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  1. I always liked that episode, aside from the fact that it completely obliterates the timeline set by the previous 8 seasons. Potter took command of the 4077th on 19 Sept 1952. Yet there he is bringing in 1951 with the rest of the gang that shouldnt be there (BJ and Winchester)
  2. Hello all. I have a few sets of 1/32 decals I don't need now that I am exclusivly into 1/48. I pay conus shipping. If you buy more than one, I'll combine shipping and save you a few bucks. I would like to get rid of these quick, so make an offer if you'd like. I have: Eagle Strike 32-049 Freedom Hornets Pt. 1 $9 USD shipped Eagle Strike 32-049 Freedom Hornets Pt. 1 $9 USD shipped Eagle Strike 32-050 Freedom Hornets Pt. 2 $9 USD shipped Eagle Strike 32-050 Freedom Hornets Pt. 2 $9 USD shipped Eagle Strike 32-051 Freedom Hornets Pt. 3 $9 USD shipped Eagle Strike 32-036 Ausberg's Fl
  3. I'm in the same boat waiting on their PE-2.
  4. I have two 1/48 Cyber Hobby Bf 110E-2 Trops for sale. These are not in the factory shrink wrap, but all the sprues are still sealed in the bags, and decals and PE are present and accounted for. So practically new. I'm asking $37 USD apiece or $65 for both, I pay CONUS shipping. These need to go, so I will consider reasonable offers.
  5. I have a few resin sets (1/48) stashed away that I realized I will probably never use. Prices are not set in stone. Reasonable offers will be considered. I will pay CONUS shipping. PayPal prefered. True Details 48490 Bf 109G 1-4 cockpit set. $12 USD True Details 48484 Spitfire Mk. Vb cockpit set $12 USD True Details 48482 Fw 190D cockpit set. $12 USD Aries 4007 Fw 190D cockpit set. $12 USD
  6. Good gravy! I have a hacksaw for removing resin parts, cutting open cowl flaps, maybe even cut off control surfaces if I am feeling foxy. But that? You are a brave man... Or did you just use a chainsaw??
  7. This will be my big build. I was originally going to do a B-26, but while it does fit within the parameters, its really not THAT big. Now this sucker is. With a wingspan well over 2 feet, I honestly don't know where I am going to put it when completed. I'll need to find another copy of the decal sheet; seems the nose art was on both sides, and the decals only supply 1.
  8. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any spares or leftovers sitting around for thr nose art of B-24D "Flak Alley." I was considering doing this plane for the BIG kit GB, but while doing research, found out the nose art was on both sides. The Superscale sheet I have only provides one. The RoG release of this kit also came with this nose art. Either would be fine. Not looking for a hand out, I have no problem paying. Thanks!
  9. That looks really nice! What did you use for the foliage green? Or did you just use RAF dark green?
  10. ajd3530

    P-39 Question

    I know on the early Airacobras, the wheel wells a nd struts were Bell interior green. Here are D models @ Selfridge AFB in early '41.
  11. I'm trying to find a 1/48 Monogram PBY at a decent price. If that doesn't pan out, I'll more than likely be pulling out the B-26.
  12. I recently acquired a bag of random resin bits from a vendor who was liquidating leftover stock after a buyout. Mostly P-36/P-40 bits. But also included was a smaller bag of resin that turned out to be a bunch of Vector 1/48 Mercedes D.III/IIIa engines. I have inspected them all, and all 14 pieces are accounted for on each engine. They came with one set of instructions from Vector. I will photo copy a set for each engine. One is molded in the dark gray I am used to seeing from Vector, and 5 are in a milky cream colored resin. I am asking $13 USD apiece, I pay shipping, OBO so feel free to ma
  13. That looks awesome! I recieved this kit for fathers day, and am looking foward to getting around to it someday.
  14. Was just curious if anyone had leftover decals from the new release Airfix 1/48 Hawker Fury. I have an old Lindberg kit and the decals are toast. Was interested in the SAAF bird. Thanks guys.
  15. I have a new 1/48 Revell (Monogram) P-61, still in plastic shrink wrap. Also included is Microscale 48-42 P-61 Black Widows decals, still sealed. Asking $23 USD, OBO so message me with an offer if you'd like. Would like to get this sold ASAP! Buyer pays shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  16. Now would it be a straight up nothing made after 77 or 80 or whatever? Or would it be stuff from molds of that era? Perfect example would be I recently picked up the newest release of the Monogram P-40 (packaged in 2011) but the molds themselves are a 1964 tooling.
  17. I've actually won a decent amount of stuff with the make an offer option. Mostly older Monogram kits, decals, and AM resin. I normally go at it the same way I do if i am trying to bargin for a gun at a pawn shop. I normally make a lowball offer of about 60% the ebay seller is asking for. They'll usually (the ones who WANT to actually make a sale) come back with a counter offer of about 80-85%, then I'll try to bump them down about 5% off that. If they accept, everyone wins. They sell, and I get it at around 3/4 the asking price. Now mind you, alot of sellers who have a buy now option actually
  18. I would be interested in one in 1/48. Would look good with my Accurate Miniatures F3Fs.
  19. I'm 27, so i have been out of the public school system for about a decade, so I'll share my (limited) view on things. To keep it as un-political as i can, it seems the more progressive push is hurting the overall education. Everyone is "special," everyone is "equal." Well thats just total BS. Kids are not equal. Some kids are just smarter. And some kids just don't get it. And parents get all butt hurt that their little Einstein can't figure out fractions. And its the teacher's fault that their kid just isnt smart enough. Some kids are just smarter than others. And thats OK! Not everyone is cu
  20. I'll go ahead and be "that guy" that goes with about the least creative build plausable for this group,the trusty ol' 1/48 Monogram P-61.
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