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  1. MEEE too...I'm soo looking forward to that part....my dry fits has caused me some fitz.
  2. Gentlemen, sorry for the departure...was busy with work and SCOTTCON 2019. Let's get to it shall we? Canopy work. You'll see the progression of each stage. Dry scrape of the seam down the middle; careful just the ridge needs to be removed. Dry rub with 2400 grit, left to right, right to left rubbing. Dry rub with 3600 grit, left to right, right to left rubbing. Dry rub 4000 grit, all over the windscreen in various directions. Wet rub, water, 8000 grit, all over the windscreen in various directions. Wet rub, water, 12000 grit, all over the windscreen in various directions. MUST stay wet, do not let it get dry, in rapid motion in all direction. I added a drop of hand soap and water to the back of the cloth prior to starting. Results, after about 15-20 minutes from start to finish(2400 to 12000). You cannot see the ugly seam that was there. You can now finish with a polish or use the dip into floor wax if you really want that extra shine. Cheers
  3. Howdy folks, here is a link to check out some pics of our little contest last weekend. So many people to thank...thank you all for a successful show. https://ipmsgeneralrobertlscottchapter.godaddysites.com/ See you next year!! AFM
  4. Good Day everyone, Title pretty much explains things. Wanted to buy, have some LEADING EDGE decals to trade if you like, for the 72.004 C-119G Decal set. Hope you can help! Cheers AFM
  5. Gentlemen, thank you for the compliments, but it must also be extended to my good friend Bruce. I just got back from San Antonio, TX. there are PM waiting for me to be answered, I will get you soonest! Cheers
  6. I take med viscosity CA glue and wet the tip...Apply it to the back of the Wing Fold Panel while holding it in the tweezers, place in spot. gently press into place with another sharp dental tool.
  7. Wing Fold panel. Do not fold the beveled edge, only the base edge (inboard tab). I found out that if both ends folded it does not fit. This IMO is the best way. I also placed a very small bend, or arch in the panel so it will fit better, not just flat once laid in place.
  8. Small updates today... Tools to apply small photo etch parts. Forgot to place the ECS louvers in...doh.
  9. Hmmm, interesting. Was the issue with the engineering of the gear? Something you could share to help us out on our builds?
  10. Thank you everyone who are trying my resin kits. Most have been sent, shipping charges changed to Canada, down to $15.00 Refunds coming! PM sent to those it affects. 9 sets remaining.
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