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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and friends. This should be the time to unite agaisnt terrorism wherever it rears its ugly head. Good people everywhere should unite and show these people that we won't tolerate this nonsense anymore. This is how evil grows, when good people do nothing to stop it. This is an evil that is affecting every nation, even those in the former eastern bloc. The rest of the world must forget our political differences and send these types a message they can't help but understand. I personally don't like killing but I'm prcatical enough to
  2. :D, Hi Andrey. There's plenty of my native land I've never seen either. Something called work always seems to keep getting in the way. , Ross.
  3. :D, Hi Dean. I've already given an answer in your other thread. The best advice I can give now is to keep experimenting until you find something that you think looks right. , Ross.
  4. :D, Andrey, your English is much better than my Russian, although I'd certainly like to learn Russian as I want to travel there in 2017 or 2019 for the MAKS show and some sight seeing. I'd like to fly to Seoul and then to Vladivostok and catch the Trans-Siberian Express to Moscow. I guess I should start learning now. , Ross.
  5. :D, And then there are tolerances in the production of any real aeroplane, car, truck tank or wigwam for a goose's bridle so it doesn't matter how "accurate" the drawings are the real thing might not conform exactly to the specified dimensions. In a drawing an edge may have a length of say 100mm +/- 0.05mm. I once borrowed a book on the Lancaster from a mate and in it was a story of a brand new Lanc that from memory crashed on its initial service test flight killing all on board. What happened apparently was that during a hard left turn as the aircraft was straightened up again the dinghy pa
  6. :D, Um, somehow I don't think duct tape (or instant airframe as we Aussies call it) is the right tool for that particular job. Screwdriver; quick and easy to swing the mount out of the way to unload your human cargo and then slip it back into place. Duct tape? Slow and messy to remove and slow and messy to fix the mount back in place when you go to take off again. For this particular job in this situation I don't think even the nut and bolt originally supplied with the mount would be the right tool. , Ross.
  7. :D/>, G'day again David. I've just done a little digging and I've managed to find a few photos of that Lancstrian, both while pregnant and before/after pregnancy. It was nick named The Pregnant Lanc by Qantas crews. It was registered VH-EAV and somewhere on the net is a detailed article of how the pod was designed and built. if you google avro Lancastrian VH-EAV you'll find a few photos of. It shouldn't be too hard to design and build a miniature pod for your Lanc. If you're looking for something real but unique this would have to be it and at one time Hawk Eye Models printed decals for it
  8. :D, G'day hooknladder, I just noticed your post when I was looking for something else. Qantas modified a Lancastrian with an under fuselage pod to carry Wright R-3350 engines for their Lockheed Super Constellations to aircraft that required an engine change overseas. The pod was designed and built by Qantas engineers and was used a number of times and made the Lancastrian look as though it was heavily pregnant, but then airlines implemented the practice of sharing engines and the Lancastrian was no longer needed for that purpose. There was a non-fatal crash of a Qantas Lancastrian at Dubbo in
  9. :D, The Jag was a nice bird that I like a lot but I think the Viggen was even better and I'm glad the Swedes have had the sense to preserve in flying condition at least one Draken and one Viggen, unless that has recently changed. Did they also preserve in flying condition a Lansen and/or a Tunnen? We have a Sabre in flying condition but sadly no Mirage IIIO or IIID even though rumours persist that "someone somewhere in Australia is planning to get a Miracle flying again someday. Now that will be as we used to say in the RAAF ground crew world "if it flies it's a bloody Miracle". Personally I c
  10. :D, I remember a Volvo being shot off a carrier deck years ago in an advert. Was that your volvo Aigore? :lol: :lol: , Ross.
  11. :D, Have you thought about using aluminium foil for this purpose? If there's a pattern on it that can be burnished off and the foild becomes flat. Just cut to shape and size and hey presto. One sunshade to scale. , Ross.
  12. :D, G'day Dean. Perhaps you could try wood with a flat reddish colour with a drop or two of white or light grey mixed in with both and then straight clear over this. Did those early Cadillacs have real or faux wood on the dashboards? I know a lot of American cars had faux woodgrain on the dash. I guess it doesn't really matter what the real cars had if you can make your model look authentic. Or is it a real one you're doing? There are a whole lot of you tube videos on different methods of faux woodgraining. , Ross.
  13. :D, Maybe the moose had a heavy landing too Ken. :lol: :lol: , Ross.
