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  1. hi flyboyf18 yes, i did already airbrush the sheet with the microscale liquid decal film, and it seems to work. the problem is that although at first the job looked nice, in the lap of some two-three months the part that comprises the very markings -the red bushmasters' ones- i intend to use, developed a sort of small bubbling of the surface which, for the rest of the sheet, has remained smooth. (no humidity or mishandlings of any kind). i have another problem besides, that is i need a "u.s. air force" stenciling couple because the surviving one that is in the picture, was used
  2. dear slartibartfast (wow! difficult to spell...!) i followed your kind instructions, but i only got to the archived jets undercategory. it looks like the category jets has only the undercategory of "archived". i mean that you can get to the jets, but under this "upper" category you can't post new discussions, while the only such button i find is in the jets' undercategory "archived". many heartedly thanks for your help. do you need an image of the 72-330 sheet? i can upload one! just let me know (of all this messy thing). thanks! have a great day. best greetings,
  3. Dear slartibartfast. Thank you very much for your hint but I m an absolute beginner and can't even find a way to post a post again. When i registered i was brought to a "write your post here" or the like. I choose "jets" and my post went to the archived posts. Now i have copied my msg to paste it in another place but i can't! Can you be so nice to help me out? :-)
  4. Hi everybody. I am in desperate search of microscale 72330 decal sheet for bushmasters and blue streaks thunderstreaks. I have an f-84f ready for decaling but the sheet i had bought proved to be defective as decals litterally disintegtated with water. So here i am with a naked thunderstreak and begging anyone who could trace this elusive microscale set to please help me. Thanks!
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