just not right. This could really make a difference with this kit and provide an alternative to the expensive tamiya kit. Just a thought for your consideration.
  6. Your progress on the hog has been great . Can't wait to see what you do with a p-38.
  7. A few rf-4's were wired up for sidewinders but no sparrows were ever carried
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