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  1. what are you talking about??? It is easier to glue two pieces and try to get rid of the seam line than this single piece gem???!!!? lol, You are lost mate. πŸ™‚ you guys don't deserve these models. 😜
  2. love this show. !! :) very appropriate for this thread, indeed... πŸ˜„
  3. haha. Get real. Once you paint and after the wheathering, you wont see anything from a distance of 10 inch. You need a magnifier to see what is going on. This is ridiculous. Also people aligning better than this will be 10% of the modelers, if we are lucky... + potential putty/glue problems.
  4. I cannot see it quite, could you magnify another 10x, please.
  5. I still have a grudge to spruebrothers since they bought and *closed* great models, my favorite late online store :[
  6. Is this reliable info for Su-35 payload? Specifically, can pylons numbered 3/4 carry the same weapons as the most inner pylons 11/12 can.
  7. He was enjoying modelling πŸ˜‰
  8. Thanks... There picture over AMK model. Looks spot on even though AMK model actually has an angle. It would actually fit even better if the model was pictured better:
  9. LOL you guys... some of you guys become giddy to have another "topic to discuss" :) all fine.. Bring me an F-14 side view image and I will show you AMK F-14, Tamiya F-14 and "real F-14" will look all very similar within 1mm of each. That comparison means only Tamiya used that very drawing as reference. I know even drawings from grumman itself sometimes do not match to each other. Seriously, 300 will be easy πŸ˜„ I think we are looking at 500.
  10. Nope. People just have ulterior motives: bury a brand. Even thought we are looking at the best F-14 model. No one talks about good things but a 1micron reflection is turning into an opportunity to smear the kit. Even though there is no error and the kit has 2 *more* canopies. LOL>>!>!>!>!> If you want to discuss this model how about the 10 other very good things you may talk about?? Like multiple canopy options. A frame+glass approach as an option which is a first, I believe, and looks extremely good. How about fully extended wing option? H
  11. ? Prices are here mate. We checked the online store you referenced. AMK is 50% cheaper. It is the cheaper model for wast majority of the world.
  12. Frame is bigger? You mean general dimensions? What did you mean by "frame"? Just to be sure, you mean this one, right?
  13. What a model. Exceptional. wow.!!
  14. ???? Hobbyeasy prices for AMK F-14 is = *428* HKD , Tamiya F-14A = *649* HKD. Plus shipping for both.
  15. Of course you know more but from the past releases of GWH, it generally took max 1 year for GWH to come up with the plastic after the announcement.
  16. Problem is the attitude. There is a crusade against AMK. I dont like it. No one cares this much for other releases from other companies. The "issue" is really not significant and burying all the PLUSES of the AMK kit.
  17. No way. That is not accurate, in my opinion, Where do you live? Tamiya is only cheaper in Japan vs AMK. That is.
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