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  1. Resin (SLA & DLP) printers are much higher in resolution than PLA printers, and prices keep coming down and technology going in leaps. They require more care and safety and clean up, but the results can be superb with practically no printing grain etc.
  2. Well this is great news indeed! Good reason to now decide on a resin printer I assume that the STL files can be rescaled in something like Fusion 360?
  3. I have some original NASA documents on the Apollo Lunar Rover available for auction see http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/314317-apollo-lunar-rover-nasa-documents/ This includes plans/drawings, photographs, letters and marketing material.
  4. Original NASA documents and photographs of the Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV) used during Apollo 15 lunar exploration in 1971 and subsequent Apollo missions. Documents are all original, including photographs on print film, marketing material, letters and drawings and plans of the LRV. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apollo-Lunar-Rover-NASA-Documents/184404182526?hash=item2aef5885fe:g:NbkAAOSwXCNfOMSO
  5. As in this correction kit, which is discontinued by Zactomodels: http://arcauctions.com/Rev2/1701-1800/rev1710-ZactoA-7-set/00.shtm https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zactomodels-z32007-a-7-combo--146563 Peter
  6. I am making good headway on my Mercury capsule in Fusion 360 which will eventually be available on Shapeways, starting at 1/12 to compliment the Atomic Models kit. Now looking forward to the next project, which I'm only just starting to think about. Given that Artemis 1 is scheduled for launch in November 2021 and hopefully a moon landing in 2024/25, I am thinking SLS, Gateway, Orion and possibly Moon Landers. The latter may be premature until at least Artemis 2 though. Are there any accurate drawings/plans around for these yet? Any other ideas on what peo
  7. Well, this looks awesome. I am concerned though about the tubular structure and being strong enough to support the weight. Also I imagine that this structure would be quite fragile and susceptable to warping over time if 3D printed in resin or any type of plastic. Have you considered making the structure from metal hobby rod or tubing, e.g. brass or aluminium? Aluminium would not need any painting either and could be joined with an epoxy for metal (Araldite comes to mind). On the other hand, brass would be a lot stronger and could easily be soldered which would be a
  8. Fantastic work Aussie-Pete. As for a resin printer, I will sit on the fence for a while, sharpening up my CAD skills. Having tried Solidworks 2020, I found it too cumbersome, and frankly not very intuitive. This is having used 3DS Max for many years. I have now switched to Fusion 360, and find it very intuitive and relatively easy to use after a small learning curve. I think we will see great leaps in the 3D printing technology in the next few years, much like we saw in the 90's with desktop processors and inkjet and laser printers. Costs will come down as the mar
  9. Good to see some Canadian space industry innovation...I know it's cold up there guys
  10. Fantastic! Thanks Vincent, I will probably go with the FDA approved Candyland foil, you can never be too sure these days
  11. I may have missed it, but how are you getting the various colors on the adhesive aluminium paper?
  12. They do have some nice kits. I am particularly tempted by their 1/24 Voyager At the moment though, I'm awaiting their drawing set for the Mercury capsule for modelling in SolidWorks. I have the NASA plans but not detailed enough, low resolution and no dimensions. BTW, for those doing the 1/72 Dragon Saturn V, Real Space have batted bells that look OK.
  13. There is the Anycubic Plant-based UV Resin, which is meant to be low odour... https://www.anycubic.com/products/anycubic-plant-based-uv-resin
  14. Thanks, very nice indeed. Is this the Photon S? Solidworks? How long did it take to print, I'm guessing overnight?
  15. Would like to see something to compare the resin print against, for scale.
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