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  1. Sir, 

    Interested in your 1/48 Hobbyboss F-111C for $39 if still available. My zip is 21234 for shipping estimate if so.


  2. If anyone has left over decals from the1/48 Academy F-22, in particular any of two of the squadron commanders markings(27th and 94th), FF and serial numbers, Id be glad to buy them. I have the Hasegawa kit but dont want to build the wing commader bird, rather a line bird or squadron commander.
  3. As the title says, looking to trade my 1/48 GWH MIG-29 for 1/48 Hobbyboss FB-111A. Each trader covers respective shipping cost.
  4. Very very nice final product with your FB-111A...she came out looking gorgeous!! Im inspired to build mine now..what paints did you use as Im partial to Tamiya.
  5. Have two bottles of unused Raptor Sheen, Enamel 29ml I will never use. CONUS only. If interested provide zip so I can get a shipping estimation on liquids.
  6. Looking to trade my 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J PT43 for 1/48 Hobbyboss FB-111A. Each trader covers own shipping cost-CONUS only.
  7. Wow that is so terrible the Skytypers lost a pilot today, condolences to the entire team family and loved ones.
  8. All, anyone have any inside information on this upcoming weekends airshow at NAS Pax River? The website shows a lineup that includes Art Nalls Sea Harrier and the Blues, but I`m curious if any other jet demos will be flown. With the exception of the two abovementioned, theres no other jet demos secheduled...on the other hand they list the CH-53K King Stallion as a static, should be pretty neat to check out and would this be the first public displaying of the King Stallion( I know it will be a test bird but cool nonetheless).
  9. T-Birds cancelled for this show but im still going to go..be interested to see how the schedule plays out without them, maybe a surprise thrown in...but at least between the CF-18 and F-22 I should get my thirst for some jet noise quenched!! Weather looks to be playing ball for Sat!
  10. Looks like it was the CAG bird, coincidentally, I got pics of it and a sister bird, 204, from a couple days prior to this tragedy when they made a stop at BWI/TM.
  11. If you have these marking options left over from the Furball Aero Low His Devil Dogs I will gladly pay. Just in need of the VMFA-321 F-4S.
  12. If you have these marking options left over from the Furball Aero Low His Devil Dogs I will gladly pay. Just in need of the VMFA-321 F-4S.
  13. If you have these marking options left over from the Furball Aero Low His Devil Dogs I will gladly pay. Just in need of the VMFA-321 F-4S.
  14. Also looking forward to the FB-111 markings, any profiles?
  15. Agreed Jeff, which is why I'm surprised there are none available..Guard and reserve units flew these aircraft during the twilight of their careers and although it was the era of subdued and toned down low vis markings, I still find them appealing.
  16. Yessssss!! Thanks for the reply Jake!! Take your time, as long as I didn't miss them I'm excited to know I'll finally be able to do my beloved DCANG...and with SPH Graphics doing them , I know they will be the 💣
  17. Did a search and didn't see anything but are there any 1/48 decals available for F-4Ds in Hill II? I recall a couple decal makers saying they were going to produce them, just can't remember and wanted to make sure I didn't miss them- does anyone make Jayhawks and Capital Guardian F-4Ds decals?
  18. Looking for any F-16C from this sheet if you have used it and have left overs...the F-16B will work too. TIA.
  19. Let me know if this falls thru, I have a sheet containing two left over birds I'm willing to part with.
  20. Interested in a model masters equivalent in acrylic in the color of gray black for painting tires. NATO black seems like it might work but wanted to know if anyone has had success using another color. I have a Vallero Air gray black however I'd prefer model masters. Thanks.
  21. Phase hangar resins- previously two mikes- has A-4 seats.
  22. Wanting to trade my 1/48 Hasegawa F-22, box open, parts sealed. Interested in trading for 1/48 Tamiya F-16C/N.
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