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  1. Do you live in the States? If so, any shipping issues?
  2. Are you speculating? Cause I’m hoping to move beyond speculation and maybe hear from a retailer or distributor or someone in the know... nothing seems to make sense, as Zoukie Mura F-4E seemed to make its way to spruebrothers on time without issue...
  3. Shipping! And my international packages tend to sit in Chicago or New Jersey for months on end.... covid has set us back decades....
  4. Do not know. Also no Revell or GWH restocks in the States either. Will we even see the Meng Hornet?
  5. Anyone know when the new 1 48 Kinetic Harriers will be available in the States? Spruebrothers?
  6. Yeah I’m just wondering because all UK outlets have had it in stock since mid November
  7. Anyone know when this kit will hit the states? Or has it and I missed it? All US based stores do not have it, Spruebothers etc...
  8. Hi all, I am building a Tornado GR4 during Operation Telic and wondering about aircraft load. I want to build a jet carrying storm shadows, and wondering what would be mounted on the inboard wing pylon rails. Were Aim-9s always loaded? What about BOL rails? Did they appear early on in the conflict in 2003, or not until later? Would Sidewinders also be mounted to the BOLS?
  9. Not a single close up photo? What is this? I guess I’ll have to take your word that a gloss coat isn’t needed?
  10. They are now defunct. No chance of getting their products.
  11. They have not! And thanks for this from a fellow North Dakotan modeler.
  12. Absolutely this. The Revell kit has detail that rivals Eduard/Tamiya/Hasegawa. The fit issues are mostly preventable by following other build guides. I just finished an Italian IDS and the surface detail just pops perfectly all around on the finished model.
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