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  1. That’s the ultimate cockpit! Nice job. But wow, that’s got to be over $50 right there!!?
  2. “Late” boxing includes resin pitot tubes and blade type antennas, but do not include exact placement instructions, so check your references carefully. Also of note, no mention of installing the supplied rotating beacon clear parts, and only one type of nosewheel is supplied, so again, check references.
  3. Never mind, I see in stock on your website! I must have completely missed it! Thanks and ordered.
  4. Sorry, I should have been more clear, this sheet is out of stock everywhere, just wondering if you plan on a general re- print? Thanks
  5. Will this sheet be re printed for the new Academy kit?
  6. Forgot to mention Doug at Royal Resin, he makes lots of great phantom updates as well
  7. Also a must have for any Hasegawa kit requiring an unslotted stab. Because of what I pointed out in my previous post.
  8. The unslotted stab. in the Hasegawa kit is undersized in span and chord. This has long been known, as Hasegawa corrected this in their slotted stab version when they re-tooled for recessed pane lines. So I would use the slotted version in all kits for a more accurate, direct comparison.
  9. You realize it’s pre-thinned and you’re not adding extra thinner are you? I’ve used MRP before and have never needed that many coats, especially over a good primer. Are you using a primer?
  10. Yes, not just C specific, depends on time frame.
  11. Silver gear legs and green zinc chromate landing gear door insides. Except possibly the inner most main gear door sometimes got over sprayed with the exterior belly color of camouflage gray. White gear and bays were post war.
  12. Thanks Habu, I've read conflicting info on Airforce A-7s, as Wolfpack offers the Aero 3B? but maybe its a typo or mistake? Wow, Dave! to the rescue with another nice set! Aftermarket Bol rails are hard to come by. Am I right then that your set 48-8039 would be appropriate for any US AirForce phantom carrying an Aim 9P/U and also Aim 9M/L?
  13. Thanks Scott and Niels, I am aware of Dave's wonderful products as well as Phase Hangar, and even Metallic Details and Wolfpack, they all have some resin Missile launchers, But which ones do I need? Aero 3B for F-4s and the A-7D? What about the British Harrier? Lau-7s? Lau-114s?
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