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  1. It would be REALLY nice one of these days to see a NJANG F4D. They flew in the SEA scheme, Wraparound and EURO1 scheme.
  2. Once again, NJANG F4D Phantoms have been left out!
  3. What I would really like to see is USAFFE F86s. Everybody does the Korean war ones but you never see the USAFFE ones.
  4. That I know. I would like to see someone do the others.
  5. To you decal guys. VF74, the first F4 Phantom II squadron needs some updated decals. For the first Phantoms all we have is the Experts Choice sheet for the 1st Phantoms and just the Detail and Scale sheet for the 20th Anniversary Phantoms. We have some really nice Phantoms now that need new updated sheets. How about an Anthology sheet?
  6. I must be showing my age. I've bought some of the new aircraft kits and there are so many parts anymore. I think I'm going to revert back to some of my older kits where the part count isn't so high.
  7. I live in NJ near the Warren Grove NJ bombing range. Last night there was some training going on.While I was watching TV I heard what I think was two Cobras going over the house because of the woomp woomp sound but there was another sound I had never heard. kind of like a loud buzzing sound. I"m just wondering if it was an Osprey because it was LOUD!
  8. 1/48 thin wing RF4B that I can afford. New Phantom kit prices are getting out of hand!
  9. I have a lot of the old Revell kits. Will give me a reason to get them out.
  10. Got everything. Got to say pretty fast service two. I thought it would take months.
  11. Thanks, Zactoman. Contacted Kinetic and they said they will send me everything.
  12. I opened up my Kinetic F18C this morning and can't believe I was missing the aircraft decal instruction sheet and the armament decals. I contacted the vendor right away. Should I have done that or should I contact Kinetic directly?
  13. Finally someone is doing a VF11 F4J besides 7508! Since I served on the Forrestal during that time period and was actually aboard during the International Naval Review I will definitely buy that sheet.
  14. I recently got a picture of a SH3D from the USS Forrestal. I would like to know if there is anyone out there that could make me some decals from that picture. I'd be willing to send both the picture and a SH3D for sizing.
  15. Are the conversion sets available yet? Got some cash burning a hole in my pocket.
  16. Thanks. That's my favorite model car site, both NASCAR and cars.
  17. Does anybody know what happened to Randy Ayers NASCAR Modeling Forum? Been down for a while.
  18. Does anybody know what happened to Randy Ayers NASCAR Modeling Forum? Been down for a while.
  19. I happen to have two unopened bottles of Old Silver. Just don't like the strong lacquer smell.
  20. Who makes the best paint to simulate silver aluminum dope on natural metal jets?
  21. I have a constant problem. My Apple account keeps getting locked. I will get a notice that my browser was logged into from another country, this time Indonesia. It's very frustrating. The last password I made was random numbers, symbols and letters. Is this legit or is someone trying to fool me so they can access my Apple account?
  22. Not much to turn me on. Mostly all rehash in 1/48.
  23. How about some F110A decals in 1/48 scale. After all they were just painted up F4Bs and the Academy kit would be perfect.
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