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  1. Yeah I’m just wondering because all UK outlets have had it in stock since mid November
  2. Anyone know when this kit will hit the states? Or has it and I missed it? All US based stores do not have it, Spruebothers etc...
  3. Hi all, I am building a Tornado GR4 during Operation Telic and wondering about aircraft load. I want to build a jet carrying storm shadows, and wondering what would be mounted on the inboard wing pylon rails. Were Aim-9s always loaded? What about BOL rails? Did they appear early on in the conflict in 2003, or not until later? Would Sidewinders also be mounted to the BOLS?
  4. Not a single close up photo? What is this? I guess I’ll have to take your word that a gloss coat isn’t needed?
  5. They are now defunct. No chance of getting their products.
  6. They have not! And thanks for this from a fellow North Dakotan modeler.
  7. Absolutely this. The Revell kit has detail that rivals Eduard/Tamiya/Hasegawa. The fit issues are mostly preventable by following other build guides. I just finished an Italian IDS and the surface detail just pops perfectly all around on the finished model.
  8. This is exactly the way I do it. It did the Monogram F-101 Voodoo and I worked a small area at a time, removing the old raised line and scribing the new one in its place. The outline is still visible to follow. I would also take a picture of all the parts of the kit to see where all the detail and rivets go, in case I didn’t find accurate drawings.
  9. I would say it depends on what version F-104 you want to build. If you want to build a 104S, you must get the Daco set regardless...for all other versions, I’d say go for Kinetic kit. Except F-104C obviously, that requires Hasegawa/Daco too.
  10. I have this airbrush. It does a real nice job and is easy to clean. It does feel a bit heavy and clunky compared to my Iwata HP-CS but that doesn’t affect its performance. As you said, the price of Mr. Hobby airbrushes can’t be beat
  11. Just saw a sheet of wrap- around schemes go for over $50 on EBay. A new sheet could be a winner, just sayin...
  12. Ok thanks guys! How about the pylon the TER is mounted on? Is it by chance the special one meant for the Sparrow missle? Or a standard F-16 pylon for that specific station?
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