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  1. Woohoo!!! The Navy Phantoms were what I was waiting for! Where would be the best place to pre-order for me in Canada? Hobby Link Japan? Too bad they don't have VF-84 Jolly Rogers included, I guess its aftermarket decals I guess.
  2. THANK YOU @bushande!!! Ever since I was told it only existing in one place, I've been looking at my model and seeing all the mistakes! That makes me feel a whole lot better.
  3. The pilots were sourced from an old Hasegawa 1/72 US Pilots/Ground Crew set - its old and the sculpt is a bit soft. I wished there were a better alternative (but I already have it in my stash). I have a newer resin Navy pilots that just arrived but they don't have their face mask on and it comes with the seat.
  4. Your right, its never in both places, but unfortunately I was following the instructions and didn't check the references (just one of many instruction mistakes) and its too late now to scrape one of them off after layers of future and clear coats.
  5. Well I finally finished it after way too long... I did manage to saw apart my canopy to get inside and wipe out all the fogging. I managed to repair the saw marks which chipped the paint all around the canopy - its not as good as it was before, but given the canopy is not fogged now, I guess the remedy was worth the damage in the end. Its weird to have a glossy bird and sometimes looks a bit toy like, but I really tried to keep the weathering down because it was brand new when they delivered it to VF-1 in 1973/74. I do love this colour scheme almost as much as the VF-84 Jolly Rogers. All
  6. Yep, I've ruined the tailpipes trying to drill into the back of my Phoenix missiles to make that dark red cone - I thought I could just use a drill bit, but because its so small and it slightly wobbles and the plastic is so thin (I don't have a drill press, had to make due with a dremel), that I kind up chewed up the back a bit, gotta fill it back and just black it out unfortunately. Found a set of AIM-9D in an old Hasegawa weapons set I had, but the forward fins aren't the right shape either, the back of the fins just cuts back at a 90 degree perpendicular angle to the body of the
  7. Argh, I'll look in my spares, I don't think I have any 9G/H - I'm not going to buy aftermarkets for this. Darn, the 9L/M were 1977 onwards. Thanks @GW8345 (what a rabbits hole you've gotten me into)
  8. Thanks so much @GW8345 - but the sidewinders that came with the kit doesn't have the forward fins so raked back. Its much more triangular. Is this the correct version for 1974? The kit looks more like a AIM-9L/M
  9. @SERNAK I only have the 595C so I can't compare. @GW8345 Any photos of the sidewinders and the black homing section of that era?
  10. Thanks, unfortunately there's no molding for the rocket motor itself, just the outside ring - I guess dark grey should do. Thanks for those photos!!! I've seen a lot of these photos for the newer Phoenixes, I was hoping the older ones (70s) would have the radome tan color as on the instructions (looks good!) - haven't found many photos of these missiles for that vintage. Just plain white eh - darn, so boring. So the Sidewinders all white and the Sparrows all white except for a light grey nosecone ok?
  11. Another question, I haven't found any photos of the back tailpipe of the Phoenix missiles, the model is just a recessed blank (which is what I've seen on all the models) - so is there a cover that blows off when they are fired? If so, what colour should it be? Black or white? I see that most photos show the Phoenixes with a white tip and the instructions call for a radome tan tip (which I quite like the look of) - would there be any problems following the instructions on this? Thanks @Mstor - I used Mr. Color 315 (FS16440 Gull Grey) - although I find it a bit light c
  12. Well I had to finish by today (I start work Monday again 😲) Its by no means perfect, but I had to rush it. Thanks for all your tips and comments, I wished I had the collective knowledge and wisdom before I started. I am not going to be scraping decals off after I've MicroSOL all of them and applied Future gloss and Mr. Hobby semi-gloss Topcoat over them. I weathered it very lightly, but its hard to see in the photos through the semi-gloss finish. The most disappointing thing is you can hardly see any of the cockpit detailing AND when I uncovered the mask, there was some hazing on the insi
  13. Thanks for the notes! The gun blast shows a dark metal in all the photos, maybe its the way it was reflecting. What does this probe look like, I just see a tiny mark, is it like a AOA probe or something flat? How do I do the yaw string in this scale?!?! Argh, I was just following instructions for the walkway, I can't scrape off the decal now - damn it!
  14. Getting closer, doesn’t look like I’ll finish before I start work Monday 😥. (Love 70’s hi-viz graphics - come shoot me, if you dare) I'm going to try to finish up the plane and leave all the ordinance and tanks till the weekends between work (maybe a big break between finishing it up unfortunately). So glossy, don't really know how to weather it to make it look a little more realistic, its kind of looks like a matchbox metal diecast toy at the moment. I still gotta future clear coat the decals, and fix the lower ventral fins (stupidly I painted them red both sides, and only noticed that the
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