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  1. Yeah I am aware of two planes - actually Arma hobby provides both numbers in their Wildcat kit. Re-Dauntless - did they use underwing bombs or just the central one? Before watching the Midway movie, I read the book called The Silver Waterfall by Kevin Miller. Albeit being historical fiction it puts you right into the thick of the action - so much better than the movie itself. In fact, it made the movie experience very bleak to me just for that reason. Enjoyed the book tenfold more.
  2. Oh that's interesting and would make a nice difference on a finished model... would love to find a photo proof of that
  3. Today marks 40th anniversary since the Exocet hit HMS Sheffield at Falklands, with damage severe enough that lead to eventual sinking of the ship. This is my little tribute to those tragic events and the lost sailors, drama I was following as kid on evening TV news. Full story, info gathered on how to build a Falklands war correct Shiny Sheff and full gallery on my blog: https://vvsmodelling.com/2022/05/04/hms-sheffield/
  4. Thanks, Ben! Do you have any photo you could share of the setup? I guess I could easily remove the shield but would really like to see how the magazine boxes looked like. As for the markings, I guess I'm just gonna be bland and choose Best's and Thach's mounts. Anyhow, I've made some good progress on the Wildcat and here she is in its current state. I've also invested a couple of hours into riveting the whole model which I think will immensely improve the overall looks later in the build.
  5. While I just finished a figure build or better said painting, I now continue with the Midway build. Rear end of the engine mount with oil tank and filters Engine mount and really nicely detailed firewall with all the chains and sprockets. A busy front end of the Wildcat full of support struts and rods... and not to mention an entire landing gear assembly is still missing in the photo.
  6. I am working on a figure as a birthday present to my good friend so the progress on my Midway builds has slowed a bit. Nevertheless I managed to finish the cockpit. And how tiny it is - 12mm from instrument panel to back wall. I have an expert set version of the kit but I decided not to use the main instrument cluster PE part as I haven't seen I'd gain anything of it. So I used unmodified IP slightly drybrushed and used supplied instrument decals which fit beautifully and instrument glass created with UV resin. I am also aware that maybe bronze green would be a better choice b
  7. Just checked the Yefim Gordon's Su-27 monography and there is a photo of the back end of 32 with 24 standing parked behind it. Both have early production stinger between the engines and on the other photo 32 has only the back ECM aerial on LERX so I'd bet 24 had the same.
  8. Flyhawk's Dauntless has got to be one of the best engineered kits I have ever built. The fit is exceptional, as are the details. Sprue attachment points are relatively narrow and located on the mating surfaces making this build fast and hassle free. Nose cowling is just dryfitted to the fuselage and the engine will be installed at the end of the build.
  9. There are some pin marks in the cockpit area but they are cleverly placed and will either get covered by interior equipment or will be hidden when the fuselage is closed. Cockpit floor also looks great and all I did was a bit of brown weathering and some scratch marks around the seats, foot rests and gunners seat/position. Unfortunately the kit doesn't come with any PE, so the seatbelts were used from a Brengun set in my stash. Very nicely detailed machine guns (just drilled the hole in the muzzles), instrument panel and rear gunners radio equipment. Glass f
  10. Hi everyone. It's been ages since I've created an in-progress thread at ARC, but I haven't done much modelling or it was something totally else than A in ARC so let me try to remedy this by this dual build. Since this year marks 80th anniversary of the important naval battle of Midway which was one of the turning points of the WW2, I've decided to jump into rather unknown territory for me, a jetboy - WW2 era props. Anyhow, the kits I'll be using are the excellent 1:72 ArmaHobby F4F-4 Wildcat and Flyhawk's first foray into aircraft kits, the SBD-3 Dauntless. After having built Flyha
  11. A quick little OOB build to regain the modelling mojo. Link to the full article: https://vvsmodelling.com/2021/11/22/tu-134ubl-crusty-b/
  12. Actually, they didn't have siginificant variations - apart from the paint fading which was not extreme. Original dark grey had blueish hue while the repainted ones had it darker with greenish hue. MrP paints that you've used are correct for repainted birds.
  13. The above mentioned paints are ok for the repainted ones that @Berkut mentioned above. From what I could see, not a lot of aircraft were repainted and it's a shame, Rene chose to release paints for this version and demo 777 instead of the original splinter option.
  14. Well known Eduard 1:48 kit OOB with Balkan Model decals. Commision build for an ex-21 driver and the number was his wish (101 was in fact a bis number in YuAF). Unfortunately this is my first aircraft model this year. I only managed to build and paint a few Warhammer figures in between. But after the stresfull year at work (I have become an ATC approach controller!), the modelling pace is slowly picking up. Not entirely satisfied with the build, but it turned out quite OK in the end, I think?
  15. yeah, ED used to be pretty slow in bringing changes and updates, but recently they picked up a pace a bit. Looks like new management is doing the right work. And now you have free Mariana's map in this weeks Open Beta patch! I am flying F-14B in 108th 'Specters' Tomcat squadron, part of a 132nd virtual Wing. http://132virtualwing.org/
  16. There are several great campaigns (both free and payware) for DCS and the team is now actively developing dynamic campaign generator, which should, if I remember correctly, be released sometime later this year in its basic form, so some really fun times ahead. But flying in a virtual wing beats any single player (dynamic) campaign. I remember one mission, when us (Tomcats) were tasked with CAP on a night mission, with Hornets coming in behind us for a strike, while I could see in the distance AAA and SAM launches further up the coast, where I knew A-10s had their share of fun. So immersiv
  17. To be honest, when you finish all those training missions, you know just basic stuff. But like with everything, practice makes perfect. It also helps if you join multiplayer and find yourself a nice MP community, virtual squadron or a wing, because those guys will teach you the trade better than anything else.
  18. I sooooo knew I have to give you this kit! This is marvelous!
  19. Thank you for your kind words. I have never used Surfacer as a primer before, but guess what. I just received two bottles of Mr.S 1500 Black. I've had enough of experimenting as well, I guess 😄
  20. I don't have a preference of the type, as long as it works. I've had really great results with their Grey primer, but Black failed me on first try. Off to Surfacer 1500 Black. Thank you, Curt. Actually I do it just as you've described it. 00 brush and Mr.Paint acrylic paints (aluminum in this case). I also use optivisor for such detail work which helps immensely. Recently I've been playing a bit with figure painting so I got a little bit more confidence in brush painting. Yeah One Shot. Grey has served me well, but Black just didn't work. Ah no worries.
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