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    Props, early jets. Naval Aviation fan! ...Also: AFV and cars & bikes, too ;-)

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  1. What an interesting project, I'm following 👍
  2. Another stunning work! Thank you for sharing your WIP and your great tips!
  3. Maestro, what an amazing achievement!!!
  4. That engine, it is just unbelievable!!! So many details waiting to be discovered...
  5. Rocat

    Platz 1/144 A-4 E Skyhawk USMC

    Wow. 1/144 scale...Two beautiful builds and paint jobs. Bravo.
  6. A magnificent work! I really love it. Bravo.
  7. This one keeps getting better! Bravo :-)
  8. Rocat

    F-86D Kitty Hawk 1/32

    A lovely aircraft. Great work.
  9. Those stencils are amazing. Get well soon after the surgery :-)
  10. Rocat

    Fw 190A-8 revell 1/32

    Good work, I like it!
  11. Those painted markings do an amazing difference! Really good work, and I really liked your Remembrance Day post, too.
  12. Nice work and thank you, Chuck and Steve, for the decanting tips!