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  1. I go camping for a few days and then, pure excitement when I returned...A chukw build! Simply amazing scratch building techniques and I absolutely love the presentation! Cheers AFM
  2. Spill some Mr Leveler on your aileron...? Already applied your decals...? No gloss coat applied yet over the decals...? Has this happened to you? Are you as upset as I am right now? Are you about to carry out a free flight CoG test flight, launched straight off your desk without a Preflight check? Stop... you can fix it easily...breathe...breathe...*sigh*. First step is to figure out how to paint without tape... Use wet paper towel/paper and place onto the masking area(s). Then paint with very thin paint (80% thinner - ish)until area is bl
  3. Okay I am so close to having #2 done, that I'm going to call it...for now until I have all four lined up on the flight line and make the final adjustments then as I see it. Two things tomorrow, Daytona 500 and preparing the camper to go camping Monday morning...So for all intensive purposes today...I'm getting #3 ready while working on #4 at the same time, just slightly staggered. See y'all next weekend! Cheers AFM
  4. Ohh my, this will be a treat!! I will be following this one! Cheers AFM
  5. Dai, Just my very humble opinion... If these are indeed the same color...as per the artist impression. The black and white photo would support this theory. It would appear the colors are the same and show no significant grey shade difference. Further evidence, in my humble opinion, shows two colors here, red and black. The Hinomaru and tail in red, the engine cowling fuselage bands and top of wing appear to be black. As per the another reference appears to support this theory. BUT I could be waaay off as well.
  6. Dai I have at multiple Decal Softeners in my arsenal for such situations, Microset/sol, Mr Mark Softener, Markfit, and Walther's Solvaset. Bit for the simple markings of the Hinomaru, I just mask, paint a white base coat then red. As for the comparison of the two reds, I would only guess they would be close in color. I'll do some research and see what I can find. Cheers AFM
  7. Sir, What you get out of this build: A completed model; A group of supportive model builders to help you along; A stronger sense of confidence of your skills, even if you think you did okay, but with the desire to build another and confidence of getting better; A set of skills that keeps growing with each build you do; A proud moment of accomplishment. Have a look into youtube for some advice as well. The source may not be the modelling videos, but, soldering is used in many different hobbies...and they may show you how to solder in small areas or appl
  8. I don't think they were selling, I think Marc was making cap space from underperforming players, knowing the young talent they have now, playing in the NHL coming from the system. They do have at the core a very young talented team, and I still see that trend for the next two years of very strong young talent. I think that's why they went out and got some guys like Toffoli, Frolik, Tatar and Perry (to name a few) to help build experience in the now young 'ungs playing so then, in turn will help develop the young 'ung coming up in the next few years. Those hired experienced guns will be gone ne
  9. A-10 LOADER, thank you very much, my first time with figures. I agree, never tried it before an noticed people's build and they create a deeper story being told. My guy in his 1993 Hornet was reading the latest issue of Sports Illustrated 1993 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup win. Only thing missing now is a Timmy's coffee to make it more complete, he did have maple syrup on his waffles pre-flight and was sorry that the LA Kings lost... Cheers AFM
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