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  1. This is good to know, not sure what my next project will be after my production line is completed. Cheers
  2. Folks...some bad news. I'm sure it has been documented by someone else but here is the issue I found. The PE HUD is too big, too wide and tall. As per the instruction in Step 24 - PE11 does not fit into the windscreen area, will not accept the part L11 and L12 as per the OEM directions. Suggestion: 1. Carefully with a sharp blade (or whatever works for you) to scrape the inside of the square hole where the part PE11 in to be placed. The scraping of plastic is along the sides where the PE 11 is to be placed. 2. (height prep) Remove the side arms from the base of PE11. Cut approx one half mm (1/2 mm from the base up the HUD side brace. This should give you the proper height. 3. Width prep - Place a filler - approx. .001" (scrape PE, paper, plastic) on the outer edge of the HUD brace square. Place the HUD brace on the inside of the filler you've created. Do this twice, once for each side, this will close the gap to use the OEM part L11 and L12 in step 24. The filler gap will depend on your scraping inside the HUD square from earlier. 4. You might find a better more efficient way, this was my process and may improve it on the next three. I don't think this is avoidable, no matter what you do...except. I made a HUD cover, we did use this during the season, you probably wont see too many pics as techs/aircrew would remove when on display. Placed the canopy in place and used putty around the screen. I'll let that harden and then sanding..tomorrow.
  3. Windscreen test fit with the HUD....grrr. Notice the bottom of the windscreen corners where it meets the aircraft structure. The HUD is too tall or the windscreen is too short! More thinking required...maybe my HUD is not set all the way down inside. I'll check it out tomorrow night...until next time.
  4. I decided to try an new windshield to see what is going on...and my suspicions were confirmed. The hot water distorted the leading edge of the windscreen. Salvageable? Not sure yet. New windscreen, as you can see the width is an issue. Side look way better. Might have to order some extra clear parts....dang it. Cheers AFM
  5. So here is what I am facing on this particular windscreen. This maybe, more than likely, is user interface error - for the most part. There will be some gaps, but I want to show this case as possibly the worst case scenario. If you see me start a new thread on another kit, you'll have to put 2 and two together... Cover me, I'm going in. AFM
  6. Here are the fit results, due to the wider than expected attempt, it was actually better. The part fits nice and snug in place with friction. Now onto the front of the windscreen...*sigh* Did I mention I still have a few cockpit sets left for sale? AFM
  7. So I inserted the windscreen into the boiling water and submerged for approx 5 seconds (this time was tested on the previous test sprue part) and gently applied pressure to get the appropriate width. Blowing on the part and placing the go-no-go gauge in and achieved slightly large gap than intended. Now worries... However the windscreen looked all foggy. The right side was a very quick dry buff with the blue block used earlier. The go-no-go gauge under the canopy to show the issues at this point. I finished buffing he windscreen with the buffing block and then used Tamiya Polish Fine on the inside and out. Took me about 5-7 minutes while watching You Chube.
  8. Today I have experimented with hot water and clear parts... My windscreen base at the aft side was too skinny and would not fit. This could be due to me and not checking the proper fit during assembly (step 13). But it could be the windscreen it self too. So this is what I did to correct it. I created a bar for the width to achieve proper clearance, as my go-no-go gauge. The mistake I made, was leaving the bar inside the windscreen for a couple hours. Minute cracking occurred at the base corners and all along the top of the windscreen due to stress. So I figured this windscreen was a loss. So, what the heck lets boil some water... I first brought the water to hot, but not boiling...and tested to bend on clear sprue of the same windscreen. This did not work very well, so I waited until full boil. The placed the part in the water using tweezers and slowly bent the sprue as seen below. No issues here...
  9. Thank you sir, I can't wait either!! *losing mind*
  10. New Product you might enjoy...I know I did!! I used one side of the block (grey) for the raised line removal of the canopy. Flipped the block to buff (white)...was done in about 2 minutes using dry technique...amazing!! Right canopy is completed, left is untouched.
  11. Keep us posted on the link when the shop is set up.
  12. Warner Robins HL, nothing on sale on the shelves, in fact it was restocked. But I failed to check the clearance area. Going back today...maybe.
  13. Nice work sir, come help me finish mine.
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