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  1. That Aces II seat looks oversized and out of proportion like what they did with their F-15 series. But the rest of the kit looks very good.
  2. I have the DEF set and the Phase Hanger set. I prefer the DEF set due to it's simplicity and lower price. This thread has a build with the Phase Hanger set. There seems to be an issue with the fit and/or contour of the inlet cowl. I'll still use my set on one of my builds, but it looks like it will need some rework to correct the contour issue: In that same thread, it's mentioned the fan blades are shaped wrong on the MCC set.
  3. Why not track down the seller, get a refund? Those parts are most likely missing from the kit because someone stole them to build an M-21 drone carrier using an SR-71 kit.
  4. I ended up buying a kit 2nd hand that was missing the entire clear sprue. Message me if you have a spare set of the clear parts. Ken
  5. Darren, I'm interested in buying all of your masters. Do you have an inventory of everything?
  6. I'm no expert on the U-2, but this photo shows both visible ribbing on the flap and visible fasteners on the wing and fuselage. Sure it's overdone on the AFV and Hobby Boss kits, but they are far better starting points than the Italeri kit.
  7. From a quick google search, it's easy to find photos of the U-2 flaps and ailerons. It's not an attempt to mold fabric covered control surfaces. The real thing has a wavy look where the ribs are showing through the skin. The kit seems to be replicating the look, but is somewhat overdone as the previous reply pointed out.
  8. It's truly a shame what has been lost due to the little guys shutting down. Add to that list True Details/Avionix/Blackbox. I attempted to purchase an extensive collection of the True Details masters that were originally auctioned off after Squadron went under. Greg Cooper (racerhaven on ebay) bought up much of the Squadron inventory, including all of the masters. Instead of auctioning the masters on ebay, he ran a raffle for charity and basically gave them away. That was over a year ago and the winner never did anything with them.
  9. I just received the order I placed on Dec 2nd. He had several new releases that just came out, such as the F-14 tanks. His original post about shutting down was about a week ago on Facebook. His post a few days later stated he was swamped with new orders and had to turn off ordering. Hopefully he licenses or sells his intellectual property to another producer to keep his sets in circulation. I asked him what his plan was since I'm looking to buy into a product line like his to start a side hustle in preparation for retirement in a few years.
  10. There's no problem if you are actually getting your packages. Were the packages being sent via USPS mail services? Any USPS shipping service that includes a tracking number requires a full address to be provided to USPS. That means one possibility is you are putting in your own address incorrectly (I see this quite often when I sell internationally). It's also possible that due to the geographical location of Sprue Bros, anything they send to Canada goes through a port of entry not close to you. If Sprue Bros is using UPS Surepost, then it might be getting routed through a ma
  11. That doesn't sound like a Sprue Bros problem. That's all on the Canadian postal system. Try using a different shipper when you check out next time.
  12. I wondered if I've spent too much with them this year. It worked on my first order in Jan no problem (~$300). The next order was the first with the issue and it wouldn't process unless I reduced the order total below a certain amount (~$200). But I've done two more orders, which required them to send me an invoice, no issues. It must be some kind of express checkout issue. I've tried different browsers, done it on my phone via AT&T network, and even tried through my employer's internet service. It's some kind of limitation on my Paypal account. Time to take my
  13. I'm located in the USA and buy direct from Reskit a few times each year. For the the past year, I get a Paypal "400" error at checkout. Paypal is their only payment option now. I then have to reach out to them to send me an invoice for the failed payment order I placed. Once they send me the invoice, problem solved and I pay. The payment goes through "western bid", which is a well known work-around to making payments to Ukraine. I've believed this was only a Reskit issue, until I tried to purchase items from another Ukraine seller and ended up having the same issue.
  14. I didn't say that the shipping method is misleading. I said you need to understand what you are getting into with this shipping option. The misleading part was an initial China post tracking number that ended up being fake, along with the multiple customer service responses saying the container had shipped and I should get it by a certain date. Rinse and repeat that 2-3 times over 6 months. LM made it up to me and then some by shipping two kits direct from their US warehouse right at the 6 month mark. The other two kits that shipped direct from China showed up out of the blue a
  15. You have to know what you are getting into when using the cheap surface shipping with LM. I was one of many members here that used their free surface shipping last black Friday. Never again. It took 6 months and basically 4 months of that was my order sitting in their overseas warehouse waiting for space to be thrown into their own shipping container. So what that means is they were shipping kits to their US distribution center, but leaving my order for the same kits to sit and rot in China. Zero tracking and broken promises about it being on the boat, etc. etc. LM made it rig
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