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  1. I saw your post below concerning the colors on the P-8. Just by chance I saw a new production example doing touch and goes over my house a few weeks ago, so I am uploading a few shots to see if it helps you with your project. Harry
  2. I have been following the developments of the downsize for a few weeks now, and I just hope they find each aircraft a new home. This same downsizing if inventory is happening to another Air Force museum closer to my home. The Warner Robins AFBM in Georgia has recently lost a few of their aircraft including a F-105G, H-34 and EE Lightning. Fortunately they all found other facilities, but none of in this area. By the way Benjamin, you guys should be very proud of your museum, it was one of the best facilities I have been to and the surrounding mountains takes the breath away from this flat land
  3. While I was visiting the Hill Air Force Base Museum in Ugden Utah, which is just north of Salt Lake City, I came across a field of F-4's awaiting restoration and inclusion into a display for the entrance to the museum. The aircraft were parked along the side and in the rear of the main exhibition hall and were worth the 107 degree heat and desert sun to get a chance to shoot them. I hope you enjoy the pics. Harry F-4D (66-8711) RF-4C (65-0905) F-4E (68-0304) F-4E (68-0476)
  4. Classic F-4 pose, taken at NAS Jacksonville Airshow 11/10. Harry [/img] [/img] [/img]
  5. A few pics of the F-84F under restoration at the Warner Robins AFM in July 2010. This aircraft sat outside in a partial restored state until moved into one of their new building for a complete overhaul. Harry
  6. A couple of shots of a C-45 at the NAS Jacksonville Air Show 10/10. Harry
  7. A colorful SNJ at the NAS Jacksonville air show 10/10. Harry
  8. VR-62 Naval Fleet Logistics Support Squadron, NAS Jacksonville Fl. 10/10....Harry
  9. U.S. Coast Guard's latest, HC-144A (Ocean Sentry), which is based on CASA CN235. This one operates out of Miami Floirda and was photographed at NAS Jacksonville, Fl 10/10....Harry
  10. Navy EA-6B from VAQ-129 at NAS Jacksonville airshow 10/10. Harry A sight that is quickly fading away, an EA-6B and S-3B sharing the same ramp by 2 different operational squadrons. VAQ-129 and VX 30. Side view Head on Tail
  11. The S-3 continues to live on. A VX-30 Viking at the NAS Jacksonville Sow in 10/10. Harry
  12. Another Talon on a stick, this one is at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA Experience attraction in Florida 7/10. Harry
  13. Since this thread has come alive again, I will add a few more. This time it's a C-1 shot at the NAS Jacksonville Air Show 10/10. I did a quick walkaround and will soon post the pics in honor of the new Kinetic release. Harry
  14. Instant Herk!, just add water,fuselage,wings and prop. According to the serial #, it's is a C-130E. Setting on the backlot at Warner Robins AFBM 7/10. Harry
  15. How about a recently restored T-33 at the Warner Robins AFBM (7/10) Harry
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