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  1. @MRwilsonj thanks for the input! I went ahead and checked out https://gowithguide.com/korea to browse some guide options. Finding one that specifically knows about aircraft spots is a good call. Might help maximize my time there for sure. I'll have to pick a guide and start planning in more detail. Really looking forward to the trip! 😀✈️
  2. Yeah kimchi isn't for everyone haha. Don't feel bad if you don't like it, there's so many other amazing foods in Korea to enjoy. The Korean barbecue is definitely a must try in my book! 😋📖
  3. Hey thanks for the recommendations! Korean BBQ and kimchi definitely sounds like something I need to try. I'm planning to visit in June, so those palace and cultural sites will hopefully be nice without too big of crowds. Palaces especially interest me from an RC modeling perspective. I'll have to check out those places in Gyeongju and Suwon as well. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to look into hiring a local guide? I'm wondering if that might help me get to some aircraft sights I otherwise wouldn't know about or provide more context. What do you think - would a guide b
  4. That 3M respirator Cruiz mentioned looks like a solid option. I've used 3M stuff before and it seems well-made. Just make sure to get the right replacement cartridges for what you need it for. Cruiz is right that comfort and easy on/off are important too.
  5. Really interesting to read about those vets going back to Vietnam after all those years. Takes a lot of courage to face those places again. Sounds like it helped them find some peace though, which is good to hear.
  6. Thanks for sharing this playlist. I just spent the past hour going down an unexpected rabbit hole watching some of the Look at Life films. It's really fascinating to get a glimpe into daily life and operations of the militaries from that era. The footage is so crisp too, especially considering when it was shot. Some of the aerial scenes of carriers and aircraft manoeuvres were really cool to see. I'll have to come back to the rest when I have more time. Thanks also for including the context on the series replacing newsreels - that historical backdrop makes the films even more
  7. Yeah finding older kits from smaller brands can be tough. Have you tried checking Yahoo Auctions Japan? I've found some unexpected kits listing there before. Otherwise maybe try reaching out to model shops near Edwards and see if any surplus stock got tucked away somewhere. When a company closes, who knows where their leftover stock might end up. Fingers crossed someone digs up a box of treasures for you! Also curious - what drew you to those particular Muroc kits?
  8. That's too bad about Testors discontinuing their semi gloss lacquer spray. I've had good results with the Mr. Super Clear semi gloss spray myself. Have you tried that one? It's inexpensive and the finish is really nice. Maybe give that a shot in the meantime until you can find a suitable replacement.
  9. Hmm that's too bad those Mission Model paints didn't work out for you guys. I've heard such mixed things about them. Sometimes it seems to depend on the specific colors or batches too. What types of projects do you usually like to work on? I've been playing around with miniatures lately, trying out different techniques. It's always a learning process figuring out which brands and methods work best for each application.
  10. Hey folks, I'm really excited because I'll be traveling to South Korea next year. From what I've heard, the food is amazing and the culture is so interesting. For any of you who have been, do you have any recommendations for must-see places or unique experiences? I'd love to get a taste of authentic Korean barbecue and try some kimchi. Any favorite restaurants or markets I should check out? Also, for those who model Korean aircraft, do you have suggestions for museums or aircraft boneyards I could visit for research? I'd like to get a look at the real things up close be
  11. Thanks for the tip on starting each session with cleaner through the airbrush. That's a great idea to make sure it's fully clean. How often do you do a deeper breakdown clean? Lysol is an interesting one, I'll have to try that sometime!
  12. Haha yeah ammonia will definitely get the job done! I usually just stick to the cleaner made for my airbrush though. Less risk of damage that way. Have you tried the Tamiya cleaner? I've heard good things about that one. How long have you been airbrushing for? It's crazy all the little techniques you learn over time.
  13. Hopefully speaking to PayPal directly can help shed more light on what's going on. Let me know if talking to them helps at all or if you end up finding a solution. I'm curious if it really is just something peculiar to your account.
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