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  1. All three gear, just need to add some smaller details..
  2. Minor update, adding placards. Then I can gloss coat and start weathering.
  3. Better view of the Ground Safety Pin hole drilled out.
  4. I drilled out the NLG Ground Safety Pin hole...then added another hole on the NWS Unit to ad more wires...
  5. Using some of my fav line, I also use some silver metal thread/wire as well.
  6. MLG progress Remove the tab in the above pic, there is no hole in the MLG to accept this tab, it will not sit well when building this up. I was going to drill out the hole..but decided it's easier to remove the tab.
  7. These are bout ready to accept the wiring now and a few extra details. NOTE: Drilled out Launch Bar holes.
  8. On these pieces thin out the green shaded area by approx 1 blade width. This will help them sit flat when glueing them on. Otherwise they will sit crooked and look "off". Much better NOTE: The gap drilled out to accommodate the tie down chain for engine runs: used when the engines are to be run in CLASS II aka Afterburner Run. The notch is located above the top arrow.
  9. Careful when you cut these pieces off the sprue... I ended up having a split launch bar mechanism...grrr
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