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  1. Another quick build, enjoy! Cheers AFM
  2. Is RLM 27 (Gelb (yellow) - 1935-1945 the color you are looking for? If so then the 100% equivalence could be FS33637 IAW the Hobby Color Converter app. With the app 98% equivalence is: Citadel 51044 Cheers
  3. Has anyone noticed and know the reason of the bug beside the #118? And inside the main fuselage...? Found it a bit curious. Cheers AFM
  4. Thank you sir, I really like the Splash paint aluminum...I used to get it from Spraygunner (I think I did anyways...)...they no longer carry it. Currently searching for a new vendor. Cheers AFM
  5. Steve, thank you, yeah the Shark's mouth...was a handful. Had to use a couple applications of Waldron's Decal Set to get it to snuggle down. The uniqueness is what drew me to doing this one. Cheers AFM
  6. Sir, thank you for your kind words. Cheers AFM
  7. Hello everyone, Another quick build, used cricut to make decals with exception of the shark's mouth and "EVALINA" from Three Guys Replicas. Used Mr Surfacer, Splash Aluminum and various Mr Hobby colors, finished with Microscale flat and Tamiya gloss. Fun build, there are some details of the build vs the actual compared to pics, interesting subject allowing for artist license, maybe someday someone will issue me one. Maybe after the RL Scott Club contest, I MIGHT take the rear tail wheel assy off, remove half the rudder and place it on a barrel. Have a real close look at the Japanese pic w
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