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  1. I have a quick general question which is well illustrated by your picture above. I was using the stencils out of the 1/72 Edward's F-4 sheet and noticed that the film carrier is square (or rectangle), even when the stencil itself isn't. Same as S5 or S20 in the pictures above. Is there a reason to do this way vs trying to match the shape of the stencil? I thought that maybe this was a printer requirement but the Mircoscale F-4 stencil sheet uses less carrier film on oddly shaped stencils. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  2. Hello Kursada, I hope you are well. With CD72023 out of stock and a strong availability of F-4C/D in 1/72 from Fine molds and Hasegawa / Hobby 2000, is there a short term plan for Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom part 2 or a reprint of CD72023. Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂
  3. Hello @KursadA Is a reprint for this sheet something you're considering? There's 0 availability on F-101B 1/72 decals in any brand (not counting 90's vintage leftovers at Hannants). Thanks in advance for your answer. Alternatively, if someone as a spare sheet, I'd be happy to purchase it.
  4. That's great news, I'm looking forward to it!
  5. Hello Kursada, Any chance to see this scaled down to 1/72 now that the Fujimi kit is available via the Hobby 2000 rebox and HobbyBoss has an A-4M on catalogue for 2022-2023? There's little to nothing available in terms of USN / USMC A-4M aftermarket decals in 1/72. Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂
  6. Nice job on the new pics, this is a truly superb Tornado!
  7. That's a very fine tonka you got here, congratulations! Could you take some picture with better lightning, outside maybe? :)
  8. Good job Pete, that's a fine looking Thunderstreak :)
  9. That's cool project indeed. Good luck with it.
  10. Now that's one nice phantom in a great scheme! Congratulations Pete, it's an awesome model ;)
  11. So far, so good, Pjotr ;)
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