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  1. Looking for this sheet, send me a PM if you have one to sell.
  2. I've had some disasters, but nothing I couldn't recover the build from. Technically, I did bin several really old in-work builds from the early 90's that I found in my parent's basement when I was helping them move. I salvaged a few and finished them for nostalgia sake. But there was no hope for many due to missing parts. They were victims of my mother's menopause cleaning frenzies, which often entailed going through model kit boxes to see if they still had the kits inside. If it was a started kit, any remaining parts and sprues would get thrown away along with the box. The decals and i
  3. Sounds like some people were salty that the guy would go buy up collections for pennies on the dollar before they could buy up kits for pennies on the dollar. I'll admit, I've done a fair bit of business with them over the last few years. I've scored some great deals on Dragon armor kits in particular. But their prices were going upward over the last year. And their selection was total crap before they shut down last month.
  4. Back in the late 80's, I ended up building all the ordnance from the Hasegawa 1/48 sets. They came out OK, but my skills were rapidly advancing and they eventually looked like crap. Most never got installed on builds. Now I only build ordnance in small batches for my current builds. I'll do 2-4 aircraft worth at a time, especially if AIM-9/7/120 missiles will be used. I also have become a bit of an ordnance snob and rarely use any kit ordnance unless it's well tooled stuff. I use items from all the Hasegawa sets and a fair bit of aftermarket resin ordnance. Biggest challenge
  5. I know this sheet is rare as hen's teeth, but I'm after the Miss Liberty II markings for an F-111F build. I would prefer to buy the full sheet, but will consider a partial sheet if it includes the miss liberty II markings. I'll pay whatever price, even Ebay prices. I also have several F-111A, C, D, E, F, EF-111, and FB-111 sheets from Xtracal, Micro/Super scale, Two bobs, cutting edge, and Caracal I would trade. Including several low and high-vis full stencil sheets from Micro/Super scale. I'm only looking to trade for the Afterburner sheet, these sheets are not for sale/trade
  6. One of mine is modelers who repeated post photos of the same build as if they just finished it. Mostly a problem on Facebook groups.
  7. After having extensive adhesion issues with Reskit resin parts, I found that Mr. Metal Primer works very well with waxy resin parts. If you are using the version from the bottle, thin it about 65% with Mr. Color Leveling thinner. I've also had good luck with enamel primers, but I don't work with enamels that much anymore due to slow drying times.
  8. In search of this older decal sheet. Really only need the 242 markings for a project. Update: Dann hooked me up with this sheet!
  9. I've completed two and have three in work. They look great when finished, but are a nightmare to get across the finish line. Packing them with aftermarket everything is probably the best way to make your life easier. Wheel bays - go with Aires replacements. Even with all the grinding needed, they are still easier to install than the kit parts. Cockpit - Again, go with Aires. Kit parts are a joke fit wise. Intakes - May God have mercy on your soul. To make these look right, you are going to have to do some major surgery and scratch building. The ramps hang too
  10. Generally, I don't believe most modern tooled kits are overpriced. I can remember getting my first Hasegawa 1/48 F-14A back around 1990 and it was in the $50 range. That high cost was being driven by currency exchange rate and Marco Polo imports. The Tamiya F-14A at $100 is within the range I would expect for a modern tooled kit. However, there have been a few more recent releases that seem to be off scale high as far MSRP: Hobbyboss 1/48 MV-22 - $240 Trumpy 1/35 MLRS - $140 Meng 1/12 GT40 - $450 I'm quoting approximate MSRP, actual price you ca
  11. Playing devil's advocate for moment, wasn't VAT due all this time even before BREXIT? It just wasn't collected by the overseas seller. I can remember placing my first Hannant's order 20 years ago and seeing the VAT tacked on before I created my account with my USA address. It was a bit of a sticker shock since the rate was so high. My state of residence in the USA forces domestic online retailers to collect sales tax if they meet a minimum amount of annual business in the state. Several other states do the same thing. The funny part is you were always supposed to pay that sale
  12. I found a set and completed a deal. Thanks you to everyone who sent me PMs.
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