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  1. That looks fantastic! Nice work. My dad cut his teeth on that plane as a mechanic for United in the late 50s. He loved the 2800, piston perfection. Was not a fan of the 3350 on the DC-7. 😝
  2. With 2 new kits on the market, How about some F-4G wild weasels? SEA, Euro 1 ( my fav ) and Hill grey?
  3. Sheldon’s hobbies on Alum Rock in San Jose is the first I remember going to that was a hobby shop. Longs drugs was my #1 source for kits growing up, followed by Kay-bee stores and another independent toy store at the local mall. Both had decent kit selections, although Kay Bees was always a mess. The local toys r us had a Huge model aisle as well.
  4. I wonder if we’ll see this eventually from Atlantis….
  5. I believe some of the Moebius and Pegasus kits are ABS. Some glues formulated for styrene won’t work. I don’t use Tamiya so can’t comment there but Bondene and Tenax have worked fine on the Pegasus kits I’ve built.
  6. Everything I didn’t finish in 2022, 2021, 2020…..
  7. Try Plastruct Bondene. That stuff works great, doesn’t stink like Tamiya. It’s a good replacement for Tenax 7.
  8. Someone tweeted a screen cap of a supposed “official memo” saying it wasn’t going to happen. That’s how that rumor started.
  9. Same here! I’m surprised at how thick it is and those windows are a trip!
  10. Looks amazing! I’m in no rush to get one, it’ll likely sit in the stash for a few years anyways . I’ll wait and pick up one off Amazon for $70- $80 shipped like I did the Phantom ($82)
  11. 1/144 B-58!!! Excellent news! Thanks Kursad!
  12. Those are great pics! I love those ADC grey star fighters!
  13. How time flies! Fingers crossed we’ll see this one! It was first announced about 5 years ago.
  14. There’s a few others charging a much more reasonable rate.
  15. Contact Jeff Garrity at rareplane detective, as him to keep an eye out for one for you. I’ve gotten several long out of production vacs from him this way. Sometimes it’s taken a year or more but he’s come through in the end.
  16. See Dave’s reply When has Tamiya ever said “new tool” ?they didn’t with the announcements for F-14 or F-4 or P-38, why so adamant the F-35 is not a “new tool”
  17. Not sure where you are looking but it’s there right now https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/lockheed-f-35-lightning-ii/
  18. Charlie D.

    B-2A 1/48

    Saw pics on FB, looks amazing! Too big and too pricey for me though
  19. Tried to send a PM for a Falcon canopy set but got a “ not receiving msgs” when tried to send.
  20. That looks awesome! Always likes the look of the sky fox in the Lizard scheme. Any chance on scaling it up to 1/48? I just can’t do 1/72 anymore with my eyesight.
  21. Mega hobby has them on sale for $60! Spend $100 get free shipping in the CONUS.
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