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  1. This is the best thread - I've learned so much about how kits are manufactured. Thanks for all the explainations @ya-gabor - its so useful for us not knowing what I'm looking at. LOL the ultrasound comment is so apt. Loving this thread. Thanks.
  2. Wow thanks @Laurent - seems to me like we have a winner! (which happens to be the only kits I don't have of the F-14 - argh...😞)
  3. Thanks I have already found this kit from the classifieds on these boards and have purchased it from @ColinLo awaiting arrival.
  4. Thanks @Laurent - man I didn't know the FM was that far off. Damn, I loved those kits. I guess if I don't start building my stash, I'll never get to any of them as something better keeps coming along to supplant them (I don't even want to build any of my Hasegawas now).
  5. Thanks, I've found this discontinued kit in the classified section of these forums and have paid to purchase the whole kit. Can't wait for the arrival to finish this up.
  6. Can't find the URL - this is what I see; GWH grummanVsGWH.jpg FM grummanVsFM.jpg Its just text, I can't click on them or right click to reveal any URL - sorry I'm kind of new at this. Hmm, if I right click, there's a "reload image" - when I do that, it gives a blank space below the words but no image still. Am I the only one that can't see the image? I've tried on both Firefox and Chrome and turned off my AdBlock Plus and its still the same.
  7. Thanks @Solo - very clear, looks like I can't miss the GWH version especially their VF-1 Wolfpack now, its just so expensive for a 1/72 scale kit. Hard now to think I would ever build my Hasegawa stash 😞 @Laurent Thanks, but I can't actually see the JPGs - I don't think the attachment got posted.
  8. How is this GWH kit compared to the Fine Molds kit? Its so much more expensive, and I already have both the Fine Molds kits, would I be missing out on this or is this GWH substantially better than FM? I do love the early VF-1 Wolfpack scheme though.
  9. Wow! I hope they make the Navy variant (sucker for the VF-84).
  10. Thanks, I already have emailed lightspeedglobal.ca asking for the part. Its the long weekend here and I'm not even sure if they are operating during this pandemic, but I am waiting with baited breath! Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. @ESzczesniak Thanks, I've researched a lot of Jolly Rogers aftermarket decals, most are actually black/grey pilots lettering on the body/fuselage of the plane than white lettering on the canopy rails but I might have a lead on some decals that are more appropriate. Yes, the more I look at the F-18D canopy the more I doubt they would fit the F-18F - all the model shots seem to indicate they taper more towards the rear - a more teardrop shape than the 18F. If anyone here has both kits, could they take a look in their stash and tell me if the two canopies are compatible? Yes I'm leaning towards the more expensive option of getting the 18F kit (I think I bought the original kit for $20 back 2003 and now I'm thinking of buying $50 kit +$20 decals to finish it off :O) @DONG Thanks I have already emailed them, but with this Pandemic, who knows if they are still operating or replying.
  12. Hi all, I cracked my canopy at the end of my build and was hoping I can either buy just the canopy and decals for the canopy parts from someone's stash of parts or buy an entire kit for these parts; HASEGAWA 1/72 F/A-18F Super Hornet “VFA-103 Jolly Rogers” (00853) I realize the kit is discontinued, my other resort is to buy a current Hasegawa F/A-18F kit for the canopy and try to buy a sheet of aftermarket decals with the proper pilots names in white for the canopy rails. I realize this is a long shot, but I had to try. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi @ColinLo Realize this is an old thread but are you selling these still? I notice it hasn't been crossed off yet and would it still be available? HASEGAWA 1/72 F/A-18F Super Hornet “VFA-103 Jolly Rogers” (00853) $30 If so I am interested. Please let me know either way. Thanks.
  14. Sorry, finally figured a way, I installed an extension via Chrome browser called "Google Photos Direct Link" and it makes a proper link ending in JPG that this site can figure out as an image. Only works in Chrome and with images saved to Google Photos (not Google Drive). Hope this helps others.
  15. Hi all, with this Pandemic, I decided to get back into modeling and I bit off a little more than I can chew. I cracked my main canopy while trying to remove it from the fuselage (perhaps it was a bad idea to use it as a mask for the cockpit - I have done this times before with no problems). Maybe it was my first time use of the Mr. Super Clear Matt rattle can spray, it did go one much thicker than an airbrushed matt coat and gummed up and sealed the canopy fuselage connection. I carefully sliced all around the canopy but it wouldn't budge, I kept slicing an carefully prying the canopy out (I just used a dab of white glue to secure it originally) until finally CRACK! it cracked down the length of the canopy before giving way. ARGH!!! To me the cockpit and canopy are the jewels that bullseye the eye to your model - and this just screams out. There's been some many things wrong with this build, trying to shoe-horn the F-18A resin wheel wells into this 18F kit (it did pay off in the end, but it was so much work!), so much sanding and re-sanding of the horrendously poor fit of the kit, the tail fin yellow decal melted disaster, the wing tank that fell 5 times and had to repainted from scratch each time.... the list goes on and after each hurdle and trying to repair it, I finally get to this final break that is irreparable - just stings so much!!! I'm pretty happy with the under-carriage especially after all that work trying to shoe horn the resin upgrades for the F-18A kit into this F-18F kit including completely re-cutting the forward well short and rebuild and shallowing up the cockpit tub to get them both to fit into this kit So the good stuff, 90% of it turned out pretty good... You can see the damage around the edge of the canopy to the paint trying to pry off the canopy So here's the cracked part...right down the middle... The problem its an old kit, if I have to I'll try to find it to buy again just for the canopy part and decals - I've invested too much sweat and tears to give up and throw it in the trash at this point. However if anyone has a partially built kit or parts lying around or decals I can also get again either this kit or aftermarket that belongs to this aircraft (I only need the canopy ones), I'd gladly buy them from you. I live in Canada, so I can't order the parts from Hasegawa. Is there an distributor in Canada that I can contact? Would older F-18B/D Hasegawa kits have canopies that would fit (so much cheaper)? I just wished I could walk into an old hobby store and look around for another kit I could buy right away, after so many hours and being so close, I just want to finish this puppy! At this point, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for your time looking at my sob story.
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