  14. :D, Hi SteelWolf,I visit ARC most days and sometimes if I'm on night or afternoon shift it might be several times a day. This is the first time I've seen your posts. Soemtimes it just takes a while for people to notice a new topic because they can be looking for something else in particular and so miss your posts, or mine for that matter. Don't become discouraged over this. It happens all the time, both here and on other sites. , Ross.
  15. This young fellow comes to town to meet with some mates he went to school with. He doesn't get away from the farm very much and hasn't seen these boys for 3 years. They go out for dinner and then to a high class night club in the regional city where the other boys live. As they're walking down the street the townies produce ties and start tying them around their necks. The farm boy hasn't brought one with him. They get to the front door of the club and the doorman says to him "I'm sorry mate. You can't come in here without a tie." The young fellow pleads with the doorman but he is adamant. He
  16. :D, Thank you for the wonderful compliments Mark. Only a 30 to 60 day delay you say? 30 years ago we had a lecture form a team from the old department that became DMO on a new logistics system for the RAAF. It was going ot be all singing all dancing and do wonders for us and we were to see it with 5 years. When they'd finished telling us what this system would do for us they said "We call this "Tomorrow Land" and we came back at them with another Disney Land. We replied "Yeah fellas, and we call it Fantasy Land" It still hasn't happened and I'm not holding my breath. , Ross.
  17. :D, Maybe Check Six. Lebanon might be also. I was using that as an example of the kind of person I don't trust. Someone who is ultra secretive for no apparent good reason. And then you find out it was all BS from the start. You've probably heard of the Australian singer Olivia Newton-John. Her father was a member of Ultra (an MI5 cell) during WW2. The Allies were being slaughtered on Crete but were holding their own to the point the Germans started to get ready to pull out to give more support to the Greek and Balkans Campaignes. Ultra got wind of this and Professor Newton-John called the Brit
  18. :D, G'day Busker. That sounds like a great model show and comp. Damo took me out there when I was in Melbourne 4 years ago. It's a great museum and the Beaufighter really took my attention. There is another one in the Camden Museum which now is unfortunately only open to invited parties because of some council regulation or other. , Ross.
  19. :D, So you could be anything or anyone. Makes me even less likely now to believe anything you say unfortunately. I don't have the time to trawl through thousands of articles to verify your statements so I won't bother. You do however remind of a guy I worked with 14 years ago. He claimed to have been in the South African Police Force out on border patrols etc. But what interested me was that he always ended these claims with "But please don't ask me to tell you details of these operations. I can't. What we did was so secret." When I was sent to another site to work it turns out he's never been
  20. :D, Me either Dal. So if we're so ignorant MarkW, why don't you tell us who you are and what you do for a crust? We're all adults here and most of us have been open about what we do. Even Waco, and he would of all people be more subject to security requirements than most, yet he's been open and honest and also called into question your bona fides if I'm not mistaken a few months ago. So come on, we're all waiting to hear who you really are and what you do for a living. As Dal has said you come across as an "expert" who works for LM and I haven't seen any indication from you that you don't. If
  21. :D, Not sure if this is correct or not but is there a possiblity that the Minneapolus moline tractor could have been called 'Blitz Buggy' by the US Navy in the Pacific? In Australia a 'blitz buggy' was a GM-H built Chev 4x4 truck. Like the IBG Australian pattern Chevrolet truck. , Ross.
  22. :D, Someone working for LM saying that they know how the Australian DMO/CASG works better than a former Australian serviceman who used to work there is a bit rich really. That's just the same as me saying I know how that part of the Pentagon works better than someone who does or used to work there. Which would be a blatantly stupid and irrelevant statement. , Ross.
  23. Even with today's smart bombs we still sometimes get it wrong. Seems to me that they had all the info they needed and they used it wisely. Unfortunately in today's wartime situations the info is often either incorrect or incomplete by design. Not by design of those trying to collect it but by those enemies embedded in the armed forces of the countries that the Allies are trying to protect. I'm wondering if the raid on the MSF hospital in Kunduz recently was continued because Taliban were actually telling the raiders' controllers that there were still enemy fighters fighting from the grounds. T
  24. :D/>, Any woman can have the body of a 21 year old. But she has to buy him a few drinks first. :cheers:/>, Ross.
  25. :D, Hi Sean. I did see the flat tyre but I wasn't sure if it was flat before he touched down or if it blew or went flat because of a brake that locked for some reason after touchdown. It now seems that the tyre blew on take off so he already knew about the problem. I believe that the rest of what I said is true though. I still don't think he nosed the Hurri over because the elevtors were never in the down position, always neutral or slgihtly up until the nose started to go over then he applied full up elevator pretty quickly to try and prevent the nose over but was overpowered by the drag from
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