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  1. Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
  2. you are correct sir, saw this in the Marine Time last month.
  3. As someone in the buisness side of it i can shed some light on this one. MAW-Decals has used 2 printers since we began. we started using Microscale and routinely would get out of register sheets and not just a few. infact the 1st sheet we put out about half were unusable and had to be sent back for a refund. being a one man show i had to look at every sheet and closely inspect it for registration. after awhile you start to start seeing less and less errors on a sheet, try looking at 500+ of the same sheet and see how it goes. i know somee bad sheets slipped though to the market. i now use cart
  4. a 32nd scale kit i started about 10 years ago. and 2 48 scale delta hornets i'm building for a buddy at work.
  5. http://www.justguns.com/handguns/tokarev-tt30.html
  6. sorry to burst your bubble but, i believe that the "new" means that it is new to the list, added since the last update as stated by the little blurb at the top of the list. "The 'New or Updated' column shows what's been added or changed since the last update."
  7. The C/D and B/N kits from Hasegawa have raised panel lines.
  8. not to sound harsh but read the first sentence in my post.
  9. Here is my TA-4J that i built as a Marine Corps TA-4F from H&MS-31. i started this kit over a year and a half ago. i got it all the way to the weathering stage when i was transfered from Camp Lejeune to Parris Island, haven't touched a model since until this month. One thing i learned is that it's not a good idea to let a model with an oil paint wash on it sit that long. it was a PITA to clean up. added True Detail seats and MAW-Decals markings.
  10. i believe these 2 actually came out of a Hobby Craft A-4 kit.
  11. Started this one over a year and a half ago. finally out of my no building slump and finished her.
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