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  1. I took a 13 year break from 2004 - 2017. Work, Life, and AMS caused it to happen. Coming back was hard. I had to start over and rebuild my skills to get back where they had been. I'm sort of back there now, but there's still work to be done. I would take a more aggressive approach to getting back into it. I sort of eased into and it felt like I was slowly pulling a band-aid off. Similar to what you mentioned about making notes, I did spend time thinking about how I could approach this hobby in a more constructive way. The biggest issue I identified was build paralysis, whic
  2. I'm in search of the decal sheet from the Revell Germany boxing of the Monogram 1/48 F-105G. Will also buy the entire kit if necessary. I'm also interested in any other F-105 decal sheets anyone wants to get rid of. Ken
  3. The original printing of that CAM sheet used the wrong color of red. It will look pink on the model. Get the fightertown sheet or find the special Hasegawa boxing that had the final VF-102 scheme markings. Back in the day, I used that sheet and actually over-sprayed all of the red portions with the correct red. I also called out the owner of CAM on their mistake and he denied it was the wrong color. Lastly, there's photos of the actual aircraft floating around the interwebs that clearly show that it's painted up in the 3-tone TPS scheme. EDIT: Looking again, it's
  4. I'm planning two 1/48 F-89D/J builds and need some aftermarket bits to spruce up the Revell kit. I know they're scarce, but I'm looking for two blackbox cockpits and any of the SSI or Repli-scale decal sheets. Also, two sets of Royal resin wheels will be needed. I'd also be interested in the Revell of Germany release of the 1/48 F-89D/J kit. Ken
  5. Matt runs a solid business and manages his back orders well. Most online shops have been hit with higher volumes of orders due to the lock down. I'm sure he was just swamped with business.
  6. Removed more sold items, lowered prices on most items. Will ship decals for free if you buy three or more sheets!
  7. Bump, revised pricing, removed sold items, and noted items that are pending.
  8. I'm looking for Fightertown VF-1 markings from either of these sheets. I would take just the VF-1 decals from 48080 if available. Thanks, Ken
  9. I'm in need of a set of forward fuselage halves for the Hasegawa Tomcats. They need to be from a release other than the initial version from the late 80's (they did some retooling after the initial release). Will pay a reasonable price for the parts or can trade from items off of my FS list here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310956-fsft-aircraft-armor-aftermarket-and-decals/ Thanks, Ken Young
  10. Fall stash cleaning time. I made a few changes and added some trades I’m looking for. US buyers only. Shipping is extra, but if you buy three or more sheets, I’ll cover shipping. Payment via PayPal money order, or cash. Send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions. CAM Decals 32-109 F-14A VF-84 - $15 Hawkeye Models RAAF F-111C 30 Year Anniversary scheme 1/48 - $15 Hasegawa 1/72 KA-3B Skywarrior kit w/Cutting edge ERA-3B conversion and IPMS VAQ-33 Decals - $55 Superscale - $7 Each 48-122: F-14A VF-111 USS Kitty Hawk 48
  11. bump All prices are listed. Some items in photos have been sold and prices listed account for anything sold.
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