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  1. I can say, I feel your pain, and I sincerely pass on my condolences to you. My thoughts will be with you today.
  2. Colin, Thank you, appreciate the feedback. Things are well, enjoying the last few months (16 months) here. I did run into an issue, the connecting link is so fragile, I broke a few just through handling. That's because of my ham fisted handling skills...now I'mm trying to decide whether to cast some from resin, scratch build or just order some sprues from Kinetic. Because on on the road allot this next few months, I think I might just order some parts. Cheers
  3. Main Wheel Assy details. Up close, schrader valves untrimmed to proper length. Left the schrader valve long to show the detail. Trimmed. Working on leveling the aircraft now, until next time.
  4. Nose landing gear details, added a small hole: .4mm to facilitate wire to replicate a schrader valve. Schrader valve installed.
  5. Awesome, another great technique added to the tools box. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Hi I'm AFM and I am a habitual putty/tape user. I use the same putty technique as well; feels good I'm not the only one.
  7. All three gear, just need to add some smaller details..
  8. Minor update, adding placards. Then I can gloss coat and start weathering.
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