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  1. Thanks guys for the information ,got the Air doc sheet Stay safe!
  2. Hello guys,title says it,looking for all 36320 or tps birds trying to finish a couple of projects,lots of 1/72 decals to trade! Thank you!!
  3. Hello guys gals,looking for early TPS scheme ,up do desert storm low viz decalsfor F-14A . Pref vf-84 or sundowners but others will do. NOT the allover gull grey, TPS scheme proper is what I am looking for. I have data,just looking for individual unit markings.Have lots of decals to trade!!!
  4. I think I have the 72-111 microscale. Do you want me to look?
  5. Hey guys, any SEA camo F-4 pictures out there with black undersurfaces? I know I have seen it somewhere but can’t find it!
  6. Thanks guys for the replies! Luigi msg inbound- thank you!
  7. Hey guys,is there any aftermarket sheet for sharkmouth F-4E in lizard colors? The only one I find is Hasegawas old kit/boxing. Anyone could spare them by chance?( I pay shipping) Thank you!
  8. Hello Guys, trying to finish a couple of kits laying around all 1/72 I am looking for: F-14 sundowners low viz or some other low viz f-14(Maybe VF-84) F-4E europe 1 sharkmouth (lizard) F7p cutlass for fujimi kit wildcat (pacific theater) EKA-3 skywarrior or KA-3 F-18F low viz mosquito fb versions Quite a few decals to trade ,or I can pay for shipping plus some bucks! Happy modeling ! Greg
  9. Juan, I have them, I will send them to you, pm your address. I am looking for: f-14 sundowners low viz or some other low viz f-14 f-4e europe 1 sharkmouth (lizard) F7p cutlass for fujimi kit wildcat (pacific theater) eka-3 skywarrior or ka-3 f-18f low viz mosquito fb versions pls be patient,because I travel a lot Greg
  10. Hey thanks for the great replies guys! Right on!
  11. Hello guys gals, Are there any Rhino VF-102 decals available anywhere -1/72- for Enterprise circa mid-60s? Anybody has a set they would part with? what would be a typical load? Any pictures? thanks--happy builds!
  12. Hey guys,Happy Holidays to all! collecting fujimi box top pictures,if you have any you would like to give away,paying a few bucks and of course postage! thanks Greg
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