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  1. Simply, incredible. The scene which will tell so many stories to us older folks who watch this for the first time. Very inspiring; thank you!
  2. SIr Was searching for this set and found your listing: AEROMASTER 48-670 RAF MUSTANGS PT 2 $5 Is this still available?
  3. Good day everyone, WTB Xtradecals sheet 48092 or Aeromaster 48-670, specifically the RCAF Y2 portion of the sheet if your willing to depart with those markings only. If there is other sheets or companies that have this version of the Y2 camo version (not the NMF) would be appreciated. As per normal Ops, I will be paying for the postage; 31005. Appreciate your help in this matter! Cheers
  4. Anyone hear back on the prop question(s)?
  5. Draw Decals, thank you sir. Thank you sir Thank you Thank you Appreciate the kind words, the case is a nice investment. I don't much more, was time restricted to cmoplete the kit. Thank you AFM
  6. Morning, Ultimately, being honest with both at the same time can save your pickle. The original buyer from Mexico does not need to know of this situation, and informing them of this situation will only confuse the situation and will add little benefit in doing so. Provide the information requested for shipping. Contacting the last potential buyer in Cali and explaining the situation can relieve you of your dilemma . However, you should inform the Cali buyer know that they will be reserved as the secondary buyer if the original buyer backs out. Ch
  7. Nice!! Love the base!! Cheers AFM
  8. Afternoon, So after many late nights and last minute details completed, here it is. Another build for a member leaving the RAFB Office for a RCAF mbr posted back home to Canada. Literally done hours before they leave. Enjoy... Cheers AFM
  9. I have sent an email to contributor as well, no response yet. Cheers AFM
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