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  1. Been some time since I updated, had to complete some other projects, or help them move closer to the finish line. But they are almost done and can concentrate on the last Hornet. As I am working on the staining for the ac, I am also progressing on the armament as well. Starting with the ResKit BRU-55 Then onto the BGU-49s Adding the Thermal protection layers, never done this before and I have tried two ways, one with Tamiya Putty and the other Mr Dissolved Putty. Primed... Until next time Cheers AFM
  2. Thank you, because of your informed build, I am now aware. Cheers AFM
  3. Beautiful, because of your build I have ordered a complete line of accessories for the Tamiya kit...love the beauty of it's aerodynamic lines. Cheers AFM
  4. My rendition of Sqn Ldr Ken Boomers' P-40 Kittyhawk Mk III Cheers AFM
  5. Ohhh nice...looking good. Will you be planning to use LEDs inside? Cheers
  6. I have a Cricut Cutter and I love it. However, this can be done as suggested but achieving the feathered edge will not work well from a mask. But you could create a mask as suggested, then paint, then remove mask then feather the edge of the painted areas with a fine airbrush. Cheers AFM
  7. They are available online with the reference earlier in this thread. It is a mind boggling 26 steps to apply the decals. Cheers AFM
  8. Thank you so very much!! Great article, interesting history on this airframe! Thank you for all you help in this matter. Cheers AFM
  9. Can the F-16 experts help me with a few details. I have the Tamiya kit and the decals, looking to get the correct intake, exhaust, seat and cockpit PE as well. Cheers AFM
  10. Simply beautiful, can't wait to see this completed! Keep it up, it is very inspiring and thought provoking as well. Cheers AFM
  11. Folks, been working on some other projects lately and testing a new airbrush/compressor combo. The items tested is in the shots of the model. i will be using the neatandhandy combo for the remaining build of 795. Some progress with the paint Using some Mr Surfacer to create the anti skid on the Lex. I thinned it down with Mr Leveler and then as it dries, I kept stippling with a stiff brush until i got the desired effect. The application of the paint was impressive with the neatandhandy system. It came with a .3mm needle and has impressive control properti
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