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  1. Any chance AMK would consider downsizing this project in the near future to 1/72 scale? 1/48 is just too big for me to display at the moment.
  2. Any chance of a smaller offering in 1/72? I just don't have the space.
  3. Thanks that's great to know! So aside from the double chin pod, are there any other visual differences? Some bumps on the glove vanes?
  4. Oh! So the Jolly Rogers never got any Ds? Damn, they are my favourite livery. What are alternate Liveries for the D?
  5. Please, it would be great to have someone re-print a set of VF-103s for this new kit! I'd be all over that.
  6. I'm so looking forward to this kit (even with my stash of 4 Hasegawas languishing away). Great video showing the details! (fastforward to about 9:10) Hey if anyone is willing to create a new set of 1/72 Jolly Rogers, I'd happily apply those instead. (It's hard to find a decent set of VF-103 decals in 72 scale that is in stock anywhere)
  7. Thanks Jackman for the great photos and review - I LOVE the details - it looks like a fantastic kit, but I definitely need at least the wing tanks. How are Tamiya decals BTW - are they as nice at Cartograph?
  8. Ah, sorry about the typo (I must have had ICM on the brain) - but you're right, I meant the new Zvezda kit. I do love rivets, but not fictional ones. It's good to know about the shape inaccuracies as they are so much harder to correct. This was exactly what I wanted to know. I guess I'll just wait for the new Hasegawa Su-35 to come (I love Hasegawa kits anyways). Thanks for the info. I really do love the shape of this bird, one of my favourites, now all there is left for me is someone (Hasegawa or Tamiya) re-do a new tool F-14 in 72nd and I'll be complete!
  9. Sorry, but this might be a newbie question (definitely not an expert in Flankers) but why is the ICM better than the Trumpeter? From the comparison photos on that site, it looks like the Trumpeter has tons more details engraved into the surface than the ICM model. I personally like rivets, and I understand there are those that don't - its this just a question of whether one likes rivets or not? or is there something fundamentally wrong with the Trumpeter? I have the Hasegawa Su-33 and consider that a great kit with lots of nice surface detail - so is this ICM kit supposed to be better? Anyone with news about the new Hasegawa Su-35 and how does this compare (other than the obvious fact that this is the earlier airframe? So sorry about your lost Gabor - I really hate that and they probably didn't know how much work had gone into collecting all that stuff to go with the models.
  10. WOW! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Eagerly awaiting your reply...
  11. Hi all, Unfortunately I had a dusting accident and knocked one of my favourite models off my shelf. I've accounted for most of the broken parts except the starboard wingtip missile launcher rail (part E27 or E28 on Tree E). I'm hoping someone might have a spare they would sell me. I only need one (I think they are the same top and bottom so either side should do - but its to replace the starboard launcher. Additionally, I've broken off the forward antenna on the tailplane part C42. Does anyone have this antenna if you would be building the Israeli F-16 with that humpback, you might have that part as a spare. I know it's probably wishful thinking, but just thought I might ask. Thanks, Wm p.s. I've included some shots of it finished (been meaning to post it here, but just didn't have time) before the "fall"
  12. Great! Anyone carries them in Canada? or at least shipping from this continent? Any US online retailers? SprueBrothers doesn't seem to carry them - when will they be available?
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