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  1. is it possible to do a global change to set all subs to email once a day instead of immediately w/out going into each and editing!!
  2. Isn't it just, thats the reason i bought it, though I'm sure its horribly innaccurate and badly moulded...??
  3. got one myself today, funny im in UK, didnt know i fall under FBI investigation
  4. Fabulous, love the carrier deck setup, figures and weapons load!! Really looks the biz, bout to go pound some ***! nice!
  5. probably no use but i have the revell 1/32 mirage 5 "mephisto" if youre interested
  6. cheers guys, lets hope more come forward , there must be aty least a few 1000 europeans on this site!
  7. Big whistle (?pity no smilie for this )...that's one sexy bird! The shading and weathering is outstanding.
  8. preshading or weathering before applying the decals.
  9. After returning to the fold/mould/call it what you like after an absence of nigh on 2 years,one of the first things I set out to do was to find out what worthwhile kits had been released in my scale and areas of interests and to then try and procure them one way or another.. As you all probably know, ARC is frequented to a large degree by CONUS folks, not sure of the exact ratios but I;d hazard to guess the rest of world make up les sthan 30% of the membership? Not really important the exact number ratios but just look at the Buy and Sell section to give you an idea... Which leads me on to
  10. would you post to UK for multiple kit purchase? a little crazy i know considering USPS pricing and delivery times but gotta ask anyway
  11. Now hold on there one mo... the backdrop of those snow covered peaks mimicking the NMF of the jet is superb. Gr8 photo!
  12. sound advice OBD as well as patience, lots of it, because with out it and rushing things only causes problems and produces inferior results...
  13. Hope you find the inspiration to continue....but I know the feeling, this hobby can wax and wane, ebb and flow...its a journey really isn't it, not a destination? Looks super tho, thanks for the peek into your liitle world.
  14. What a transformation! That is truly magnificent creation you have built. Next to a/c boats and ships are definitely the apples of my eyes I'm thinking of buying the ITALERI Elco 80 ft Torpedo Boat PT-596. 1/35 ..probably a bit amibitious but hey ho, nothing ventured...nothing gained!
  15. surprised HB isnt up there in top 5 - darn good priced kits in a fairly wide range of subjects with normally v good detailed mouldings.
  16. Trump Su-15 flagon F might consider the G Bronco or Trump JF-17 fighter AFV F-5E Im based in UK so preferably someone in UK/Europe to avoid excessive postage.
  17. You all forgot the Trumpeter 1/48 Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon A/G/F
  18. Ahh from one of my ex neighbours up north... and v nicely done, any Mig in any colour looks good to me!
  19. Well done on a remarkable achievment considering the kit quality you started out with, in the end your hard efforts paid off, and that NMF finish along with red markings and Israeli isignia just make it look "the business"
  20. Once again, not much to say except :D and such utter perfect execution and finish, from every minute detail on the cockpit ip's to the little chips on the fuel tanks and fuselage...
  21. Absolutely stunning, truly, one of the most detailed and realistic paintjobs and weathering done on a model! Painstakingly brilliant. and yes, that pit and IP's are How long did the whole shebang take you to do approx- a few months?
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