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  1. Depends on how many "what-ifs" you consider. As @habu2 noted, if the XL variant had won over the Strike Eagle and entered production, that would have been the E/F - and holding that pair of designations open explains the Block 40 provisional series letter starting with G. I've never seen anything definitive but always inferred the two-seaters would have gotten their own letters, hence: F-16XL-1 = F-16E (later reused for Block 60 export single-seater) F-16XL-2 = F-16F (later reused for Block 60 export two-seater) F-16C Block 40/42 = F-16CG (provisionally F-16G) F-16D Block
  2. The "CJ/DJ" designation is only semi-official (at best). Supposedly this originated when the USAF wanted Block 40/42 aircraft, aka "Night Falcons" with LANTIRN capability, to be designated as F-16Gs and Block 50/52s with HTS as F-16CJs. According to the story, concern about ordering "new" types of Vipers was perceived as a threat to F-22 funding, thus the non-standard nomenclature. In any case, while both the Block 40/42s and 50/52s have certain unique features and typically operated in squadrons with specialty roles, all USAF F-16Cs are multirole capable for a wide range of air-to-ground an
  3. Appreciate the info, however I'd prefer to support @KursadA (esp. in his own forum) and frankly unless inflation has a much more horrendous impact than I would expect on Caracal's retail pricing it will represent a much greater value for a single sheet (not to mention being easier to acquire in the U.S.).
  4. +1 on the vote for including low-viz choices, but TBH there's never been much more available in 1:72 for fleet squadrons in hi-viz either. I'd hope to see some of the more notable periods in carrier ops represented: HS-9 on Nimitz circa The Final Countdown/Eagle Claw/Gulf of Sidra Incident HS-17 from Coral Sea c. Prairie Fire/Eldorado Canyon HS-6 on Enterprise during Operation Praying Mantis Or pretty much anything from Desert Shield/Storm, particular personal preference for HS-8/CVW-14 off Independence, HS-3 from Saratoga, HS-9 off TR, and
  5. Somehow this seems to be on-topic...
  6. Just to break it down a bit further, there are basically "first generation" and "second generation" Harriers, the latter occasionally referred to as Harrier II. The second generation was co-produced between British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas, and features a larger wing, uprated engines, and upgraded avionics of several varieties, though to a casual observer they all share the same basic configuration. 1st Gen RAF versions are the GR.1, and GR.3, plus corresponding trainers. The Royal Navy operated the Sea Harrier FRS.1. This was upgraded to FA.2 standard which included a new
  7. No doubt whatever data it was meant to provide to the sender, it's already done so. But I'm confident the splashdown zone was already well prepared for U.S. recovery - examining it up close will tell a lot about what it was really designed to do (spoiler alert: not "climate science"). From the right solar orientation I would assume getting an IR lock on a highly reflective metallic balloon in an otherwise clear, cold sky would be pretty simple. Shame they needed to spend an AAM at all though, the M-17 Mystic was designed to down NATO "weather" balloons with just an internal gun.
  8. My bad, you are correct that it was Mr. Peeler's work - 25 years ago this month, in fact: https://finescale.com/issues/1998/february-1998
  9. Thanks for the additional info - gorgeous build! I have to acknowledge I first learned about the Dash 80 when I read your conversion build article in Fine Scale Modeler backdating the AMT 135 🙂
  10. Not definitive or comprehensive by any means but seaforces.org posts photos grouped by unit and arranged chronologically (where dates are known). Note they group units separately by designation so the Tomcat pics are under "inactive" VF squadron listings, even where legacy VFAs are still active. Black Aces VF link HERE
  11. As others have noted, the engines are effectively the same but the pylons are different because the 135 series has a different wing from the 707/E-3. To summarize a subject that gets pretty complicated thanks to nearly 70 years of development history: The "Mother of All 707s" was the Boeing 367-80 ("Dash 80") prototype, which is the common ancestor of all 707 airliners and C-135 tanker/transport variants. The Dash 80 and C-135 and all KC/RC/EC variants have a 'narrow chord' wing, with the trailing edge as a straight line (other than the root fillet). The 13
  12. What's the source indicating the Fightpath set as OOP? Their website still lists them: https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17944&cat=248&page=2
  13. Love the 1/72 love, as always! Didn't readily spot a thread for it so if @KursadA has no objections, for those looking for more detail here's the page for the 1/48 sheet: https://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48228.html
  14. Hi Danakar, welcome to ARC! If you weren't already aware, Revell and Monogram were originally separate companies that were consolidated under Revell's brand name in the late 80s (and Revell itself has had a few rounds of restructuring since). So many of the kits now marketed by Revell were originally Monogram molds. This is also why you'll occasionally see references to "Revellogram" as a manufacturer. Your research thus far is accurate in that no single kit of the SR-71 in 1:72 is perfect, but the general consensus is that the Revell kit you listed has the most accur
  15. I think the photos you've posted show a pretty good reference for the actual color, which does have some degree of variation. The trick with representing it in scale is a combination of the color and not overdoing the metallic - the real thing are an anodized finish, so unlike most "natural metal" finishes you're actually trying to keep the metallic aspect subtle - and no more than a satin/semi-gloss, matte probably being more accurate in scale. I've yet to find an "out of the bottle" match but on the examples I've been happiest with I combined a metallic steel (not silver or alum
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