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  1. Nice job on the new pics, this is a truly superb Tornado!
  2. That's a very fine tonka you got here, congratulations! Could you take some picture with better lightning, outside maybe? :)
  3. Good job Pete, that's a fine looking Thunderstreak :)
  4. That's cool project indeed. Good luck with it.
  5. Now that's one nice phantom in a great scheme! Congratulations Pete, it's an awesome model ;)
  6. So far, so good, Pjotr ;)
  7. It looks very promising! If it ends up looking as good as your Mig-15, it will be truly awesome!
  8. Stunning Job! I really like the way you weathered your 102.
  9. I haven't seen that one yet. It's going to be one original phantom!
  10. So empty MER's or inert Mavericks in the end? :)
  11. Neat job, Pete! I'd just add a bit of weathering around the cockpit if I were you.
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