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  1. Using a Grex with a 0.5 mm needle and about 20-25 psi. Attempted multiple thin coats. All ended up pebbly/rough - not smooth like the reviews say. What am I doing wrong? Also how do I fix? Already on coat 5 (eachcoat revealed something new to fill). Light sanding to get rid of the grain? A heavy topcoat? This is Hasegawa's P-3C Being done in classic grey/wht. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I saw that build - may be as close as I can get...
  3. Working on the Haswegawa EP-3E - hoping to make a VQ-2 bird from the early 2000's when they still had the blade aerials below the wings and rear fuselage. I'm having trouble determining the antenna placement/spacing since I haven't been able to find any good line drawings or head on shots. Any help from the ARC brain trust is appreciated! Here's an example from Airliners.net (Talking about the black aerials - looks like 6 each on the lower wings/lower fuselage): EP-3E VQ-2
  4. Do the weapons doors always hang open when they're parked? Seems like an invitation for a critter to find a home in there...
  5. I guess I meant to say that the tape doesn't appear to be a lighter shade of gray like it has been previously. It seems to blend in with the overall dark gray color, at least on this video.
  6. Interesting - another example of no zigzag RAM stripes as far as I can tell.
  7. I second Grex - I tried their pistol grip brush at a show and have been saving up ever since. As a side note, I have the Grex air compressor and it is fantastic!
  8. Spent 6 years there - if you like the outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. you'll be in heaven. Big city nightlife, not so much. I lived just east of the base - it can be pretty noisy at night, especially since you'll want to have your windows open during the summer with most of the houses having no A/C. I hear Oak Harbor has a Walmart AND a Home Depot now! Fancy! Many of my friends opted to live north in Anacortes or south in Coupeville, both awesome quaint little towns with really neat character. I would absolutely retire to that area, I hope you enjoy it!
  9. I'm looking forward to picking this one up as a quick and easy "motivator" since I've been frustrated by some overly complicated projects lately. I'm interested to hear what paint choices you go with, especially which dark gray and which light gray matches the decals. Also, there was some discussion about the forward fuselage chines not being "sharp" enough - what's your opinion on that? Happy building!
  10. From personal experience having flown them it is angled outward and downward. IIRC the original reason was to interfere less with the original (since removed) fuselage mounted speedbrakes and to orient the thrust line through the CG more.
  11. I've been keeping an eye on this one and haven't seen it posted here yet (I did a search - forgive me if this is a repost) HLJ Hasegawa F-35A There was some early info from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014 as posted at Primeportal. Looks like one of their "Easy Kits" - downside: cockpit is molded into the upper fuselage, and weapon bays appear to be molded closed. Upside - full intake trunking, and a stand, RAM as decals, and Hasegawa's expected excellence. Thoughts?
  12. Off the top of my head the top two challenges to this approach are physics and tactics: 1. Jamming energy dissipates as the square of range - so you have to have four times the power to buy twice the standoff distance - and it scales up exponentially from there. So you rapidly run into a power limitation even on a 747 (not to mention the interference and safety issues with pumping out that many megawatts). 2. Tactics: Modern radar systems are not as susceptible to sidelobe intereference - thus, vertical and horizontal alignment with the protected entities is important. An EA-6B or EA-18G can remain close enough to its protected entities and is manueverable enough to make it work. A 747 could only ever provide general standoff support. Finally, you remove other SEAD tactics from the table such as ARMs and corridor chaff by using a standoff asset. Just some thoughts. Interesting concept though! I know there have been similar ideas of using a combination of "EB-52s" in a standoff jamming role in conjunction with tactical "stand-in" SEAD assets such as F-16/8s etc.
  13. Very nice! Hope it materializes!
  14. Anyone aware of a kit of this existing or planned? Z-10, the Chinese gunship that is:
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