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  1. I have sent an email to contributor as well, no response yet. Cheers AFM
  2. Sir, I used the following package of colors: From spraygunner dawt calm: Mr. Color JASDF Oceanic Camouflage Colors CS665 Includes C375 Deep Ocean Blue/C376 Radome Gray/C374 Shallow Ocean Blue. Primed with Mr Color 1500 surfacer 6/7 drops (use your measurement equal) thinner to 3/4 drops paint mix = 10 drops/ml/oz/gallons/litres or whatever you need. Gentlemen, Thank you very much, y'all too kind! Cheers AFM
  3. DXM, the kit decals were old and shattered when placed in water. Cheers AFM
  4. Hi, just asking...for a friend. He has this AMX-10RCR by Tiger Model. ANd the instructions are a bit unclear. We are little confused what to remove as shown in the upper right part of the instructions...is it the greyed out dots with red arrow of the other non-greyed out dot with red/yellow arrow? Cheers AFM
  5. Here is another..JASDF F-4EJ 8 Sqn Sea Camo Cheers AFM
  6. A document package of decals from LEM to Georgia took about one month.Typically take about two weeks.
  7. Good Evening, has there been some progress for the release date of these decal sheets? Please place me on the pre-order for 3 sets. Cheers AFM
  8. Sir, Ensure they are wet, plain water is fine. And IF you think your done polishing while wet...polish bit longer that you think you should at each level. The extra bit of time makes a big difference. Cheers AFM
  9. Nice!! I giggled at that one! Plaque free as well too. Cheers AFM
  10. I use water and a step process with Micro mesh. Depending of the level of scratches in the clear part. Starting with 2400 - wet 4000 - wet 6000- wet 8000-wet Then finish with a buffing block - from the nail polishing world, usually a white smooth finish. If this doesn't make it very clear to your satisfaction, dip in future. This canopy had a deformity in the clear part and used this process to buff it out. Cheers AFM
  11. Don, Thank you for that bit of info, much appreciate the time and effort to help me out. Cheers AFM
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