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  1. I have the following decals for sale. Prices in USD and buyer pays shipping. All in unused like new condition. Message if interested with address so I can get a shipping cost. Fox One Decals - $15 ea. Gunfighter F-4C Phantoms 48-002 Sale Pending - US Marine Corps Phantoms in SE Asia 48-003 Marine Skyhawks in Vietnam A-4E CAS and TA-4F FAC 48-022 Sale Pending - US Navy Phantom MiG Killers II 48-023 Sale Pending - USAF Phantoms in Vietnam 48-024 Sale Pending - Marine Corp Crusaders 48-025 Superscale 48-601 F-86E/F Sabres "Mig Mad Marine" $15 Cutting Edge 48-162 A-4C and A-4E Skyhawks VA-55 and VA-192 $8 Eagle Strike 48024 A-A$ Skyhawks Part 2 VC-2 VA 106 $8 Cam Decals 48-001 F-4B Phantom VF-32 VF-121 $8 Cam Decals 48-004 F-4J Phantom VF-114 VF-41 $8 Natural Born Modelers NBM21 (PLATZ) JD48-22 JASDF F-2B 50th Anniversary $15
  2. Bought these a few years ago and never got around to framing them. Just want to sell them now. $200 CAD plus shipping for both. Images here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R-k7rR1PNniMJb8hT0ts40naujbTGwKo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ycXYMeDA8hz_FseFmsS_SEiXVlPfGkYb
  3. Didn't realize I have 2 of these so I don't need both. Daco uncovering the F-14 A/B/D Tomcat book 3b. $25 CAD plus shipping.
  4. I am really not a fan of the Academy kit. The way they have you assemble the wheel well and install the landing gear before you assemble the wings sucks. I found the intake area to be a PIA as well.
  5. Lowered the price to $30. Shipping to the US is approx $25 CAD for one kit.
  6. 1 x Academy 1/48 F-4J kit. still shrink wrapped - on hold pending payment 2 x Academy 1/48 F-4C kit. 1 on hold pending payment. Asking $30 Canadian each kit plus shipping.
  7. Probably hard to find but Fox One decals did an 8th TFW sheet in 48th with multiple Robin Olds markings.
  8. KevinS

    1/32 A-1E conversion

    What you see in the pic isn't everything you get. There is more info on LSP from the designer specifically post 71 in this thread http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=68879&p=962281 "That's not all of it, but you get the idea.All variants of the wide body were configured differently inside the cockpit and cabin, so there will be a conversion for the USAF A-1E up first, with the correct dual control and just some seats for the back if you want to add them.Yankee extraction units were fitted to most USAF two seaters so these will be included too. Don't let the canopy scare you...I make them out of individual panels so if I screw one up in scribeing or polishing I don't bin the whole thing.Smart, huh? and while it will be an assembly it won't be the jigsaw puzzle you see here. The belly is a simple slip on panel, and the interior will load up from underneath before you glue it up.I am including a proper cowling since I hate the one Turmpeter did, looks like a pill bottle to me. You can use their engine , tails, wings and such although the conversion will have parts to alter the wheel wells and gear door, etc.Harold at AMS makes cool wheels and props, and I hear Barracudacast is doing a prop too so you will be spoiled for choice on that!"
  9. Fisher Models is doing a 1/32 A-1E conversion for the Trumpeter or ZM kit. They are taking pre-orders. Single kit for $115 or 2 kits for $200. http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/douglas-1e-skyraider-conversion-132-scale http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/douglas-1e-skyraider-conversion-132-scale-double-kit
  10. I hate buying a book to only realize when you get it you already have that book. This is exactly what happened in these 2 cases. Both books are new/unread. For Sale or Trade. My interests are mainly Vietnam era to modern. Can be books, kits, aftermarket. I would prefer to keep this in Canada because shipping outside Canada is expensive. "Cleared Hot" Book 3. Forward Air Controller Stories From the Vietnam War. $25 CDN A collection of Histories by US Air Force and Allied Forward Air Controllers From the Southeast Asia War 1961 - 1975 Daco Uncovering the Grumman F-14 A/B/D Tomcat $50 CDN
  11. Working on a B right now and am noticing the same thing. Not that impressed with this kit so far.
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