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  1. I grew up up in western NC and remember that aisle of models at our Roses well. Loved a trip there!
  2. One look at this diorama takes me back to listening to Nena. If you don't get that reference, you don't get the diorama.
  3. Gorgeous!! Where in the Carolinas did you grow up to have bought Monogram kits at Roses??
  4. I'm glad I stumbles across this GB! I got back into the hobby a little over a year ago after a break of about 7 years. Previously I was almost exclusively building What If? models, and I still enjoy them with 6 of the 18 builds I've completed since getting back into modeling being speculative. My last What If is a Tamiya Meteor F.3 built as a 1946 USAAF P-74. That one was a two-week build that I finished on March2nd, so it's not eligible here, but I did immediately begin a nice easy build of a Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor. I guess this one counts as both Sci-Fi and a What If? since it's in a paint scheme not seen in the movies. I can't say enough good about this kit. It took about 27 elapsed hours from start to finish, most of that spent painting. Assembly is all press fit and the engineering is remarkable. Starting out... Naturally the Royal Guard Pilots wear red instead of black... Not much visible when complete to I didn't spend much time on the cockpit. decals are provided for the black triangular screens around the pod. Not many other interesting build pics since it was quickie...so on to the finished article.... At the height of the Empire Palpatine allowed himself to believe that the people of the galaxy adored him and were grateful for the peace and order he had brought to them with his empire. But a leader, no matter how beloved must be careful, so he always travelled with a fighter escort. The Emperor took great pride in looking out the viewports of his personal shuttle to see his “Redbird” squadron escorting him. Officially known as the 66th Royal Escort Squadron, Redbird pilots were hand selected by the Palpatine and trained personally by Darth Vader. The “Redbird” nickname came from the Royal Scarlet color of the squadron’s TIE Interceptors. The TIEs used by the 66th Sqn were heavily upgraded compared to normal fleet fighters. These upgrades included advanced sensors and targeting systems, activation of the two hull-mounted cannon, for a total of six, a hyperdrive unit, and advanced shield generators. Needless to say, the cockpit of a Redbird TIE was the ultimate goal of virtually every fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy. As the Rebellion grew in strength and reach Palpatine reluctantly, and unusually, yielded to advisors who, concerned about signaling the Emperors location, asked that he sacrifice the distinctive Royal Guard red for normal fleet markings for his escorts. Even so a small number were retained for ceremonial duties in the tightly controlled and protected space close to the Coruscant system.
  5. All in 1/48... Harrier GR.1/GR.3/AV-8A/AV-8C Avro Vulcan BAe Jetstream 31 Accurate F-111 family 1/48 Blackburn Buccanneer
  6. I agree Skyhawk! I love the gun bay, but also think the open bay ruins the lines of the jet. The bay cover is just presses into place. I was lucky that mine fit nicely and looks OK just pressed in. I'm a big "What If" modeler, so my next one of these might very well be early fifties Raf Germany or late fifties FauxAF. It really is a great little kit!
  7. This is a kit I've wanted to build for a long time. Fit is close to perfect. A nice easy build. It's my first time tackling NMF since getting back into building. I haven't ventured into the world of Alclad yet, so this one is pretty basic...Testors Metallizer Aluminum Plate out of a rattle can. I may get more adventurous for the next try at NMF.
  8. Very nice. Love the Panther. I think one will be on my list soon.
  9. Hello all! Making a return to the hobby after about a 7-year absence. When I quit I was mostly building "What-Ifs" a few of which I posted here. I got back into it over the winter and I've been mixing up real work builds with a couple of What-Ifs. Sorry for the pic quality...I'm still getting back used to it. Here is my progress since February to share... Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D. OOB Next effort was a Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ, again OOB One of my favorites of all time in one of my favorite paint schemes of all time was next. Hase 1/48 A-4E with AOA decals. On to my first "What-If?" in 7 years. Academy 1/48 Hunter FGA.9 as a USAF F-99C, South Vietnam, c.1966. Decals from an Xtradecal F-100 sheet. Paints are Vallejo Model Air which I've recently discovered and love, but the two SEA greens are pretty much identical. I promise there are two greens on this model. ] Back to the real world for a Hase 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IXc OOB ] And finally the most recent build, another "What-If?"...Hase 1/48 F6F-5 built as a Naval Ordnance Test Station (China Lake) test bed for XAAM-7-A Sidewinder missile trials in 1952. Centerline tank is modified into and instrumentation pod. Orange paint is Hataka and decals are a hodgepodge. The skills seem to be getting a bit better with each build. Either way, I'm having fun and I'm realizing how much I missed building!
  10. Here is a great Lightning reference. Also True Details do a cockpit set that is available from Squadron for under $8. I have one and it looks fairly good for the price, thought I havent opened it and I dont have much resin experience to compare it to.
  11. Blows my theory out of the water then!! <_< It's just a different subtype of the same basic model of the Mk7 thought, isnt it? Or am I way off? edit-After looking on the MB website they list the UK Phantom seats as the 7A and H7AF, and the US Phantom seats as the H7 and H7AF. Is the H7AF a common Naval variant of the seat that is underwater capable maybe??? MB Site
  12. I seem to remember that they are the same Mk7 seats, with the exception of some differences on the personal equipment connector, that would be invisible on a model anyway.
  13. Beautiful build! Is there a more quintisential 'jet fighter' shape than the F-106?
  14. The final form starts to come together with the large 'dark energy radiators' to balance the smaller rear section with the larger front. Some styrene strip and sheet is being added at this stage for surface detail too: Primer coat on with the radiators rotated to the deployed position for warp-bubble initiation: Shot of the underside at this stage, showing the Shrike shuttle still planned and a differnet forward sensor array: The Wyvern fighter that replaced the Shrike shuttle on the docking rail. The left wing carries a 6-barrell railgun and the right has a laser cannon: A last in-progress shot showing the deployed heavy laser cannon and the new much larger 'gravity manipulators': Thanks for the comments guys!!
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