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  1. I’ve been searching eBay for months with no luck. Wow. THANKS! They are ordered.
  2. I've tried a lot of Googling, but can't find any source of 1/48 NC Air Guard F-86D/L decals. Anyone aware of any available?
  3. Another vote for Sprue Brothers. Always good service and occasionally some good deals. Squadron is good too but lately their selection seems pretty poor. I have recently had a NEGATIVE experience with Internet Hobbies. Ordered three kits, only two arrived. Invoice and all notifications indicated all had shipped. Took two emails and over a week to get a response. All the response said was "it will ship next week". No thanks, no sorry, nothing. "next week" was last week and I have yet to receive any kind of shipping confirmation or tracking info so as they say, caveat empto
  4. In the early 90s I was part of a group that almost bought the SV-4 from the movie. It was in parts in a barn in western North Carolina. The deal never went through as the owner wanted a bit much for what amounted to a barn full of parts but I always thought it would have been great to own that airplane (or at least 1/3 of it). Loved the film.
  5. Latest COVID Build (number 9 so far). Tamiya's wonderful 1/48 F-14A. For such a complex aircraft this model was a gem to build. Really well engineered and no filler anywhere. It was nice that it fit so well that I could do much of the painting in sub assemblies then just do a little touchup after final assembly. Kit is OOB except for a little Tamiya tape to make the canvas shroud over the RIO instruments and an Eduard ejection seat detail set. Painted with Vallejo Insignia White and Black and Hataka Light Gull Gray through Iwata NEO. Exhausts/engines are Vallejo metallics and the brighte
  6. My first ever real foray into figure modeling and I have admit it was a nice break from aircraft. It'll be nice to get back to the Tomcat on the bench tomorrow but I thoroughly enjoyed this little build. This is Bandai's 1/12 Imperial Stormtrooper. It went together out of the box in about an hour and looked nice enough. But on close inspection it shows it's simple construction and movable limb with lots of ball joints where human joints should be. I decided to make this trooper a post-Return Of the Jedi era trooper now just trying to make his way in the galaxy. This would be
  7. Yeah, I have a friend who works in their marketing department. They are trying to get the land where the old original Morris Field hangar is to build a new museum that will include ht original hangar. I hate it closed....grat way to kill some time at the airport, but I guess Honeywell bought the hangar for their flight department when they moved company HQ to Charlotte.
  8. Great pic! Thanks. The lettering will be no problem with generic US letters/numbers decals. The state marking should be easy if I can find out the color. There is an aviation archive attached to the museum at CLT...maybe I'll check there. Thanks for posting the pic!
  9. Quick question...I've looked high and low but can't find 1/48 NC Air National Guard decals for the F-86D. The 156th Fighter Squadron operated them out of Charlotte in 59-60 before becoming an airlift unit. I work at CLT and would love to build a CLT F-86D but can't find much info on them and definitely no decals. Anyone know of anything?
  10. Hello all...been a while since I posted here. I was building quite a lot up until about 13 months ago, and then life, work, travel, and other hobbies took me away from the bench. I've been itching to get back to building for a few months now, so what better excuse than being stuck at home for the forseeable future?? Here are my builds over the past 4 weeks. I like building in the "What If?" genre, and over the past 10 years that has been most of my building, but in the past couple of years it's been a bit more balanced, as these four builds show...50/50 split. Paint is mostly V
  11. I grew up up in western NC and remember that aisle of models at our Roses well. Loved a trip there!
  12. One look at this diorama takes me back to listening to Nena. If you don't get that reference, you don't get the diorama.
  13. Gorgeous!! Where in the Carolinas did you grow up to have bought Monogram kits at Roses??
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