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  1. Got it! Thanks. They're on the stencil instruction sheet , not the RAM coating sheet. Just applied them now. No hint of a C variant in the A box, then.
  2. That is as may be but I've yet to find anywhere in either the A or B instructions that indicates that element #185 should be applied to either airframe.
  3. I'm no great expert on the F-35 but I am building a RNoAF A variant at the moment. There are a number of decal sheets which are included in the kit. On one of the smaller sheets decal element #185 represents the stencil 'Danger Arresting Hook'. It's not used in the A kit and the sheet is not included in the B kit. 2+2=5?
  4. The specific camouflage schemes you mention are not currently part of the portfolio, so you'd need to study photos and eyeball a match and/or mix a shade yourself. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/c18/AKAN.html
  5. Gabor, I think you may have your wires crossed here. AS-1115 is the name of the Soviet paint brand (manufactured for the aviation industry), not the color designation. There are many different shades of AS-1115 paint in Russia (green, red, blue, etc.), not just gray. Other paint brands were also used to paint VVS and PVO aircraft. Aleksandr Akanikhin (AKAN) researched this a few years ago.
  6. Here's why (allegedly). You'd need to read most of the thread to get the full context.
  7. Please consult the booklet that comes with the decals you mention you purchased. There is a full page devoted to ‘red 04’ including photos plus left and right profiles. The upper surfaces of the Red 04 were weathered to the extent that only the protective base coat remained. the airframe was touched up frequently in situ, thus rendering an upper definitive profile moot. The profile you post above comes from Mir Aviatsii magazine and is not particularly accurate, possibly even 'useless' in your parlance. It is not included in LHD 32002. We relied for our references on a modeler from Kaliningrad
  8. Fair point, Berkut, but I did offer the caveat that I may not have understood the article correctly, After all, this is a discussion forum! I hesitate to post this, as the information is another 'reliable source' but here goes: Any thoughts?
  9. If I understand this article correctly, the MiG-29KR ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea after a cable break on the Kuznetzov, whose deck repair took too long. https://www.gazeta.ru/army/2016/11/21/10354847.shtml
  10. Have you ever read Homer's Odyssey? ;-)
  11. Not questioning professionalism at all. That doesn't detract from Whitey's general point that Naval Aviation isn't easy and you need to keep your eye in to stay safe. If I'm not mistaken the MiG-29KR which crashed was one of only three on board and this was the first deployment. How much flying has the MiG-29KR done in the Barents or Norwegian Seas?
  12. Ru MoD confirms loss of MiG-29KR (single-seater), not KUBR. Cause? See above. Landing on and taking off from a faux carrier deck on dry land at Yeysk in the summer isn't the same as doing it in the choppy eastern Med in mid-November.
  13. The M/MF set is dependent on sales of the 'Lightweight' stencils. One would fund the other.
  14. Finished at last! The research for and creation of this sheet originated in Minsk and was then developed and executed in Moscow, using first-hand source materials and actual MiG-23 'Lightweight' airframes. Enough stencil data is provided to decorate the modeler's choice of one MiG-23ML, ML Export, MLA, P, MLD or MLDE variant. It is designed to complement Linden Hill Decals' various MiG-23 ML and MLD decal sheets. http://www.lindenhillimports.com/lindenhilldecals.htm
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